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虚惊一场! A false alarm!


Sometimes we tend to be more negative, when something happens, even before knowing the truth, we start thinking the worse or something bad…Then we discover the fact that is otherwise, really worrying for nothing! What is worse, sometimes we even misunderstand others and get angry with them wrongly, it is really silly!



But indeed sometimes it can be a truly negative thing but God amazingly turns it to become positive, to show us He is a miracle-working God. I personally have experienced this kind of miracles numerous times…
As I recall certain incidents that happened before, the apparent “narrow escape” a few times were really unimaginable!



I experienced something good again this time something I did not expect…
I received something I did not want to receive, did not want to touch and did not want to open, my mind immediately started thinking as to how to get rid of it because I imagined the source would make me very uncomfortable… but it turned out otherwise!
It was actually something I like and the source was very comforting and touching…



It is really funny as I think about it now, I almost gave the thing to others or even threw it away! Haha!
Just as well the “mysterious” person heard about that and quickly sent a text message to me to tell me the thing was from him! I really did not have the slightest thought that it could come from him!
This is really a false alarm that turns into a pleasant surprise! God is truly humourous, and He loves me so much too, knowing how I would simply imagine the worst and yet He still blesses me, I am really so undeserving!



一則感動我心的簡訊 A text message that touched my heart



Receiving whose text messages would make you feel excited?
Receiving whose text messages would make you feel nervous?
And whose text messaged do you hope to receive?



Reading what kind of text messages would make you feel touched?
Reading what kind of text messages would be unforgettable to you?
And whose text message did I receive that day that touched my heart so much?



That day I received this text message… something I did not expect, not someone who would usually send text messages to me, and if the person does, the content would be quite formal, but not this time…
This time the content surprised me, something I really did not expect, but it deeply warmed my heart…
It is this text message below:



That was Sunday morning as I was preparing to go to church, the message reminded me to bring to church some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, to give to a special child.
But what was so touching about that? There is a story behind…





There is this family that came to church not long ago because of this special child, the child is hyperactive and has learning difficulty and hard to keep under control. The parents were very desperate and depressed because of his condition but they found hope and comfort in Jesus when they came to church.

The child somehow adores me and gets quite attached to me, see how fixated he is even when watching my on-screen image. Each time after a church meeting, he would insist to come up to be prayed for by me before he is willing to go home, and I would make sure I pray for him and give him a hug too each time. Then, he would always ask from me a bottle of mineral water after prayer before going home happily, otherwise he would kick up a fuss and refuse to go. My assistants are used to that and they are always ready with the bottle for him.

That particular Saturday night, we ran out of stock, and the boy could not comprehend that and was about to cry and refusing to go home. Then I hugged and told him if he behaved and listened to me, then I would the next morning bring him some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, and he could understand me. He happily said he wanted the biscuit the next morning and was willing to go home then.




Receiving that text message from my assistant was touching to me because, I realized he was not only very responsible while at church, he was also listening attentively when I talked to the little boy, and he did not forget when he went home. That showed he put the boy’s needs on his heart too, other wise he would not have been concerned that I might for get to bring the biscuit and thus disappointing and upsetting the child…
I was really impressed with that, I really did not expect him to text me early that morning ti remind me about bringing the biscuit for that special boy (though I did not forget too).
Are you not touched? Would you have done the same if it were you?

So I have decided to forgive Ah Boon for beating me in the 200m race in our last sports meet, hahahaha!!






“想留在夢中”的第二個夢。。。 The 2nd dream of “Wished to stay on in the dream”…



So you do have that feeling too, that wishing not to wake up from the dream you are having, but then what dream is yours?
Of course they must be good dreams, but with different themes…



I told you in my last writing concerning the first dream that I did not want to wake up from, then what is the second one…?
If you are expecting something exciting and colourful, you might get disappointed, because it is about family memory, especially about my childhood home and mum and dad then…
Sometimes I wonder too, I am already that old, but why am I still dreaming about my childhood days with mum and dad? Or is there a child inside that has not grown up…?



After father passed away, these few years I have been having dreams that he was still around, living life like normal; now that mother passed away last year, I began to dream that she was still around…
Last week I dreamt that I was bringing her to see the doctor in her wheelchair, it was so real, that was why I wished I would stay on in the dream…



When I woke up from the dream, of course there would be a tiny tinge of sadness, but when I think of how she has no sickness and pain in heaven, that she can move around freely and is happily living in the presence of Jesus, my heart is greatly comforted!
I am very grateful that both mum and dad knew Jesus, and they left this world in such peace to be with the Lord in heaven…