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我妈也会玩自拍! My mum can self-photograph too!

Hey look, how is my mum’s self-photograph skill? She cut me into half!

This one not too bad!

That day, Oct 8th, few days before I flew to Vancouver, I asked my family members to come to my place for a fellowship meal…

Though not every member could make it, we still at least had four generations there that night…

The reason for the gathering was my Canadian sister whom I have not seen for more than ten years came home to see mum, and this is also the first time I met my Canadian brother-in-law…

The last time my 5th sister came back was in 1996, so of course mum is very happy…

Another special thing was, my 7th sister who lives in KL made an exceptional appearance at my house with my Indian brother-in-law too, this is really a miracle, and I believe this is the beginning of more good things…

I have 7 older sisters, and this is our big sister…

It is a pity that my 5th sister just came home from Canada and I had to fly to Canada! But thank God they will still be there when I fly home… (My 2nd brother-in-law took this photo)

我像谁? Who do I look like?


Some say I look like dad, some say mum… then who do I actually look like? May be a bit of both? That will prove I am indeed their offspring… Haha!
Honestly, I should be more handsome if I look like dad, right? He has big eyes, sharp nose, and mine are completely opposite… Haha!
Dad’s nickname when young was actually “Handsome”!

This photo was taken many many years ago, can’t even remember when… look really different now!