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我向上帝求一首歌,他说:为什么? I asked God for a song and He asked me: Why?

That was in Oct 16th, 1993, my first year at Tung Ling Bible College, Singapore…

Show you first my “Bible-school-student-look”, how? Very sunny huh? Haha…



The situation was such, I had always wanted to write a song that would really touch people or people would just love it upon listening, that is my own hit or “signature” song…
So I was very serious in coming to the Lord that day, I declared a fast on breakfast and lunch. You must understand, at that time it would almost kill me to fast even one meal, but for the sake of writing a very anointed song, I thought it was really worth it… don’t you agree?

There was no class that day, I stayed back in school like a good boy, not going out with friends… I hid myself in a small classroom, fasting and praying, praising and worshipping for hours, very sacrificial and committed; I felt I was quite great and really loved the Lord…
I felt proud of my humility…

Ok, show you my humble proud face… this was also taken in the Bible school…



When I thought my praise and worship and prayers were very sufficient, I told God: Look, I am very serious and have sacrificed much to draw near to You, so come, give me a very anointed song…
Then I tried very hard to write, but no matter how I did not have any inspiration… so I was getting impatient and said again: What’s wrong? I have already sacrificed so much to draw near to You, can’t You even give me a song?

At that point, I just heard the Lord softly speak to my heart, very gentle but piercing into my heart like a knife, He said: GT, why do you draw near to me?
Just that one sentence, and I knew what He meant… I knew He felt sad because I came near to Him just for my own benefit, and not really because I myself longed to be near Him. I immediately felt very ashamed of myself…

After that, I dared to ask no more, I just repented and used a song to express my repentance, and the song “When I draw near to You” below, was written at that moment…

亲近你的时候 / When I draw near to You



When I draw near to You, what is actually my feeling
O Lord, only You can see clearly
When I draw near to You, what is the motive inside
O Lord, do search and examine my heart

Let me draw near to You just because I love You
Just because I long to be with You
Let me draw near to You just because I love You
Just because I long to be with You