Day 19 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary







“西门彼得问耶稣说,主往哪里去? 耶稣回答说,我所去的地方,你现在不能跟我去。后来却要跟我去。”




Day 19 : Oct 21st (Fri)

Today I once again realized God is very gracious to me, “once again”, because all along I have been feeling He is very gracious such an undeserving me…
Today I saw something I could not imagine before, or should I say I did not know back then when I would be able to see what I saw today.
My heart was greatly comforted and encouraged.

The story goes, without realizing Pastor Park’s ministry began. Because I was busy with many other things, the detailed duties this time I handed to my staffs to handle. I suddenly realized with a shock, oh dear! The ministry is going to start in a while, I haven’t even acertain with my staffs all the arrangement of the workload this time!
Before, I had to take care of and supervise everything like arranging of names of people to be prayed for, duties of every helper, teaching and briefing them on their work boundaries and responsibilities etc…
As Pastor Park’s ministry is unique, coupled with the issue of cultural differences, I would not risk any error, so I must supervise every area!

When I suddenly realized I had not even double-check everything to make sure everything is in order, I quickly took a peep at the small hall we are to use for the ministry, immediately my heart was indescribably comforted, my staffs had already prepared and divided all the workload to my utter satisfaction!
I was immediately reminded of the verse I noticed while reading the Bible this morning:

“Simon Peter asked him, “Lord, where are you going?”
Jesus replied, “Where I am going, you cannot follow now, but you will follow later.””
~ John 13:36 ~

Even though Jesus was referring to Peter’s faith and spiritual life not up to the level of being martyred for Him at that time but later did actually die for Christ, I also recalled, in the past I had to brief my staffs on many things, and only then they knew what to do, or how to do things satisfactorily… However, today without any of my instruction and supervision, they have already prepared everything properly and nicely! Really, something they were unable to do before, but today they did it so superbly! My heart is full of gratitude…

All of us are really full of potential, as long as we remain in and rely on the Lord, we can really improve and excel!