活動行程 Schedule

林义忠在印尼棉兰 GT Lim in Medan

I’ll be arriving Medan, Indonesia on Thursday Feb 25th, and my series of meetings are as follows:

26/2 (五/Fri) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Selecta
时间/Time : 6:30pm

27/2 (六/Sat) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Yang Lim Plaza
时间/Time : 6:30pm

28/2 (日/Sun) : 主日聚会 Sunday service
7:30am : GBI J.W. Marriot 1
10:00am : GBI J.W. Marriot 2
11:00am : GBI Yang Lim Plaza
4:00pm : GBI Medan PLaza

Tel contact : Alin 0811604980, Kalim 087868717697

哇!印尼宣传的好认真! Wow! They are really serious in promoting in Indonesia!


A friend from Medan, Indonesia, just sent me this photo to show me how serious the church there is in promoting my upcoming evangelistic concert in Medan at the end of February!
After seeing the photo, it really makes me feel nervous and pressured to some degree… and of course I’m very touched too!
We must seriously pray and hand over everything to the Lord and ask for His great anointing that we will really be a blessing and bring glory to His name, Amen!
The Remnant and the dancers will perform too, do pray for us fervently… thanks!

Ur Poster on the road… 你的海报在路上。。。

一张很好看的照片。。。 A very nice-looking photo…

I think this photo is very nice, what do you think? This is my “latest” photo, taken last night at supper after ministering at Singapore’s En Community Church… I uploaded this photo first to share with you all, more will come later…


Do you know who that handsome guy on the left is? And he is still single and very available, haha….
Jaydon and the lady on the right do not need any introduction…
The three of them have become good friends, and serving with one heart with me past few days, that is the most beautiful part…

为我今晚和明天聚会祷告吧。。。 Pray for my meetings tonight and tomorrow…

基本上我不太去这样的演唱会的,但因为音乐总监是我好友 Martin Tang, 他也是一位牧师,所以我很好奇想看他的作品,就带着 Jaydon, Ray 和 Fabian 作伴去看看一下演唱会如何,我们还坐前面第四排贵宾席,是一个很不同的经历。。。



Busy with recording from Mon 25th till yesterday, last night Amei’s concert’s music director gave me four tickets to watch Amei’s “Amit Live Concert”…
Basically I do not go to such concerts, but because the concert’s music director is my good friend Martin Tang, and he is also a pastor, so I was very curious to see his work and brought along Jaydon, Ray and Fabian to go with me to see how the concert was like, we were  sitting in the fourth row VIP seats, it was a very different experience, …

Today I will stay in the hotel room throughout to concentrate on and prepare for my evangelistic concert tonight, sending the message to you all now to pray hard for me, that many souls will be saved and only the Lord’s name be glorified, Amen!

Thanks and may God bless all of you…

我经常来新加坡。。。 I come to Singapore quite often…

I come to Singapore quite often… I would say at least twice a year…

Mostly to minister : evangelistic meetings, preaching…

Two years ago we participated in a Chinese New Year celebration at the indoor stadium…
For an exception that time, I did some dance while I sang, I think there would not be another time as you need a lot of time to practise to coordinate singing and dancing, and I really do not have that much time…

Singapore’s famous comic actor, Moses Lim was the MC that night…

And actress Huang Su Fang…

And yesterday (Jan 25th), I arrived at Singapore again…

林义忠一月新加坡行程 GT Lim’s January schedule in S’pore

1) Jan 30th ( 六/ Sat )  7:00pm.
Blessed Grace Church 蒙恩教会 ( Pastor Billy Lee  李汉忠牧师 )
Golden Mile Tower, 3rd Floor auditorium, Beach Road.
Tel: 62925282
Contact Person: Shirley Lee

Evangelistic concert / 诗歌布道会
(Mandarin/ 华语)

2) Jan 31st ( 日/ Sun )  10:30am.
Centre of New Life  新生命中心  ( Pastor John Chin  曾约翰牧师 )
No 5, Jurong West St 74, #01-02, Singapore 649151.
(与Vitory Family Ctr 同一个建筑物)  巴士路线: 181, 245.
Tel: 689 689 22.

Evangelistic Sunday service / 主日布道会
( English and Mandarin / 中英文)

3) Jan 31st (日 /Sun )  7:00pm.
En Community  恩群福音堂  ( Pastor Eugene Tan  陈有敬牧师 )
4 Changi South Lane, Nan Wah Building #02-02 S(486127)
Contact no: 67886625
Revival meeting / 奋兴会
(Mandarin / 华语)