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團體照比賽成績:(1)照片背景 Group photos contest result: (1) Background view

首先公布 (1) “照片背景” 比赛的成绩,恭喜以下得奖者:
First, I’ll announce the result of the contest on (1) “Background view”, congratulations to the winners below:


All the above are consolation prize winners, each group will get at least RM5 or RM10 reward (not confirmed yet), will announce the top 7 winners later, thanks!


蒙福青少团团体照比赛-道歉启事及报告! Blessed YA and Youth Fellowship group photos contest – Apology and announcements!


First and foremost, I must apologize to you all for since the contest held in Sepetember last yaer till now, the results have not been announced…
But I did really bring all your photos all over the globe with me looking for inspiration: Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, USA etc, and I’m NOT exaggerating!
Finally, I have the results after expert selections and analysis in my hand! See how serious I am with you guys…



Now in my hand I have results decided after experts’ opinion and confirmation, these results will not be altered, they include the following categories:
(Note: Prizes will be given to No.1 to No.7 for each category)

(1) 照片背景 / Background view (5)

(2) 创意姿势摆法 / Creative pose arrangement (5)

(3) 摄影技巧 / Photographic skill (5)

(4) 画面构思 / Picture idea (5)

(5) 印象感觉 / Impression and feeling (5)

(6) 总分 / Total marks (25)


So, before I announce the results, take a look at the following photos first, who do you think will stand out and win in each of the categories mentioned above?
Also, I am organizing another contest, that is to have people voting their favourite photo through my website here, as for rules etc, I will announce in my next post…