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例外人7月2日在The Spring签唱会取消!! The Remnant’s July 2nd launch at The Spring cancelled!!


首先真要谢谢The Spring的Mr. Ronald Ling通情达理,接受我们取消,也愿意再帮我找出另一个适当日期,所以请大家注意报告,签唱会还是会有的,改期罢了!



I know you were all shocked and disappointed when you heard this news, but since you all love and support The Remnant very much, when you know the reason, you will be very happy for them and would be very willing to postpone the launch in Kuching…

First, I must thank Mr. Ronald Ling of The Spring for his kind understanding in accepting our cancellation and willingness to find another suitable date for the launch. So please keep watch for more announcement as there will still be a launch, just postponed in the meantime!

A sudden good news came to me, the person-in-charge of promoting Taiwan tourism this year under the Taiwan Tourism Board invited The Remnant to promote together with them here in Malaysia! July 2nd in KL and 3rd in Penang performing alongside 5566’s Xu Meng Zhe, I believe you all would not want The Remnant to miss this great opportunity, right? Also, through this cooperation, I believe The Remnant will get to perform with many other famous Taiwanese artistes too!

That is why I have to make the painful decision to cancel the July 2nd launch, do you agree with my decision?
End of announcement, thank you!

赶路,一站又一站。。。 On the road, station after station…










This time about 25 people came with me… really thank them all for partnering with me in this work, and they really have to endure the hardship too…

Starting from Kuching where we had to reach the airport by 6am… and upon arrival at KL airport, we booked a bus to go to Malacca, arriving at about noon time…

We had a quick lunch and rested a while, rehearsal at 5:30pm… We came back to our hostel after 11pm after our meeting, we embarked on our next journey to Klang the next morning at 7:30am…

The Klang stop can be considered as the most rushed and tiring. Arriving at about 11 noon, quickly had our lunch and went to a member’s house for a quick shower, and started our rehearsal immediately as we had a 2pm meeting…

The afternoon meeting ended about 4:30pm, I laid a mttress on the floor of the prayer room to sleep as there was another concert at 8pm!

Because it was not very convenient at the church, so most of us did not have our shower before we went on stage again, I just washed my face in the toilet… After that meeting, my headache appeared, haha! But it was not very serious, praise God! The important thing was many souls were saved!

After the concert in Klang was over, we immediately took off for KL as we had a Sunday morning sharing in a church there…

In the bus, as I was planning the next morning’s programmes while having the headache at the same time, a thought suddenly came to me, to ask the four Remnant to each share their testimony at the meeting; and amazingly none of them resisted the idea and accepted readily! And that morning they all shared really well, some people were vene moved to tears, and immediately people’s knowledge and impression of The Remnant rose because of that, and they no longer live under GT Lim’s shadow…

The 7pm meeting that night was with Datuk Tony as the speaker, the meeting went very well, and many received the Lord, glory God! The following are some photos of the night meeting which I copied from Facebook….

林义忠这几天好安静。。。 GT Lim has been very quiet for past few days…

Whatever has happened to GT Lim these past few days, why isn’t there any news from him…?