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2009-2010 蒙福诗歌排名与票数。。。 2009-2010 Blessed Top Songs and no. of votes

2009蒙福诗歌排名与票数 / 2009 Blessed Top Songs and no. of votes

排名 /


歌名 / Song Title 票数

No. of Votes

1. 上帝在乎我 / Tuhan Peduli(词曲: Jonathan Prawira / : GT Lim) 620
2. 快乐 / kuai le(: GT LIm / : Jaydon Joo) 548
3. 啊哟哟 / ai yo yo(词曲: GT Lim) 471
4. 回到伊甸园 / hui dao yi dian yuan(: GT Lim / : D & D Q) 438
5. 不是梦 / bu shi meng(词曲: GT Lim) 409
6. 我神真伟大 / How Great is our God(词曲: Chris Tomlin / : GT Lim) 229
7. 轻烟/qing yan(词曲: GT Lim) 211
8. 沙漠中的骆驼 / sha mo zhong de luo tuo(词曲: 凡口草) 188
9. 尊贵王 / Majesty(词曲: Stuart Garrard & Martin Smith / : GT Lim) 166
10. 牵我的手 / Pegang tanganku(词曲译: GT Lim) 161
11. 来指引我 / Come and Guide me(词曲译: GT Lim) 153
12. 称颂祢圣名 / Blessed be Your name(词曲: Beth & Matt Redman / : GT Lim) 128
13. 直到主耶稣再来时候 / zhi dao zhu ye su zai lai shi hou(词曲: 高享原 / : 张汉业) 104
14. 车站 / che zhan(词曲: GT Lim) 77
15. 有一天 / you yi tian(词曲: 盛晓玫) 75
16. 是祢 / shi ni(: GT Lim, D & D Q / : D & D Q) 73
17. 得胜者 / de sheng zhe(词曲: D & D Q) 65
18. 这是我的渴望 / This is my desire (Lord, I give You my heart)(词曲: Reuben Morgan / : GT Lim) 63
19. 水仙花的身影 / shui xian hua de shen ying(: 盖恩妇人, GT Lim / : GT Lim) 58
20. 我心要依靠祢 / My heart will trust(词曲: Reuben Morgan / : GT Lim) 57
21. 感恩 / gan en(词曲: 陈昌良) 56
22. 随凤飘 / sui feng piao(词曲: GT Lim) 55
23. 云上太阳 / yun shang tai yang(: 吴幸肃、巫婧茹 / : 巫婧茹) 44
24. 在耶稣里得刚强 / Dalam Yesus(词曲: Sari Simorangkir / : GT Lim) 40
25. 安息日的主 / an xi ri de zhu(词曲: GT Lim) 32
26. 不再脆弱 / bu zai cui ruo(词曲: GT Lim) 31
27. 灿烂的明天 / can lan de ming tian(词曲: GT Lim) 30
28. / mei(词曲: GT Lim) 29
29. 飞机场 / fei ji chang(词曲: GT Lim) 28
30. 不见一人,只见耶稣 / bu jian yi ren, zhi jian ye su(词曲: 洪启元/ : 李叔运) 27 

2010 蒙福诗歌排名与票数 / 2010 Blessed Top Songs and no. of votes

1) 爸爸的小孩 / Father’s Child  - 词曲: GT Lim  (592 votes)

2)  一路走(福建)/ Along The Journey (Hokkien “Ci Loh Kiah”) - 词曲: GT Lim  (523 votes)

3) 真(福建)/ Sincere (Hokkien “Cin”) - 词曲: GT Lim   (434 votes)

4) 称颂主耶和华的圣名 / Baruch Hashem Adonai  (386 votes)

5) 争战属于耶和华 / The Battle Belongs To The Lord  - 词曲: Jamie Owen-Collins  (375 votes)

6) 唱唱唱 / Sing Sing Sing  - 词曲: Chris Tomlin  (347 votes)

7) 祢的话 / Thy Word - 词曲: Rich Mullins  (343 votes)

8)  我不明白祢(福建)/ I Don’t Understand You (Hokkien “Gua Beh Beng Pek Li”) - 词曲: GT Lim   (329 votes)

9) 高分贝的赞美 / High-powered Praise  - 词曲: David Koh  (310 votes)

10) 回到伊甸园 / Return To Eden  - 词: GT Lim,曲: DDQ  (265 votes)

