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多年以前,多年以后。。。 Many years before and many years later…






Found this very memorable photograph, taken after my 40-day fast, can’t even remember which year it was already… Must be more than 10 years ago? At that time when friends saw me, not knowing I was fasting, they even advised me to go see a doctor for fear that I might have some illness! Haha!

Going on a long fast, your looks and body size will surely change, but it wll bring spiritual strength and after that you will become healthier too… so it is really worth it!

But if not for God’s clear direction and conviction, we must not simply go on a long fast like not eating for 21 or 40 days… because that would instead hurt your body and is not good for yourself…

Also, if not for the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, normally I can’t even stand not eating for two days, let alone 40 days!! So, my two experiences of fasting for 40 days and twice 21 days were truly some of the most obvious miracles I have ever experinced in my life…

Now at this moment, as I do not have the conviction to go on a long fast, to recall those days of not eating, it is really unimagineable, and rather scary too… But when the time comes, and if the Holy Spirit leads and convicts again, suddenly and miraculously you will be able to do it again….

多年以前。。。  Many years before…


多年以后 ( 二零零九年九月 )。。。  很值得吧?哈哈!
Many years later ( Sept ’09 )… really worth it, right? Haha!