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漸漸成形。。。 Taking shape gradually…



Today I had another meeting with the committee and the representatives of our construction work…
Generally I have no knowledge in this area and normally I would not be interested in such thing too, but God has assigned me to this task, so I have to undertake it responsibly…



Thank God for His grace that He gave me very capable, one-hearted leaders, committee etc to assist me, only then could we proceed smoothly with this mighty project.



After inspecting the construction work each time, you can only give thanks to God for being so gracious to us…




What already looks like a huge building gradually taking shape is in fact just the first stage, it is not even half the size of the second stage!
So when the entire construction is completed, we will be even more grateful to God for His mercy on us!


Stage one should be completed by September, by that time we can move into our new home already! Are you excited?




While you are full of expectancy and excitement, do not ever forget to pray for the committee and leaders who are working very hard for our church-building, and be even more grateful and obedient!
Never ever forget, behind your comfort and enjoyment, there are people working hard for you…


美丽脸孔让你忘记疲惫。。。 Lovely faces that drive your weariness away…


I rushed back on the evening of Nov 27th from West Malaysia, slept for barely four hours that night, and had to rush to the sports ground at 6:30am to take charge of our Blessed Family Fun day…
Dragging my weary body and half asleep mind, it was no easy feat, I prayed to God for strength that I could be full of life and excitement to lead everyone to rejoice together!


Honestly, to force yourself to get up was not an easy thing; and to try to get excited when your body and mind were both exhausted was not a simple thing too…
But when you arrived there and saw these beautiful faces, all your weariness would vanish into thin air straight away!


Our church can be considered as one that is “very busy” with many programmes and activities… whether for the elderly, adults, youths and young people, children, we do try our best to organize some activities to make everyone feel belonged, to have an opportunity to know each other, and to joyfully become one family…
See everyone, at the break of dawn, gathering and waiting together excitedly…


With a church like this, can you not be touched and working hard for them?

超可爱小小赛跑选手。。。 Super cute little runner…


That day, November 28th (Mon), young and old from church gathered very early at Jubilee Ground, everybody was excited about Blessed Family Fun Day. Apart from some running events, we also had games competitions for groups. Normally during occasion like this, you could see the sides of brothers and sisters which otherwise you would not see at some other time. It was really an ice-breaker and it really fostered closer relationship!

That day, we noticed a little hero…


Little 4-year old boy, apart from having a cute look, what else is there so special about him?
Very surprisingly, he actually took part in the 800m male open race!
Can you see where he is? How terrible of those adults to squeeze him to the outer most circle!!
The volunteer workers were also so bad!


Before running, he listened very carefully to big brother’s instruction…


Then he looked at the distance ahead with such seriousness… look at that determination on his face!
You must be thinking, he wold surely stop after running a while, there was no way he could finish running two rounds!


Make no mistake! This little wonder-whose-kid-he-is, has got real guts to not give up easily!
Look at the picture below, though he was falling behind, he was still trying to catch up!


Please see how he overtook the adult and older kids in front of him step by step, and that was the second round!
Boy, that was so very impressive!


And the older brother brother who instructed him just now was already agonizing and yet he was still running full force!


Finally he was triumphant and received thunderous applause…


And of course immediately a swarm of fans fought to take photos with him…
But I can see, here, he is really suffering…