國外佈道會 Out reach

有時候心情會受影響。。。 Sometimes mood can get affected…

Even if it is a very familiar programme or activity, or there is enough preparation, sometimes due to some reasons, certain situations might arise too, and unavoidably our mood can get somewhat affected…




Sometimes it can be rushing for time, sometimes it is the journey, sometimes it is physical health…
Of course you still need to go on stage…




For those who sing, the condition of the sound system wold definitely affect the mood… and for those who speak, the rapport of the audience…
But no matter how affected, we must still sing our best and speak with all our passion…




To be totally unperturbed, completely calm, entirely not affected, is indeed a tough lesson to learn.
So many times while on stage singing and speaking simultaneously, I am at the same time praying in my heart for the Lord to calm my heart and to help me to concentrate…




Behind that smile, you cannot really see the struggle and frustration inside, especially when I feel I could not completely calm my heart or fully concentrate, and I would be feeling discouraged and disappointed with myself…
But I am always grateful that God will always personally encourage and comfort me after that, and when necessary, of course to teach me when there are things I need to take note and improve. I really have a god good God and Father!




新加坡,我又來了!! Singapore, I’m coming again!!

2004 年到燈塔教會分享時影:
Taken in 2004 when I went to share at Lighthouse Evangelism:


Very fast, before you realized, I am coming to Lighthouse again next week, see below my schedule:

Lighthouse meetings: May 1-6, 2012

01/05/12 (二/Tue) : 
孝親午餐/Parents Appreciation Lunch. (英語與福建/English & Hokkien)
孝親晚餐/Parents Appreciation Dinner (英文與華語/English & Mandarin)
***非公開/Not open to public

03/05/12 (四/Thur) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                                英文與福建/English & Hokkien.
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.

04/05/12 (五/Fri) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                            華語與廣東/Mandarin & Cantonese. 7:30pm
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.       

05/05/12 (六/Sat) : 神蹟特會/Miracle Service. 英語/English. : 7:00pm
                             – Lighthouse Woodlands.

06/05/12 (四堂主日/Four Sunday services). 英語/English:

 1st service – 9am. Lighthouse Woodlands.                        

 2nd service – 11.15am. Lighthouse Woodlands.         

 3rd service – 3.15pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          

 4th service – 7pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          


That was how I looked like when I came last year, how would I look this year? Haha…
But the most important thing is not how I would look, but to see souls saved and God’s name be glorified, Amen!
So do seriously pray hard for me! Thank you.



台下到底看到什么。。。? What do they see down there…?

Often speaking, acting and singing on stage… seriously making great effort and very into it, but what do people down there actually see?
And what are they thinking in their mind? Sometimes I wonder…


Honestly, I would prepare myself properly from head to toes…


I will also practise my songs well, memorize the lyrics etc…
And when I sing, I am very into it, look at the photos and you would agree, haha…


Ah~ ahh~ ahhh~~~ and the mouth gets wider and wider, totally immersed and lost in my own world~~~


So you definitely can’t say I’m not serious…


Not just singing, but equally serious and into it while telling stories!


Expressions and actions must flow with the story…


Then getting more and more excited and forgetting image…


Making such effort, do people down there appreciate…?


Sigh, can’t  bother too much! As long as doing my best, and God can see it, that is enough…


O Lord, just let me continue to speak, act and sing just for You…