有一只猴子突然间出现! A monkey suddenly appeared!


好丑哦!!   So ugly!!


Sigh! No choice! Sometimes to please the young people, you really need to sacrifice your image… not easy to be a pastor nowadays… Haha!


很多少年人得知我没去时也不知是悲是喜。。。( 听起来好像在寻找肯定哦。。。哈哈。。。)

他们14日(星期一)启程,我一般上都在礼拜一休息,都不出去,况且我以为他们会一大早就离开。。。哪知道大约下午两点半时收到伟宏的简讯说 “牧师,我们现在走了。。。”,我才恍然大悟他们没那么早离开。。。









Later, another monkey appeared too…


Dec 14-17 was our church’s annual Youth Camp. I did not intend to join at all this year because I have been so busy recently till I feel rather exhausted in all aspects… plus this time the camp site was in Sibu, a distant town, so I was even less interested!
So I did not participate much, I handed all the duties to my good co-worker, our Youth leader David Koh to plan and decide completely… When I told him I was not going, he appeared shocked ( But don’t know happy or sad? Haha! )

I also wonder whether many youths were happy or sad when they knew I was not going… ( sounds like fishing for some assurance here…haha… )

They left on Monday the 14th. I normally rest on Monday and I don’t even go out, and I thought they would have left very early in the morning… then unexpectedly I received a text message from David at about 2:30pm saying “Pastor, we are leaving now…” Only then I realised they did not leave so early…

I meditated as I sat on my throne in the toilet… (Hey, is such a detail necessary?… oh sure! I’m trying to let you guys know we can communicate with God at any time, any place! Do you know many gods that others worship lose their “power” in the toilet? Our God is not that weak…)

Alright, back to the story… I was meditating in the toilet… I suddenly felt ashamed! Why did I not go and bless these adorable youths before they left? I have been too nonchalant this time… I felt God rebuking me…

I repented in the toilet and asked God what I should do now…

Suddenly a thought entered my mind to give them a surprise, to suddenly appear in their camp! So I went to check my diary and discovered that I could fly in on Wednesday morning ( they went in four buses and took 8 hours to arrive! It’s only about 45 minutes by flight at the most…)

So on Wednesday, while they were in the midst of their meeting I suddenly walked in and ” disrupted” Mr. David’s preaching… He was taken aback as well and then blurted out “Let’s welcome Pastor’s arrival!”… Then all the youths turned around and clapped thunderously…

Hey, honestly, were you guys pleasantly or shockingly surprised when I suddenly appeared??? Wre you touched a bit??? Hahaha…

After joining their camp, I did not become more exhausted, instead my strength was renewed, I had time to be quiet, to communicate with God to plan for my schedule next year etc…

I’m very glad I went, indeed God is very good! And I want to thank all the youths too for accepting my late registration! Haha!