Day 34: 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (用功努力 / Diligence And Hard Work)






~ 提摩太前书 4:15 ~

Day 34 : Nov 5th (Sat)

Today I felt like I have returned to my student’s days, I was just like a good student the whole afternoon, revising my homework very diligently, like facing an exam, and even kind of felt I did not have enough time to finish studying!
Reason being these few days I am the interpreter for internationally renown elder, Reverend James Shao, who alos has the nickname of “The prince of preaching”. We invited Rev Shao to do a teaching of 12 lessons on the book of John, and each session must be interpreted into English, so that all our members will receive this great blessing together.

Rev Shao has recently written a book that analyses the contents of the book of John called “Complete Supply” or “Ten-fold Supplies” (roughly interpreted). The teaching this time will follow the content and order of the book. Therefore, to make sure my interpretation is smooth, without mistake, I must first get to know the content of each chapter, and I must be familiar with the English version of the verses in John. So I need to re-read the book of John in English, and I read it aloud to make sure I could pronounce and read it smoothly… Then I have to refer to what is written in Rev Shao’s book to consider how I should interpret some words or content.

Actually I can still handle if I interpret on the spot without prior preparation, but occasionally some words are not interpreted so accurately, and some Scripture, especially names need time to recall. So, do not think it looks so easy when I am interpreting, so effortless, I actually do feel the pressure too. But I believe, apart from the grace and mercy of God, the anointing and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, to prepare seriously is also important!

In fact, not just for  interpreting or preaching behind the pulpit, many things in our daily lives like: studying, working, housework, inter-personal relationships etc, need constant practising too, only then we can improve further, be even more outstanding and successful!

“Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.”
~ 1 Timothy 4:15 ~