11) 快乐 / Happy - 词: GT Lim,曲: Jaydon Joo  (218 votes)

12) 上帝了解我 / Tuhan Peduli  - 词曲: Jonathan Prawira  (186 votes)

13) 牵我的手(福建)/ Hold My Hand (Hokkien “Khan Gua E Chiu”) - 词曲: GT Lim  (178 votes)

14) 呼求 / Crying Out  (145 votes)

15) 轻烟 / A Mist - 词曲: GT Lim  (106 votes)

16) 在我这个世代 / In My Generation (97 votes)

17) 尊贵王 / Majesty - 词曲: Delirious  (93 votes)

18) 我神真伟大 / How Great Is Our God - 词曲: Chris Tomlin  (71 votes)

19) 不是梦 / Not A Dream - 词曲: GT Lim  (67 votes)

20) 蒙召为此 / Called For This - 词: 彼前2:21-25,曲: GT Lim  (56 votes)


2001-2008 蒙福诗歌排行榜。。。 2001-2008 Blessed Top 20 favourite songs

以下是 2001-2008 的前二十名供你们参考和了解,下一篇会登2009年的前二十名,和推荐一些2010年的新歌供你参考,但那并不表示你一定要投票给新歌,你的最爱可以是一些教会已经很少唱的老歌。





It’s that time of the year when you vote for your favourite Christian songs…
The following are the Top20 for 2001-2008 for your references and understanding, my next post will be on the Top20 for 2009 and introducing to you some of the new songs in 2010 for your reference too, but that does not mean you must vote for new songs, your favourites can also be old songs that are seldom sung in church nowadays.

Every year there will be new songs entering the chart, and they will often be the top few songs, but there are also some old songs which are constantly in the chart, have you noticed which these old songs are? Haha!

Next Sunday 26th, we will distribute to you the voting slips, please start thinking as to which FIVE songs are your favourites and have touched your heart this year, write them down clearly and vote together in church on that day itself, the result will be announced during our Thanksgiving Night on the 31st…

Apart from voting for your own five favourite songs, you must also observe and guess which THREE songs you think might emerge the top three songs of our church this year… if you guessed correctly in the right order, you will win a prize!Also, as long as you have voted, you will stand a chance to win lucrative prizes during the prize-draw on 31st night… so you must vote!

Alright, let’s see which the favourite songs are all these years!



















美丽脸孔让你忘记疲惫。。。 Lovely faces that drive your weariness away…


I rushed back on the evening of Nov 27th from West Malaysia, slept for barely four hours that night, and had to rush to the sports ground at 6:30am to take charge of our Blessed Family Fun day…
Dragging my weary body and half asleep mind, it was no easy feat, I prayed to God for strength that I could be full of life and excitement to lead everyone to rejoice together!


Honestly, to force yourself to get up was not an easy thing; and to try to get excited when your body and mind were both exhausted was not a simple thing too…
But when you arrived there and saw these beautiful faces, all your weariness would vanish into thin air straight away!


Our church can be considered as one that is “very busy” with many programmes and activities… whether for the elderly, adults, youths and young people, children, we do try our best to organize some activities to make everyone feel belonged, to have an opportunity to know each other, and to joyfully become one family…
See everyone, at the break of dawn, gathering and waiting together excitedly…


With a church like this, can you not be touched and working hard for them?

超可爱小小赛跑选手。。。 Super cute little runner…


That day, November 28th (Mon), young and old from church gathered very early at Jubilee Ground, everybody was excited about Blessed Family Fun Day. Apart from some running events, we also had games competitions for groups. Normally during occasion like this, you could see the sides of brothers and sisters which otherwise you would not see at some other time. It was really an ice-breaker and it really fostered closer relationship!

That day, we noticed a little hero…


Little 4-year old boy, apart from having a cute look, what else is there so special about him?
Very surprisingly, he actually took part in the 800m male open race!
Can you see where he is? How terrible of those adults to squeeze him to the outer most circle!!
The volunteer workers were also so bad!


Before running, he listened very carefully to big brother’s instruction…


Then he looked at the distance ahead with such seriousness… look at that determination on his face!
You must be thinking, he wold surely stop after running a while, there was no way he could finish running two rounds!


