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逃到北京(2)。。。 Escape to Beijing (2)…



That time, problems came one after another, I could not think coherently, I felt suffocated…
I told Father God: I’m sorry, I seldom run away from reality or am seldom irresponsible, most times I would ask Your permission, but this time, could You just allow me to choose to escape for a while?

I did not tell anyone, I went to buy the air ticket at the travel agency.
I decided to fly to Beijing to meet Jaydon who happened to fly there that day as well with Stefanie Sun’s concert team.




But we need a visa to fly to China and it was too late to apply for a visa that day…

I told Father God again: I’m not asking You as to whether it is right for me to run away in this manner, or whether I should, all that I’m asking for is for You to allow me to go and breathe some fresh air… is that ok? Please allow the Chinese Embassy to grant me a visa beyond their office hours…

The agency staff came back and said I got the visa…
Many hours later, I was in Beijing.



Stefanie’s music director, Kenn C is my good friend, he did not know I was actually “running away from home”, but thought I was only coming for a holiday.
He was very happy to hear that I came, he got me to stay with them for free at the expensive 5-star hotel, and gave me the most expensive ticket in the VIP seats (about RM800)!


It was my first pop concert experience ever, seeing the packed outdoor stadium, you could tell Stefanie is indeed very popular… Immediately I felt so tiny and insignificant, who am I? Who knows me? I am but dust, there is no reason why Father God should choose and use me, and here I am, running away from His calling.
Even so, this dust was now sitting in the  most expensive VIP seat.
I could feel how Father God treasured and loved me. Though I ran away, I felt Him saying: Child, I love you still…


Stefanie’s father sat a row or two behind me (far left with glasses)…





As soon as the concert started, I noticed Stef’s father’s very satisfied expression watching his daughter’s performance. From his eyes, I knew in his heart Stef will always be the best to him, it does not matter how well she sang or danced, the father’s expression was one of someone very appreciative of and delighted with his daughter, he was just so proud of her!

I could feel he was also concerned whether Stef would make any mistake during the performance etc, and if she did, I was sure he would feel so much for her and not get angry or feel ashamed or want to rebuke her instantly, he would also be concerned whether Stef would feel hurt or upset…

At that moment, I felt the heart of my Father God… I suddenly realized that He is also constantly looking at me in the same manner…
The love of my Father God touched me, my shame and guilt disappeared as well.



Even an earthly father could love his child so much, would not my Father God love me more, care for me more, or be concerned for me more?
I ran away under pressure, I did not stay true to my calling, He was not angry with me, He did not punish me, instead He put me in a 5-star hotel, and gave me a VIP seat to watch a concert…

That day, I realized Father God really understands me and is very concerned for me, He also understands my weaknesses and feelings…
I escaped to Beijing, I escaped from the calling of Father God, I escaped but ran straight into the arms of my Father…




小举动,大感动。。。 Small act, deep impact…








He is often quite jovial and mischievous, quite often the fun of the party…
He is rather creative and talented, knows music, can sing, draw etc, and is a computer genius…
He can be considered quite successful, has his own business and quite popular with friends.

One year on his birthday, I cannot remember whose idea it was, we went for supper together…
Just an ordinary coffee shop, no special programme, just a group of friends having supper together, and we all ordered our own food.
Someone brought along a small cake to give him a little “surprise”… To me, this kind of “celebration” is at the most ordinary level, it cannot even be considered a “celebration”.
We talked, joked and went home after supper. I did notice he was not his usual noisy and talkative self…

Upon reaching home, I received his text message, he said:
Thank you all so much! I was really surprised that you all celebrated my birthday for me, no one ever celebrated my birthday for me, so I was very touched and did not know what to say or how to respond… but just to say thanks so much…

he even said he was almost moved to tears! I mean for someone who always seems so confident like him?!

I think to many of us a birthday cake or gift is not really a big deal anymore, in fact we can even be very fussy about them. But as a matter of fact, many people never ever had anyone celebrating their birthday for them, nor received any gift for that matter!
I think helping to plan a little surprise or giving a small gift to someone should be quite easy for many of us, right?

Sometimes what is to us a tiny and easy act may mean a great deal to others, and may touch their hearts in a very deep way without us realizing. Just a very simple act but it can have a deep impact, we had better get up and act quickly…




那一天他的简讯。。。孩子回到天上了。。。 His sms that day… the baby has returned to heaven…






February 26th, 2008…

In a most difficult situation, his wife finally conceived… but the baby was only five months old in the womb and condition grew bad, she could not stay in the womb any longer…
Seeing that the baby’s life was stopping, the doctor had no choice but to induce the baby to come out, otherwise she would stop breathing inside as well…

He texted me at 10:22am…
“Our baby is playing with Lord Jesus here. Soon she will be with the Lord forever in heaven. I told my baby heaven is a very beautiful place, we will know you are our baby and you will know we are your dad and mum one day in heaven………. Don’t worry about us, pastor, we still trust the Lord Jesus and will serve with a thankful heart. Tq pastor…”

The 2nd sms came at 4:37pm :

” I saw the baby came out during delivery with her last breath. I accompanied her to the mortuary by carrying her with my own arms and prayed. Along the way, I talked to her and said you must be very pretty when we meet in heaven. Thank God my wife is at peace as she believes everything is in God’s hands. As for me, I still want to follow Christ and be His vessel…”

God surely saw your heart and heard your prayer, Philip, He is well pleased with you.
We love both of you very much and will surely stand by  you always… we are certainly encouraged by your faith and strength…..
God will surely bless you!