毅伟的抗议公诸于世! Yi Wei’s protest announced to the whole world!







“bro, u should go to saloon to “trim” ur “ketiak” hair looo……”
( 译:“弟兄,你应该去发廊修一修你的腋毛咯。。。。” )




( 对不起,照片看不清楚是不是?那是因为毅伟今早及时留言请求不要刊登照片。。。所以哪,你们没眼福了。。。)









Dear all, I am Yi Wei, thanks for all your support, giving me a chance to voice my protest to the world…

The origin of this protest goes a long way back to GT Lim’s posting on “I want the three of you to lose weight immediately”… Of course there is nothing wrong with that writing, it was very reasonable, artistically and beautifully written with very high literary value…

The protest concerns one of the photos published together with that essay… No, there is nothing wrong with the photo GT Lim posted too, actually I think he has such great taste in choosing such an artistic and beautiful picture… But it is exactly because of that it provoked some people’s jealousy!

First of all, honestly, let’s take a look at the above-mentioned artistically taken photo again, is there any problem with that? Of course you all will say in unison “No, nothing wrong with it at all! It’s so beautifully taken with all the right angles!” And you all would like an autographed copy of the said photo too, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone has such artistic insight as you guys, because what was actually a very innocent, sunny, healthy and always-have-enough-food-to-eat photo was picked by a certain blogger Ah Bin to cook up a topic that severely hurt my pride and people around me… It has nothing to do with my size or weight, but a comment left by this Ah Bin on Oct 5th at 8:42pm, Ah Bin’s comment said:

“bro, u should go to saloon to “trim” ur “ketiak” hair looo……”
( “ketiak” is armpit in Malay. )

Actually, to compliment the essay written that day, this photo is perfect! GT Lim’s focus was on my size, but why did this Ah Bin have to distract people to notice my armpit’s hair? This photo is so proper and not a bit unsightly, sigh!

Not that GT Lim posted this photo : ( Photo 1 )

Or this one : ( Photo 2 )

Or even worse this one : ( Photo 3 )
( Sorry, can’t see the photos clearly? That’s because Yi Wei wrote in in time this morning to request for the photos not to be posted… so you all don’t have a chance to enjoy…)

But having said all that, if that day GT Lim happened to post all of the above photos, is there anything wrong with that? Are they very unsightly? Who set the law to say you must shave or trim your armpit’s hair? It grows very naturally, it is not illegal!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… some people like deserts, others rainforests, what’s wrong with that?

And since when have men started sporting smooth skin? I remember the days when thick chest hair like Siew Ho’s as being “very man”!
And hairless smooth legs were considered sissy! So, Ah Boon, let me tell you, your hairy legs should be your pride and not to feel ashamed of, understand?

The world has changed, now men shave their armpit’s hair, their legs etc… and opt for smooth skin, it’s so unnatural… I’m a conservative, I respect originality, I will not allow the world and people’s comments to affect my every move…

So, my protest today is : Ah Bin! I just refuse to shave! Let’s see what you can do about that?

Come on, all my supporters! Let’s shout it out with me : I don’t want to shave! I don’t want to shave! I just refuse to shave!

Remember, when we meet, we must shout this slogan too : I don’t want to shave! I don’t want to shave! I just refuse to shave!

Thank you for all your support!