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Day 3 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary



Day 3: Oct 5th (Wed)
Since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, meaning, the house of the Holy Spirit, then He is the house owner. So whatever that needs to be thrown away, repaired, decorated etc is the owner’s decision and work. As we are no longer the owner, we do not have the right to simply do anything to the house, that means it is no longer our own hard work or thinking or whatever that can change ourselves, we should just hand over to the Holy Spirit Himself to decide and do the work or instruct us.




Another thing, while praying for God to heal or give us health, we must realize too many times our physical condition is related to our eating or living habits. Therefore, even if God has really healed us, after a while we might damage this “temple” again with our bad dieting habit… But old habits die hard, how can we change our years of eating habits and lifestyle, that is no easy feat. However, since this house now belongs to the Holy Spirit, pray the Holy Spirit come and work and let Him adjust our interests and preferences etc, that without realizing, we have already developed a preference and enjoyment for healthy and nutritious food, etc…
This is definitely possible, speaking from experience!


(先聲明這不是神學噢!)Once there was an obese pastor weighing above 150kg I should think, but later reduced to about 65, and now wearing trendy clothes. I asked him how he did it.
He said he just looked at pictures of some models and proclaimed by faith saying: I claim that in Jesus’ name!
Then God started to work and his dieting habit started to change naturally!
Wow, can you actually do that??!!
So I learnt from him, and the result is… what say you?
So are you thinking of learning too? Hahaha!!
(By the way, this is no theology!)

Day 2 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary


耶穌說:”你們上去吧。。。我現在不上去,因為我的時候還沒有滿。” ~約7:8~


Day 2 : Oct 4th (Tue)
The verse that spoke to me in the morning:
Jesus said : “You go… I am not yet going, because for me the right time has not yet come.” ~John7:8~

** This makes me realize that for many things, especially important decisions, including serving God, things ought to be done, good things etc… we need to wait for God’s timing. Sometimes our inability to wait would spoil something good, and even God’s original plan for us…


The conviction I received while leading the noon-time prayer today:
Instead of thinking all the time about “how many more days of hunger do I still have to go through”, we should think about and pray as to what we want to experience these 40 days, pray that we experience everyday something new and God’s reality, and that He will speak to us in all sorts of ways. With this kind of expectation, you will not be affected by the hunger of your flesh…
And ask God to make these 40 days the beginning of our life-long entering into His presence everyday~

Day 1 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary





I am determined to make the 40-day fast this time different from the previous ones…
I want to have listening ears, sensitive spirity, to receive revelations from God and hear Him talking to me, and to record all that down…

May after these 40 days, this will also become my daily habit, till old, till death…
In fact I did cultivate this habit for a certain period during my university years, but I cannot remember since when has that disappeared totally!
May God have mercy! And may God restore my soul~

This time, starting October 3rd till November 11th, for a total of 40 days, I will only take drinks, no solid food whatsoever, until the final 10 days just taking plain water, may God uphold and guide me…

The following is what I received on the 1st day…



Day 1 : October 3rd (Mon)
As usual I stayed home on Monday…
Unexpectedly I wrote a song, and it is rather different from my typical style of songs. Normally my songs are more “emotional”, pouring your heart out type, but today the one I wrote has obviously more “spiritual” or Biblical words, for instance “Hosanna! Hosanna!”… just as the scene when the Jews rejoiced and welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem…

As I pondered more, I think this must be a prophecy or revelation, that is God wants us for these 40-day fast to desire above all the welcoming of Him into our lives, church, city, country… Whether the song sounds nice or not is secondary, the important thing is to have that heart that hungers for and feels excited about the presence of Jesus coming to us…


Translation of the song:

We welcome Your presence

Hosanna in the highest, hosanna
Hosanna, O gates, lift up your heads
Glory, glory
King of kings, Jesus, You are my King

See He who comes on a donkey
The gentle King, Humble King
I will open up my heart to You
Prince of Peace, I welcome You in

May my worship be like the clashing waves
Lord of the universe, I welcome You…




It was only after writing, I realized it is a song welcoming the Lord’s presence, that really flows with the reason we fast!
Thank God for such an encouragement on the first day~
May God anoint me to write more songs to glorify Him during this 40-day period.


