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我吉他彈得不好 I do not play the guitar well


我吉他弹得不好 - 这句话其实是多余的!因为凡是会弹吉他,听过我弹吉他的人,不用说他们也知道我吉他弹得不好;但是这句话还是要说出来,因为很多不会弹吉他又不太会音乐的人,被我的外表和装出来的样式骗了,看以上的照片就知道我讲什么了,哈哈哈!


I do not play the guitar well – this sentence is actually quite redundant! Because whoever knows how to play the guitar and has heard me play would know without being told that I do not play well. However, I must still say this out for many who do not know how to play the guitar and do not know music well have been “deceived” by my appearance and “act”. You would know what I mean by looking at the above photo. Hahaha!

But honestly I do not intend to “deceive” anyone! It is just that I look very focussed and serious when I play (scared of making mistakes), that is why I look as though I can play well…
See the photo below, do I not look very serious?


怎么说吉他弹得不好呢?原因是手指按得不够力,所以出来的声音不够清脆好听;有一些和弦是需要一根手指按住六条线的,手指不够力就要借助 capo (音像福建话“鸡婆”),就是上图靠近我左手的小道具。如果没有 capo,有些歌我就会没办法弹或会弹得很难听了!

But why do I say I do not play the guitar well? Reason being my fingers do not press hard enough, so the sound that comes out does not sound that clear and nice. Some chords need you to press all six strings with one finger, and if your finger is not strong enough, you would need the help of the capo (sounds like the Hokkien word for busybodies – “kepo”). It is that little instrument near my left hand in the above photo. Without the capo, I will not be able to play some songs, or it will not sound nice when I play!



When I first started going out to sing or serve in songs, I very often played the guitar myself because if I felt tired, I could shorten the song and stop faster, or when the song was too high, I could lower the key etc…. but towards the end, there were more and more songs to memorize, the chords were getting more and more complicated, my skill was limited, coupled with the inconvenience to bring a guitar while travelling, I began to use the minus-ones or soundtracks more.



You may say, why do I not work hard to practise my skill well then?
You think I do not wish too? Some people just do not have the talent, ok? I have played the guitar for thirty years and still stuck at this level, what more do you require of me?
Plus right now I am really super busy, so do have mercy on me…



Then you may want to ask another question:
Since I do not play the guitar well, how then do I write songs?
Ah ha! This is the amazing part!
Yes, obviously my skill is not good, and yes, obviously I only know the basic chords, and yet I could write hundreds of songs! If this is not God’s grace, tell me what is it? If this is not a miracle, tell me what is it?

So I say, in our lives, the deciding factor of our success does not lie with our background or how much we have, it depends on how much we trust and rely on the Almighty God~


我欣賞這女孩 I admire this girl








Saw her dance for the first time, she did well, quite a centre of attraction.
Later I found out from her father she does not have dance experience, but because she was selected to serve, so she practised really seriously. She really takes the opportunity to serve God very seriously.
I admire this girl!

I noticed her parents/family did not come that night, then I remembered her father did inform me as he did not know there was going to be an evangelistic concert earlier, he had already bought the air tickets for the whole family to go for a vacation.
The father let her choose, she chose to stay back because she really treasured this opportunity to serve God this time.
I admire this girl.

The father told me too, this holiday was actually planned specially for her. Because she has just completed her very stressful SPM (senior high school) examination, so the parents want to bring her out to have fun and relax.
However, she chose to stay back because she did not want to miss this opportunity to serve God.
I admire this girl!

I believe it is also because of her innocence, hard work, effort and sacrifice that I would specially notice her that night.
Honestly, I admire her parents too as not every parent would be so happy about the decision she had made…

祝福還是包袱? Blessing or burden?


Things of this world are just like human beings at times, once disguised or putting on make-up, you cannot really tell the originality immediately, hard to discern what is real or fake. However, as time goes by, it becomes easier to distinguish, so we must not be hasty to conclude as we might mistake and switch the good people from the bad, or confuse blessings from burdens…





I am writing this as inspired by my own encounter…
That is because yesterday I have just gone to settle some “blessing” that was supposedly to bring me some benefits, but this “blessing” later became a pressure and burden for me instead. It caused me to relate to the many situations and dilemma we have to face in life ever so often…






Actually what I went to settle was not any severe matter, it was just something so ordinary as a bank account and credit cards facilities…
Due to the good sales technique of the promoter or recommendation by some friends, we quite often opened some accounts with a lot of “benefits”, or started using some credit cards with a lot of “good services”. In actual fact, I had no need of such, but I was attracted by the so-called “blessings” and due to our human nature of “wanting to take advantage of some benefits”, I accepted those “good services”. Consequently, as in very normal, I received reminding letters reminding you of this and that every month, and I am that type of person who feels uneasy and not at rest even if I owe someone just a few dollars, so the reminding letter from the bank was to me a pressure and burden.

Finally, I determined in my heart to go and close my account and facilities. However, as expected, the servicing officer would make you feel your decision was causing you to lose some “blessings” or start introducing another “greater blessing” to you! But I have already made m firm decision, no means no!
As I emerged from the bank, I felt a heavy burden lifted from my chest, I was so free and relaxed, hehehe~





May be you think I am making a mountain out of a molehill or over-exaggerating as you think this is such a simple and ordinary matter, but I treated as if it was so serious; but the truth is, our daily living is full so many unresolved tiny little things that become heavier and heavier as they accumulate, and unconsciously they become our daily worries and stress and eventually affecting our emotional and even physical health…





I will share with you again some other day some other examples of “blessings or benefits” that end up becoming a burden… and I would also want to share with you something in reverse, that is the seemingly “burden” that ultimately brings great blessings and benefits…
Do you have such personal experiences and examples to share as well…?