Day 1 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary





I am determined to make the 40-day fast this time different from the previous ones…
I want to have listening ears, sensitive spirity, to receive revelations from God and hear Him talking to me, and to record all that down…

May after these 40 days, this will also become my daily habit, till old, till death…
In fact I did cultivate this habit for a certain period during my university years, but I cannot remember since when has that disappeared totally!
May God have mercy! And may God restore my soul~

This time, starting October 3rd till November 11th, for a total of 40 days, I will only take drinks, no solid food whatsoever, until the final 10 days just taking plain water, may God uphold and guide me…

The following is what I received on the 1st day…



Day 1 : October 3rd (Mon)
As usual I stayed home on Monday…
Unexpectedly I wrote a song, and it is rather different from my typical style of songs. Normally my songs are more “emotional”, pouring your heart out type, but today the one I wrote has obviously more “spiritual” or Biblical words, for instance “Hosanna! Hosanna!”… just as the scene when the Jews rejoiced and welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem…

As I pondered more, I think this must be a prophecy or revelation, that is God wants us for these 40-day fast to desire above all the welcoming of Him into our lives, church, city, country… Whether the song sounds nice or not is secondary, the important thing is to have that heart that hungers for and feels excited about the presence of Jesus coming to us…


Translation of the song:

We welcome Your presence

Hosanna in the highest, hosanna
Hosanna, O gates, lift up your heads
Glory, glory
King of kings, Jesus, You are my King

See He who comes on a donkey
The gentle King, Humble King
I will open up my heart to You
Prince of Peace, I welcome You in

May my worship be like the clashing waves
Lord of the universe, I welcome You…




It was only after writing, I realized it is a song welcoming the Lord’s presence, that really flows with the reason we fast!
Thank God for such an encouragement on the first day~
May God anoint me to write more songs to glorify Him during this 40-day period.