Day 22 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (神拣选的人 / People God chooses)








~ 哥林多前书1:27 ~

Church-building in progress…


Day 22 : Oct 24th (Mon)

Today we brought Pastor Park to our new church site to pray, both her and Pastor Sun were in awe of such wonderful and unimaginable piece of land God has given us.
She recalled sixteen years ago she did not even plan to come to our church, and later she reluctantly came to this small and unknown church with only a few, less than a hundred members, but she obeyed the Holy Spirit to come.

The first impression of both pastors toward me was skinny as a stick and seemed so weak to be easily blown away by the wind. That was due to the fact that I was on a full 21-day fast at that time. They said I looked so pitiful as they looked at me from behind, carrying their luggage, and they thought to themselves as to how this skinny young man could ever pastor a church?

But later while praying for me, Pastor Park said she saw a vision that amazed her, that is our church is going to grow like a big tree blossoming with very big and beautiful white flowers, and will later bear much fruit. The trunk and branches are big and strong stretching to the sky, with lush leaves and many people with all kinds of needs resting beneath the shade of the tree…
Seeing this vision, both pastors took a look at me again, they found it hard to believe the vision…

Sixteen years later, they believe that vision is now in the process of accomplishing; as long as we remain faithful before the Lord, nothing is impossible.

I am whole-heartedly grateful to the gracious protection of the Lord, I am so unworthy and yet He is so faithful in caring and blessing till this day!
So, I want to encourage you all not to look down on yourselves or how your situation is at the moment, trust and fix your eyes on the Lord faithfully, draw near to Him always, He will surely raise you to become a mighty vessel!

This reminds me of the verse God gave me when I started pastoring:

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”
~ 1 Corinthians 1:27 ~