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圣经考试应该延期吗。。。? Should the Bible Test date be postponed…?


Sitting in my office preparing to set the test questions, I suddenly took up my calendar to have a look and realized we already had a test in February this year…
And I thought, these few weeks everyone has been so busy, will they have time or can they concentrate on their revision?

So I’m thinking now whether I should postpone it till say January 14th next year? What say you?

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Alright, I’ll hand over the decision into your hand. Since we often have at least 1500 people sitting for the test, so if I receive 10% of the number i.e. 150 people leaving comments saying “Postpone!” before 12 midnight tonight (Dec 21st), then I will postpone… So it depends on you now! But of course if you don’t want it to be postponed, you can also leave a comment saying “Don’t postpone!”, haha!!
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