Make no mistake! This little wonder-whose-kid-he-is, has got real guts to not give up easily!
Look at the picture below, though he was falling behind, he was still trying to catch up!


Please see how he overtook the adult and older kids in front of him step by step, and that was the second round!
Boy, that was so very impressive!


And the older brother brother who instructed him just now was already agonizing and yet he was still running full force!


Finally he was triumphant and received thunderous applause…


And of course immediately a swarm of fans fought to take photos with him…
But I can see, here, he is really suffering…

禁食之后感想:“奢侈”。。。 Thoughts After Fasting : “Luxury”…



Actually fasting, especially long period of fasting, is not something you can just do it when you think you want to do it. In fact I believe, by our flesh, nobody likes to fast.
This time, before God convicted me and gave me the strength to fast for 40 days, I could not imagine at all without food for 4o days, and actually I was also kind of “afraid” as to wheher God would convict me to fast for 40 days again…
But when the time came, all these concerns were really unnecessary! Without realizing, 40 days have already gone by, and we have also resumed our normal eating and drinking lifestyle.



This time we took the gradual fast approach, we were still taking soup and juice in the beginning 29 days, only the last 11 days did we take plain water only, but many failed the plain water only for 11 days test…
Even I myself, I only took totally plain water in the last 3 days as I still added some glucose into my water before that to give me some energy.


Sometimes for fasting, we take the vegetarian fast, eating only fruit ad vegetables, during such a time, we would realize the meat we are so used to is such a luxury…
Then sometimes we not only go vegetarian, we stop eating starchy food too like rice, noodles, cakes and bread etc, in times like those, we would realize starchy food is such a luxury…
If we fast all food totally, we would realize fruit and vegetables are such luxury items…
When it is only drinking plain water, we would discover soup, hot drinks and fruit juice are so luxurious…



~ 传道书3:13 ~

The so-called “luxury” is referring to food and drinks that are so ordinary to us normally becoming something we cannot get…
Fasting can indeed make you realize, we are actually living in such a luxurious and blessed life! Our “hunger” is our own voluntary choice, and when the time has passed, we can immediately return to and enjoy our “luxurious” lifestyle, where as there are so many people in this world who do not have a choice but are hungry day after day and year after year without ending… In actual fact, in many places, a glass of clean water is also very luxurious to them!

O lord, help us not to complain about life being tough again, teach us to be grateful and to enjoy all that You have given us…

“That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”
~ Ecclesiastes 3:13 ~

Day 40 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (完结篇 / Conclusion)






“1:6 他 们 二 人 , 在 神 面 前 都 是 义 人 , 遵 行 主 的 一 切 诫 命 礼 仪 , 没 有 可 指 摘 的 。
1:7 只 是 没 有 孩 子 , 因 为 以 利 沙 伯 不 生 育 , 两 个 人 又 年 纪 老 迈 了 。
1:8 撒 迦 利 亚 按 班 次 , 在 神 面 前 供 祭 司 的 职 分 ,
1:9 照 祭 司 的 规 矩 掣 签 , 得 进 主 殿 烧 香 。
1:10 烧 香 的 时 候 , 众 百 姓 在 外 面 祷 告 。
1:11 有 主 的 使 者 站 在 香 坛 的 右 边 , 向 他 显 现 。
1:12 撒 迦 利 亚 看 见 , 就 惊 慌 害 怕 。
1:13 天 使 对 他 说 , 撒 迦 利 亚 , 不 要 害 怕 。 因 为 你 的 祈 祷 已 经 被 听 见 了 , 你 的 妻 子 以 利 沙 伯 要 给 你 生 一 个 儿 子 , 你 要 给 他 起 名 叫 约 翰 。”
~ 路加福音1章 ~

Day 40 : Nov 11th (Fri)

What should I write to conclude? So many things to wite about and to say, so many feelings and thoughts…

In the evening, Pastor Raymond Mooi, our specially invited speaker from KL preached. A certain point touched me deeply, a reminder I must not forget for all my life.

Using Luke Chapter 1 as his background story, Pastor Raymond mentioned how the very faithful priest Zechariah and Elizabeth must have grown from being hopeful to totally hopelesss in their quest for a child. When they were already very old and not possible for Elizabeth to conceive anymore, no matter how disappointed, they did not stop serving God faithfully. Zechariah stayed true to the responsibility God had given him, faithfully serving in the position and place where God had entrusted him with. As a result God appeared to him at the place where God had assigned him to be. Because of his faithfulness, the God of wonders performed for him something that was not possible with men, ourselves or in the natural. The wife, Eliazabeth conceived and gave birth to a son!

