Day 2 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary


耶穌說:”你們上去吧。。。我現在不上去,因為我的時候還沒有滿。” ~約7:8~


Day 2 : Oct 4th (Tue)
The verse that spoke to me in the morning:
Jesus said : “You go… I am not yet going, because for me the right time has not yet come.” ~John7:8~

** This makes me realize that for many things, especially important decisions, including serving God, things ought to be done, good things etc… we need to wait for God’s timing. Sometimes our inability to wait would spoil something good, and even God’s original plan for us…


The conviction I received while leading the noon-time prayer today:
Instead of thinking all the time about “how many more days of hunger do I still have to go through”, we should think about and pray as to what we want to experience these 40 days, pray that we experience everyday something new and God’s reality, and that He will speak to us in all sorts of ways. With this kind of expectation, you will not be affected by the hunger of your flesh…
And ask God to make these 40 days the beginning of our life-long entering into His presence everyday~