Angel 对我一见钟情! Angel fell in love with me at first sight!

今天到 Angel 家拜访,让我很意外,从没想过漂亮的她会对我一见钟情!
Visited Angel’s house today, I was very surprised, never thought such a pretty girl would fall in love with me at first sight!

Could it be that this newly bought shirt indeed suits me so well? She… even lost control and gave me a kiss which surprised everyone there!

If you were me, how would you have reacted? As for me, of course I felt very proud and happy!

Actually she was kind of shy when I walked in… but as she took a few more looks at me, she fell in love with me immediately, that is why she kissed me…
You don’t believe? The whole process was being photographed!
Alright, I’ll show you the photos now…

这就是 Angel,你看她是不是很漂亮?而且有点羞涩的表情。。。
This is Angel, isn’t she pretty? And she does look a little shy…

Then she took a few more looks at me…

I went to sit beside her and she kissed me…

呃。。。你们以为我在讲谁啊?这是我冠霖姐的猫,她真的名叫 Angel。。。
Err… who did you think I was talking about? This is my sister, June’s (Guan Lin) cat and her name is really Angel…