The key is, when God comes looking for you at the position or place where you are supposed to be at, will you be there? Can He find you there? Are you a faithful person to God?
Therefore, if you really desire God to do a miracle for you, to satisfy you with the breakthrough you have been waiting for in your heart, or to relieve you of a great burden and problem, it is very important to be a person who stays true to your God-given gift and position!

“6 Both of them were righteous in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commands and decrees blamelessly.
7 But they were childless because Elizabeth was not able to conceive, and they were both very old.
8 Once when Zechariah’s division was on duty and he was serving as priest before God,
9 he was chosen by lot, according to the custom of the priesthood, to go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense.
10 And when the time for the burning of incense came, all the assembled worshipers were praying outside.
11 Then an angel of the Lord appeared to him, standing at the right side of the altar of incense.
12 When Zechariah saw him, he was startled and was gripped with fear.
13 But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.”
~ Luke 1 ~

Day 39 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (再被提醒Kairos / Reminder of Kairos Once Again)




“3:1 凡 事 都 有 定 期 , 天 下 万 务 都 有 定 时 。
3:11 神 造 万 物 , 各 按 其 时 成 为 美 好 。 又 将 永 生 安 置 在 世 人 心 里 。 ( 永 生 原 文 作 永 远 ) 然 而 神 从 始 至 终 的 作 为 , 人 不 能 叁 透 。”
~ 传道书 ~



Day 39 : Nov 10th (Thur)

Read Ecclesiastes 3 today and once again reminded that God indeed has His special timing for certain things. Of course we know that everyday is full of God’s grace and blessings, but certain things are seasonal, and need to watch for the spiritual climate. That is the meaning of “kairos”, that is God’s special appointed time to accomplish or send down certain things.

We believe the 40-day fast we have this time is God guiding us into His kairos, and we also believe the watch-night prayer on the final day (Nov 11) is also God’s kairos. And He has already revealed to us too that He is going to give us things that are beyond what we ask and can imagine! Amen!

“3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”
~ Ecclesiastes ~

Since we know there is a time for everything, then the word of God also says “no one can fathom”; then how shall we respond?
We then must pray for spiritual sensitivity, to discern God’s timing, and ask that His Holy Spirit will lead us into His timing and be immersed in it…

Day 38 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (发财的理由与途径 / Reason and way of becoming rich)






“9:6 少 种 的 少 收 , 多 种 的 多 收 。 这 话 是 真 的 。
9:7 各 人 要 随 本 心 所 酌 定 的 。 不 要 作 难 , 不 要 勉 强 , 因 为 捐 得 乐 意 的 人 , 是 神 所 喜 爱 的 。
9:8 神 能 将 各 样 的 恩 惠 , 多 多 的 加 给 你 们 。 使 你 们 凡 事 常 常 充 足 , 能 行 各 样 的 善 事 。
9:9 如 经 上 所 记 , 他 施 舍 钱 财 , 周 济 贫 穷 。 他 的 仁 义 存 到 永 远 。
9:10 那 赐 种 给 撒 种 的 , 赐 粮 给 人 吃 的 , 必 多 多 加 给 你 们 种 地 的 种 子 , 又 增 添 你 们 仁 义 的 果 子 。
9:11 叫 你 们 凡 事 富 足 , 可 以 多 多 施 舍 , 就 藉 着 我 们 使 感 谢 归 于 神 。”






Day 38 : Nov 9th (Wed)

Who does not want to be prosperous? Who does not want to be a rich person?
As long as you do not sin against God or use sinful methods to get your money, there is nothing wrong to be rich, in fact there can be many advantages, and it is something God approves too!
But when you become rich, what comes along might be a lot of stress and pressure, especially wealth gotten through your own strength. But “the blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.” ( Proverbs 10:22 )

But how can we receive this blessing of the Lord? Of course there are many principles in the Bible, today I will share with you 2 Corinthians 9:

“6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.
7 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
8 And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.
9 As it is written: “They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor; their righteousness endures forever.”
10 Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.
11 You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

1) I believe in God’s eyes, sowing sparingly or generously is not dependent on the figure or amount you give but rather how much you keep for yourself in comparison, or in proportion of your giving with your income or how much you own.

