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今天去实兆远! Going to Sitiawan today!

Been a while I did not go to area around Sitiawan and Pangkor, making a comeback today!


So, Sitiawan, I’m coming…
Please contact the respective churches for details, thanks!

实兆远卫理公会/Sitiawan Pioneer Methodist Church: 6920612
邦咯卫理公会/Pangkor Methodist church: 6853034
安顺卫理公会/Teluk Intan Methodist Church: 6225873

林义忠在印尼棉兰 GT Lim in Medan

I’ll be arriving Medan, Indonesia on Thursday Feb 25th, and my series of meetings are as follows:

26/2 (五/Fri) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Selecta
时间/Time : 6:30pm

27/2 (六/Sat) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Yang Lim Plaza
时间/Time : 6:30pm

28/2 (日/Sun) : 主日聚会 Sunday service
7:30am : GBI J.W. Marriot 1
10:00am : GBI J.W. Marriot 2
11:00am : GBI Yang Lim Plaza
4:00pm : GBI Medan PLaza

Tel contact : Alin 0811604980, Kalim 087868717697

哇!印尼宣传的好认真! Wow! They are really serious in promoting in Indonesia!


A friend from Medan, Indonesia, just sent me this photo to show me how serious the church there is in promoting my upcoming evangelistic concert in Medan at the end of February!
After seeing the photo, it really makes me feel nervous and pressured to some degree… and of course I’m very touched too!
We must seriously pray and hand over everything to the Lord and ask for His great anointing that we will really be a blessing and bring glory to His name, Amen!
The Remnant and the dancers will perform too, do pray for us fervently… thanks!

Ur Poster on the road… 你的海报在路上。。。