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只是想想罢了,就发生了!! Just a simple thought and it happened!!


Last September while I brought The Remnant over to Taiwan, I took time off to buy some coats at the night market, I bought quite a few at one go as they were very nice and rather cheap too…
Among them are these few…

I wore to Singapore for evangelistic concerts…

I wore for my birthday dinner…


Of course there are others still, but soon they have all been worn…
Yesterday afternoon I was looking at my coats hanging in my wardrobe and thinking: It seems I won’t have any new coat to wear for the Sunday service tomorrow, just a simple passing thought, not that I must wear a new coat each Sunday, that will be too much!

But it was just a simple passing thought, and God heard it! I immediately received a text message from a brother who has been very good to me that said: I’ve just returned from KL and brought back many coats for you, so I must hand them to you today… contact me if you are home.
As a result, I have an additional six new coats!

What I wore to church to preach today is one of them…


What I really want to say is: If for such a simple passing thought regarding something not so important, and yet our Father God would take note and give it to you, why then do you worry if it is something very important that you need?
The fact that Father God loves me so much also makes me feel kind of ashamed, as He is so good to me but I am not as good to Him, sigh! May God have mercy on me…

“他用美物使你所愿的得以知足。。。” -诗篇 103:5
“He satisfies your desires with good things…” – Psalm 103:5

“神能照着运行在我们心里的大力,充充足足地成就一切,超过我们所求所想的。” -以弗所书 3:20
“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” – Ephesians 3:20

那失而复得的宝贵照片。。。 That lost and found precious photo of mine…




Not long ago I worte “thank God” on my Facebook because a lost photo of mine was found after I prayed. Some people were curious about this photo and of course some started to guess again why this photo is so precious to me…

Well, let me show you this photo here today.

Do you know why this photo is so important to me?