禁食40天反思。。。 Reflection on fasting 40 days…

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This time, the 40-day fast from 03/10/11 to 11/11/11 has to be my third time fasting 40 days completely. I also did 21-day full fast twice, and a few times my fasting period coincided with my birthday, this time is no exception…
If not for God, I cannot imagine and I will not be able too to go on such a long fast. So, there is nothing great or super about me, there is no need to compliment or admire me, if the Spirit of God does not lead, prompt or give me strength, this is impossible and I will not want to do it as well…


Some people asked me questions with regard to health, physical strength and nutrition issues etc, they asked how I handled, overcame or dealt with and so on…
I have no answer. All I can say is, I still functioned like normal everyday, I still went to work and serve etc, my health is alright, and in fact I feel I have become healthier…




All I remember was the first time when I was having the 40-day full fast, I found myself lying near my bedroom door in the morning on the 39th day, perhaps my blood sugar was too low and I fainted while getting up abruptly, but of course I was not injured in any way. And it was also that time when I began to eat again, I had great difficulty the first time I went to the toilet to excrete my motion, I even bled. So I prayed to God foe healing and “reminded” Him that I fasted for His kingdom, and I was healed immediately!

That is why we must give all the glory to God, it is impossible without Him!



The last time I went on a 40-day full fast was quite a few years back, since then I did not dare to imagine another time, because the scenario of not eating anything at all for 40 days was kind of scary to think about. No matter how beauty conscious you are, how scared of being overweight you are, you still cannot do without food. So inside me, I was kind of “scared” that God might prompt me to do another 40-day full fast… Actually this kind of “worry” is really unnecessary because if the prompting is really from God, He naturally will help you to accomplish it! Just like now, all of a sudden we have begun the 40-day full fast again…




Honestly, this prompting to have a full 40-day fast came at the beginning of the year, I was only waiting for God’s timing. At first I was kind of worried whether I could do it as after all I have not done it for a long time… but when I saw many young people are willing to accompany me through this journey of fasting 40 days without food, that unexplained strength started to well up from my heart, and I no longer feel afraid…

The fasting this time, I am feeling more serious and excited than all the previous ones, and my heart is full of expectancy to see God doing new and wonderful things. I also long for God to reveal His heart everyday. So this time I will record what I receive or sense in my spirit, and will try my best to post here everyday as “Fasting Diary” to share with you all, hopefully this will encourage you all as well, Amen!

何等可爱的雀鸟。。。 How lovely a bird…




In the earlier days, I was never interested or I never had any feeling for the Psalms in the Bible. Guess it is because my spiritual life had not grown to that level then?
Until the year 1994 when I was doing my second year Bible School, was I attracted and touched by Psalms. At that time I began to compose many songs from Psalms, sometimes even 3 to 4 songs a day!
I am also very grateful to God that I could write those verses into songs without adding or subtracting one word from the verses, and hence that helped me memorize many verses as well…

Many people like to ask, of all the many songs I have written or the 16 albums I have released, which song(s)or album(s) are my favourites? Without hesitation, I would always reply: Psalms!
The biggest reason is Psalms are all the words of God, not a single bit of my own thought or word inside, that is why I feel they are very special…
And also many of them, being rather “thick-skinned”, I feel that the melodies are quite nice too, haha!

Here I am going to share with you two songs written over different period of time, one was written in 1994 “Like a Bird”, and one written this year 2011 “How Lovely”.
In fact I wrote a version of “how Lovely” too in 1994 but was never satisfied with it, until this year when I re-wrote it, only then I felt it had the “correct feel”!
And when I taught it in church, looking at the congregation’s response and how they were touched, I knew the timing had come!

林義忠創作室 / GT Lim’s Creative Room

雀鳥 / Like a bird
詞 / Lyrics:詩篇 Psalms 124:7-8; 63:7-8
曲 / Music:林義忠 / GT Lim
(寫於 / Written on : 07-03-1994)

造天地之耶和华的名 耶和华的名


We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare
The snare has been broken, and we have escaped
Our help is in the name of the LORD
The Maker of heaven and earth, of heaven and earth

Because you are my help
I sing in the shadow of your wings
My soul clings to you
Your right hand upholds me



林義忠創作室 GT Lim’s Creative Room

"何等可愛"(How lovely)
(詞/Lyrics:詩篇Psalm 84:1-4; 曲/Music:林義忠 GT Lim – 23/06/2011)




My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord
My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God

O Lord Almighty
My King and my God
A place near Your altar
Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself
Blessed are those who dwell in Your house
They are ever praising You

How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty


第二轮成绩和“梦”的联想。。。 The 2nd round result and the thought on “dream”…


想象第一轮在我个人Facebook的投票比赛环节仅获94票而在8组中拿了最后一名的晓羚羊,这一次第二轮是什么力量让他们在我Facebook Fans Page投票环节“一跃冲天”,拿了986票遥遥领先荣获第一名呢?