2) God loves a heart that loves to bless and help others, and doing it with joy, not out of compulsion, and without any other motive, not even thinking of getting blessed for oneself.

3) Very importantly, your good deeds will cause people to give thanks and glory to God ultimately!

The three points above are the principles of God’s blessing you and making you rich in every way.


Day 37: 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (莫名的兴奋 / Inexplicable excitement)







~ 以赛亚书 43:19 ~

~ 以弗所书 3:20 ~



Day 37 : Nov 8th (Tue)

How shall I describe this feeling? Like childhood days anticipating the first day of Chinese New Year on New Year’s Eve, during my youth excited about going to the beach for a holiday for the first time, going to a beautiful country for a tour for the first time together with close friends, and waiting for someone you miss dearly at the airport…?
It is that kind of feeling, my heart has been stirring with this sensation past few days, even right now!

I also attempted to ask the Lord, what am I feeling excited about? I know something good is going to happen, but I do not what thing! I know I am going to receive a gift that I am going to love very much but I do not know what that gift is! While leading the noontime prayer session, I finally had the answer…

Actually this answer was only to answer me as to why I do not know what I am excited about, and not really telling me what the thing I am excited about exactly is!
God said I do not know what I am feeling excited about because he is going to do a “new thing”, and since it is “new”, it is of course not in my memory. Therefore I would not know what that thing is. He also said what he is going to do is beyond what I have ever asked or what I can imagine, then of course I would not know what that is…

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”
~ Isaiah 43:19 ~

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”
~ Ephesians 3:20 ~

Wow! How can I not be excited if so?

This afternoon while preparing my “kairos” message to share at night, my heart began to beat faster again, so I know for certain this wonderful thing that is going to happen will descend or start during our watch-night prayer on November 11th as we conclude our 40-day fast! This unusual heart-beat caused me to recall the “power at work within us” in Eph 3:20, is it this “power” that is pumping in my heart…?


Day 36: 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (他带着微笑走了 / He Left With A Smile)










~ 提后 4:6-7 ~


Day 36 : Nov 7th (Mon)

Attended Rev James Shao’s seminar on the book of John in the morning, I conducted Shuang’s funeral at 1:30pm.

Very comforted seeing him “sleeping with a smile” on his face in the casket, he looked good; even his aunty who is not a Christian yet said he was “beautiful”…
Shuang’s mother repeatedly said “Let me have a last look at him, let me have a last look at him…”, I told the mother to remember his smile, just to remember his smile.

So at peace, sleeping with a smile, you know he was really at rest, and you know he has gone to a very peaceful and beautiful place. Whoever saw his last look would be comforted, the mother has calmed down a lot too, this is very reassuring to me.

During the funeral, I shared my family’s testimony. I told them how many years ago my youngest brother who was not even nine left this world. He already believed in Jesus though still a kid, my parents were not Christians then. I once asked my mother why she would believe in Jesus after my brother passed away. She said one of the reasons was she saw in that tiny casket, the face of an angel sleeping with a smile on his face. Therefore, my mother believed that the Jesus my brother trusted in must be a very good peaceful God, and that Jesus must have brought him to a very beautiful place…

Some people misunderstood my sharing yesterday, thinking that I was very depressed, discouraged and feeling defeated. No, you have mistaken, I was only weeping with those who wept, feeling the sadness and heaviness of the sudden departure of someone. I certainly did not doubt God over this. Furthermore, I feel kind of envious of Shuang’s spiritual life and relationship with God at the time of his departure. He learnt to fast and pray with us during his last days, and even attended the early morning prayer sessions! I remember during his final morning prayer, I was watching him from the pulpit, thinking to myself that this guy’s spiritual life had advanced so much recently… Then in his final moment, as he could not make it to church because of illness, he was still lying on the couch at home, turning on the computer to watch our live broadcast with the mother. They joined in the praise and worship, laughed even when we joked in the midst of the sermon, and it was at that time that he breathed his last… no suffering, no struggling, in the presence of God, with the mother he loved so much beside him, he went back to be with the Lord…

If we could all go back to be with the Lord in similar situation, would not that be such a blessed thing?

“For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
~ 1 Tim 4:6-7 ~