Day 35: 禁食日记 / Fasting Diary (突如其来的打击 / Sudden And Unexpected Blow)












~ 以赛亚书 50:4 ~


Day 35 : Nov 6th (Sun)

This morning my heart was really heavy and sad, it actually started from last night after the meeting.

After the meeting, Jonathan said he wanted to go to the hospital’s emergency department to see Shuang. I asked him what had happened, was it because of over-fasting? Because I knew Shuang fasted with us too.
Jonathan said from what he heard, Shuang was not feeling well and felt very cold, he might have contracted some serious flu because he was caught in the rain yesterday.

Before Jonathan could leave, Shuang’s sister called me sounding very urgently asking us to pray for Shuang because the doctor said the situation was not very optimistic. I was very surprised, why would flu be so serious? I was also concerned that whether it was due to over-fasting. The sister sounded really anxious, so I gathered some brothers and sisters to go to the hospital with me.

Arriving at the hospital, while still looking for a park, the sister called again, she cried and asked me not to go anymore because he was gone…

O Lord, how could that be? He was still so young, and alive and well just this afternoon and yesterday when we saw him. I was also very touched to see him in the early morning prayer meeting the past few mornings, so I specially noticed him… and on the way to the hospital we were praying unceasingly…

We went into the emergency room and saw his other brother standing beside his bed. The brother also asked me why, I could not answer. I laid my hand on Shuang’s shoulder and attempted to pray for him still, but he still left…
The doctor said they do not know the cause of death and need to do a post mortem; but they did say too it was not due to fasting, that did comfort me a little…

We rushed to the house to visit the mother. The siblings said they could not bring themselves to tell the mother because Shaung was the youngest and had always been mommy’s boy, all these forty years he had been by the mother’s side to take care of her. But she already sensed it and was crying desperately saying she could not accept the fact…

Who could feel the heart of a mother who lost her beloved child? Who could comfort her? All I could do was to hold her hand tightly and hugged her to let her cry…
The young people who came with me were also wondering how I was going to comfort this mother. I could not, because this kind of pain is deep, whatever spiritual or comforting words are all useless unless God anoints your lips, and the Spirit of God Himself fills and comforts the broken heart…

O Lord, have mercy…

“The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.”
~ Isaiah 50:4 ~