A dream will remain a dream if you keep on sleeping and dreaming and do not get up to do something about that dream!

This round I can only use “Still water runs deep” to describe the No.1 winner, “Antelopes”…
Imagine in the 1st round where it was voting via my personal Facebook, they only received 94 votes and was placed last among the 8 groups, what gave them the strength this time where voting was via my FB Fans Page to propel them all the way to the top, and clinched the top prize with 986 votes?
No matter what the reasons are, what caused them to rise above all… let’s lay that aside, I can only say everyone has limitless potential, as long as you are willing to sacrifice and work hard, you can really achieve something you cannot imagine!

Of course I would like to congratulate every group as well, you have tried your best (hopefully), no matter what contest we are going to have in future, let the potential within you explode again!!
Errr… I don’t think there will be a 3rd round for the T-shirts competition because you are all tired, and I am tired too, and also it’s not that interesting anymore… Furthermore, I don’t want to risk being blocked by the FB management for causing you guys to spam the whole world, haha!!
What competition would we have next? Don’t worry! Uncle’s brain isn’t really working in this area at the moment, so you can relax…


Ok, let me show you the result of 2nd round where you received voted via my FB Fans Page (the number of votes is the total at 11:30pm, Monday Sept 19th!)


No.1 : 晓羚羊 / Antelopes (986 votes)


No.2 : 少年豹 / Leopards (817 votes)


No. 3 : 骆驼 / Camels (615 votes)


No. 4 : 飞鹰 / Eagles (517 votes)


No. 5 : 金燕子 / Swiftlets (509 votes)


No. 6 : 狮兄妹 / Lions (471 votes)


No. 7 : 黑马 / Stallions (432 votes)


No. 8 : 北极熊 / Polar bears (392 votes)





第一轮:透过Facebook比赛成绩。。。 Round One: Result of competition via Facebook…

第一轮比赛圆满结束。。。Round One ends peacefully…

比赛结果 / Results of competition:


NO. 1 – The Camels ( 390 votes )


NO. 2 – The Leopards ( 215 votes )


NO. 3 – The Lions ( 197 votes )


NO. 4 – The Eagles ( 175 votes )


NO. 5 – The Polar Bears ( 153 votes )


NO. 6 – The Stallions ( 146 votes )


NO. 7 – The Swiftlets ( 105 votes )


NO. 8 – The Antelopes ( 94 votes )


运动会T恤比赛:成绩(1)效率。。。 Sports Day T-shirt competition: Result (1) Efficiency

The following are the results of each group’s response and efficiency in submitting the photos for competition to Pastor:











北极熊/Polar Bear






超级搞怪!真受不了!! Super crazy! Can’t stand him!!


This is our Apple Genie, Hen, to say he is the Stephen Chow of Kuching is really not over-exaggerating…
Look at that face, wonder what he is thinking in his mind!




The whole month when everyone was training hard for the race, he did not appear. Then suddenly on the last two days, he released news that he had already trained well to hold on tightly to the other runners’ legs so they could not run…
Always very good at coming up with crazy ideas!
Look at which direction he was running…




Then “bang” it went!
Look at him! Really can’t stand him!
Everyone would laugh and who could still have the strength to run? Very cunning! Hahahaha!!!


他们是飞鹰队,口号是“We are Eagles WIN! You are chicken wings!!”
主题歌是:teng teng teng teng teng…..

Their team is called “The Eagles” and their slogan is “We are Eagles WIN! You are chicken wings!!”
Their theme song is: teng teng teng teng teng….


This is their leader YB Chee Yong, real funny guy too!


感觉一个人孤孤单单在跑。。。 Feeling as though I am running all alone by myself…

This series of photos…
Were not there other people running with me? Where have they all gone…???




Wow! Did I really win that much??? Muahahahahaha!!! Now, I am very happy!!
Thanks to the photographers for capturing this feeling that I have often dreamt of having for a long time, haha!!