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心情。。。 Mood…


心情 - 甚麼是心情?就是心裡的感覺和情緒吧?

Mood – what is it exactly? It is that emotion or feeling in your heart I guess?
What can affect our mood to be good or bad?
From biological to psychological, from environment to encounter, from human to things… it seems there are many things that can influence a person’s mood…




A beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, and a place that you like… can all give a person good mood…




Good and proper rest, tasty and delicious food and drinks, gifts that we delight in, good news and stories…




A caring greeting and concern, a friendly smile, an unexpected blessing, the company of a good friend…




Actually many things can give us good mood but the trouble is, we tend to like to focus on things that spoil our mood; what is even more puzzling, sometimes upon waking up and even before anything happens, we are already in a bad mood!




Many years back, I was often very disturbed by my upon-waking-up-bad-mood each morning, especially during my university years. I often prayed to God to help me and set me free from this lousy mood problem too…




Then, I do not even remember or realize since when, this problem has disappeared and is gone a long time!
I believe the biggest reason is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit…
Our God is a joyful God, so if His Spirit is always filling our hearts, then how can our hearts remain in a bad mood all the time? Does not this make sense to you? Haha~





Therefore, whenever I start to feel a bad mood rising, I will quickly open my mouth to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill me, and very soon the sunlight will shine through the dark clouds, and my mood will improve again…
I encourage you to try this too… God bless you~




皇族身份 Royal blood


photo 5


Do you know who you are? Do you know how honourable your identity is? Do you know the enemy, the evil one, the devil is very afraid of you?

photo 2


Watched a certain movie that day, the truth is, such story line is very common: that is, a princess/prince disguised as a commoner and went out to the street. In the midst of that, some hooligans wanted to stir up trouble or bully. Just when the princess/prince was about to be hurt or attacked, suddenly the hooligans became afraid and knelt for forgiveness. The fact was an army sent by the king to protect the princess/prince appeared behind the princess/prince, only then did the hooligans realize the identity of the princess/prince. They would either surrender or skitter away…

photo 3



We are actually that princess/prince, our Father God is the King of kings, He will take care, protect and save us. All we need is to know our identity and live under His protection, then we shall have peace all our lives. Do not be so foolish as to leave God or refuse His love and protection. There are too many evils in this world, so we need to constantly pray, worship and draw near to God. In that way, the enemies or evil ones that come to attack us along the way will have to kneel or flee!

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所 以 , 神 將 他 升 為 至 高 , 又 賜 給 他 那 超 乎 萬 名 之 上 的 名 ,
叫 一 切 在 天 上 的 、 地 上 的 , 和 地 底 下 的 , 因 耶 穌 的 名 無 不 屈 膝 ,

無 不 口 稱 耶 穌 基 督 為 主 , 使 榮 耀 歸 與 父 神 。” ~腓立比書2:9-11~

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.” ~ Philippians 2:9-11~

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最不公平的事 The most unfair thing


At times, we are misunderstood, or being blamed wrongly, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel very angry…At times, we are being betrayed, or being back-stabbed, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel it is so unreasonable…




At times, what is right is being twisted to become wrong, and what is wrong is being promoted as right, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel very angry…
At times, good people are being treated as wicked, and the wicked are being treated as the good, we feel it is very unfair, we feel it is so unreasonable…



At times, the wicked do as they like, and the righteous are being oppressed, we feel it is very unfair, we feel very angry…
At times, the rich oppress the poor, and the poor cannot find help anywhere, we feel it is very unfair, we feel it is so unreasonable…



At times and at times, this world has so many and so many things that we feel are so unfair, and we feel so angry and feel everything is so unreasonable…
Endless and countless…
But do not ever forget, Jesus has experienced all these, and He has walked this path…
The most unfair thing in this world will always be Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross…
Do not think that God will forget, do not think that God will ignore; temporary but necessary darkness does not therefore mean dawn is not coming…



And this is how I always remind myself, and this is how I am always encouraged…