國外佈道會 Out reach

林義忠新加坡行程:2011五月。。。 GT Lim’s Singapore Schedule: May 2011

Hi, I’m here to minister in Singapore again… I’m very sorry, I forgot to post my schedule as I was too busy…


My meetings start tomorrow, hopefully you not only come yourselves but bring new friends too…

May 4th Wed, 10am ( Mandarin ) :
Hinghwa Methodist Church, Level 4 Sanctuary,
93 Kitchener Road.

May 5th-8th, Lighthouse Evangelism :
5th Thu, 7:30pm : Lighthouse Tampines ( Mandarin and Hokkien )
6th Fri, 7:30pm   : Lighthouse Tampines ( English and Cantonese )
7th Sat, 7:00pm  : Lighthouse Woodlands ( English and Hokkien )
8th Sun, 9:00am & 11:15am : Lighthouse Woodlands ( English )
8th Sun, 3:15pm  : Lighthouse Tampines ( English )

May 7th Sat, 4:00pm ( Hokkien ):
Blessed Grace Church,
( 蒙恩教会 )
18, Arumugam Road.
05-01, Antioch @ MacPherson.


那也是宣教 - 雅加达 That’s also mission – Jakarta


Normally when we mention “mission”, many Christians would conjure up in their minds villages, remote places, jungles, desert, etc…
But big cities and busy metropolitans do need the Gospel too!
Everyone has different giftings and callings, when I was still a student I used to think I would end up being a missionary in the jungle of Borneo… but it seems till now, God has been leading me to more developed places, like Jakarta which I have just been at the end of February…


My accommodation for the mission was very comfortable… is that allowed?


Looking down from the 22nd Floor where I was staying, a bit hard to believe I was actually in Jakarta because the residential area here seems quite western…


You can just see the vast sea from the window, breath-taking view…

It is very comfortable and serene at home, but actually many places in Indonesia are very congested and dirty, including the streets of Jakarta, not criticizing, just reporting…
Oh, the two sisters at the back are the apartment’s owners, they are also my assistants and translators in Indonesia… the guy in front is Yi Wei, the assistant I brought from Kuching this trip.


There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor in Indonesia… this is a private residence, very extravagant huh? Nothing to do with me, just taking picture…


This type of different style of mission, apart from good living, there was also good eating!


Persecuted by great food and cuisine each day… great temptation!


They said I’m very thin, they wanted me to eat more…


So I obediently ate, ate and ate…


My targeted audience for the mission…


They were very attentive…


I had a very good interpreter, sister Julie Wahab…

The happiest thing is to see people responding to the Lord’s call to trust in Him…


These two boys received the Lord at the meeting too…


这次能来雅加达宣教还要谢谢这对可爱的夫妇的邀请,Adjito 和 Irene…
That I could come to Jakarta for mission this time, I must also thank the lovely couple who invited me, Adjito and Irene…


把自己隐藏起来。。。 Hide yourself…


Sometimes it is good to hide ourselves, and not over-exalting ourselves, don’t let ourselves be the focus of attention always…
Otherwise it is very easy to become conceited and arrogant and thus robbing God’s glory; at the same time it adds on unnecessary pressure on ourselves too…


Actually in a sea of people, how many truly know who you are? Even if many do, so what?


“经风一吹,便归无有,他的原处也不再认识他” - 诗103:16 -
No matter how famous or successful, in the end you will be overtaken by uprising talents too… and ultimately you will be forgotten too…
“the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.” – Psalm 103:16 –


Forgotten in a corner, but thank God, He will always remember who you are…


But having said that, when you need to stand out, then you have to stand out, because God created us for a purpose and we are useful… So, we should not be hiding behind others all the time too…


Furthermore, God sees us as precious always, and we are indeed very valuable… we just need to remember to give thanks and glory to Him always!


For those who are curious, the photos were taken last September(2010) when I brought The Remnant to Macau.)