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跳的艺术。。。 The art of jumping…

After seeing my beautiful jump, so many controversies resulted accusing that it is fake, computer effect etc… sigh! How wicked human hearts are!

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Ok, ok! Rather than feeling so jealous of me the whole day, why not learn from me the art of jumping! Since I’m in a good mood today, I’ll ask my students to teach you some artistic jumping skills for free!

When you first start to learn, don’t be too ambitious and jump too high, just let one leg leave the ground first (see the guy at the back)… If you are afraid and wanna
cry like the guy in front, that’s very normal, you will adjust slowly…


(2) 你看,胜过恐惧,跳得很高,肚脐都跑出来了。。。后面那个,奇怪?怎么还是只是一只脚起来?
See, after overcoming the initial fear, you can jump very high, even exposing your belly button… but the guy at the back, strange… how come still only one leg in the air?


(3)会越练越进步,你如果像天才阿Hen那么有观察力,很会注意角度、动作等等,跟上面一张比,你会知道他们有进步:1. 肚脐和肚子露得更明显了;2. 后面的虽然右脚还是不离地,但是左脚和
You will improve as you practise more. If you are like Genius Hen who is so observant noticing the anlges, movements etc, and compare the photo above, you will
notice that they have improved: 1. The belly button and tummy are more obvious now; 2. and the guy at the back, though the right leg is still on the ground, the left leg
and hands are lifted higher now!


Sometimes it helps to have a different partner, see the guy at the back, finally he has improved, now he can jump higher and the belly button is showing too!


The guy in front can jump very well and is very natural, but he is not my student, he was born with it… but the guy behind seems to have become a bit cuckoo…


But must be careful with this game, because you can get addicted and start jumping all over the place!


No regard for safety, jumping above railway tracks even, really not suitable for children!


And you can become fiercer and crazier as you jump… just look at Jaydon’s face, compared with the 1st photo, like two entirely different persons!


This guy is the craziest, let me emphasize, he is not my student… this picture was taken when the train was rushing towards him, after that we didn’t take any more