Day 28 : 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (被吓坏的小孩 / The Very Frightened Kid)










~ 诗篇91:1, 4 ~

Day 28 : Oct 30th (Sun)

I received this message in my Facebook Messages box: “Pastor… my family asked me to convey their thanks to you concerning last night’s incident. Really thank you…”

The reason was after the prayer meeting last night, I was informed by the security people that they caught a boy from church who used some sharp object to scratch many cars parked outside. They said the security people and the kid’s parents were at the parking lot questioning the kid now. I got very angry when I heard that, how could there be such a naughty kid, I must sternly lecture him!

So I walked toward the parking lot, preparing to scold the boy seriously. When I got there, I saw the kid’s parents and the boy who appeared weak and was trembling from too much crying… No, it can’t be! How could it be him? I could not believe because I know the boy…

All I heard was the boy crying and saying repeatedly: I didn’t do it… I didn’t…
His mother saw me, and scolded the boy angrily: You tell pastor yourself!
I put my hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down, I asked him slowly: You really didn’t do it?
he cried and said: They all saw me doing it but I really didn’t…

I asked the security people: Did you guys catch him red-handed and actually see him scratching the cars?
Security: That’s the problem, we didn’t see him actually doing it, but he was the only one there and he looked suspicious.
Me: So nobody saw him do it?
Security: No, nobody actually saw…
Me: Then we can’t be so sure to say it’s him… I know this kid, if you ask me, I don’t think he would dare to do such a thing.

I told the parents I believe he would not do such a thing. But at the same time, I asked the kid: How come you were at the car-park half way through the prayer meeting?
Kid (still crying): I came out for a walk…
Me: Is it right to do that? The prayer meeting was in progress, you did not join in and yet left your parents to come out to play? Can you do that?
Kid: It is not right… I shouldn’t have done that…
Me: So do you see that you are wrong in this aspect?
Kid: Yes…
Me: That is why this problem of being misunderstood happened, understand? If you had stayed obediently with your parents, praying in the church, nothing would have happened, isn’t that right?
Kid: Yes…

I led the kid to pray, everything ended well…

Just so happened that we were singing repeatedly in the prayer meeting last night: “Nothing can ever replace being in Your presence, but sometimes I would foolishly leave Your presence…” Just like what happened in this incident!
We really must not leave the presence of God, when we do, problems come…

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty…

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”
~ Psalm 91:1, 4 ~