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沙漠 Desert

When you hear the mentioning of desert, what would you think of?
Scorching heat? Dryness? Sand and dust everywhere? Not a very comfortable feeling…


I believe it must be very tough to live in the desert, but for us tourists, we were like very excited and thrilled and in a hurry to take photos, but after that in a hurry to look for a cool shelter from the scorching sun, could not even stand a few minutes… the air-conditioner in the tour coach was such a luxury.


A classic Chinese song sings “my passion and love is like the fire burning up the entire desert”… feels like a very uncomfortable passion to me, haha!


But no matter how hot, dry or uncomfortable it is, the desert still has its uniqueness, beauty and usefulness…
At least it makes tourists from the tropical rainforests like us very happy and impressed!


I cannot imagine how the Israelites could wander and survive in the desert wilderness for forty years, how God protected and provided for them! God is indeed very faithful and very true!
So if God could take care of and bless more than a million of His people then in such a hostile environment, all the more He could do the same for you and I today!


Therefore, if you are currently in a very difficult and hopeless situation or condition, remember to come to God to rest and once again look upon His reality, faithfulness and greatness!


As long as you persevere in believing, He has promised to make a way in the desert and streams in the wilderness for you!


祝福還是包袱? Blessing or burden?


Things of this world are just like human beings at times, once disguised or putting on make-up, you cannot really tell the originality immediately, hard to discern what is real or fake. However, as time goes by, it becomes easier to distinguish, so we must not be hasty to conclude as we might mistake and switch the good people from the bad, or confuse blessings from burdens…





I am writing this as inspired by my own encounter…
That is because yesterday I have just gone to settle some “blessing” that was supposedly to bring me some benefits, but this “blessing” later became a pressure and burden for me instead. It caused me to relate to the many situations and dilemma we have to face in life ever so often…






Actually what I went to settle was not any severe matter, it was just something so ordinary as a bank account and credit cards facilities…
Due to the good sales technique of the promoter or recommendation by some friends, we quite often opened some accounts with a lot of “benefits”, or started using some credit cards with a lot of “good services”. In actual fact, I had no need of such, but I was attracted by the so-called “blessings” and due to our human nature of “wanting to take advantage of some benefits”, I accepted those “good services”. Consequently, as in very normal, I received reminding letters reminding you of this and that every month, and I am that type of person who feels uneasy and not at rest even if I owe someone just a few dollars, so the reminding letter from the bank was to me a pressure and burden.

Finally, I determined in my heart to go and close my account and facilities. However, as expected, the servicing officer would make you feel your decision was causing you to lose some “blessings” or start introducing another “greater blessing” to you! But I have already made m firm decision, no means no!
As I emerged from the bank, I felt a heavy burden lifted from my chest, I was so free and relaxed, hehehe~





May be you think I am making a mountain out of a molehill or over-exaggerating as you think this is such a simple and ordinary matter, but I treated as if it was so serious; but the truth is, our daily living is full so many unresolved tiny little things that become heavier and heavier as they accumulate, and unconsciously they become our daily worries and stress and eventually affecting our emotional and even physical health…





I will share with you again some other day some other examples of “blessings or benefits” that end up becoming a burden… and I would also want to share with you something in reverse, that is the seemingly “burden” that ultimately brings great blessings and benefits…
Do you have such personal experiences and examples to share as well…?




心情。。。 Mood…


心情 - 甚麼是心情?就是心裡的感覺和情緒吧?

Mood – what is it exactly? It is that emotion or feeling in your heart I guess?
What can affect our mood to be good or bad?
From biological to psychological, from environment to encounter, from human to things… it seems there are many things that can influence a person’s mood…




A beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, and a place that you like… can all give a person good mood…




Good and proper rest, tasty and delicious food and drinks, gifts that we delight in, good news and stories…




A caring greeting and concern, a friendly smile, an unexpected blessing, the company of a good friend…




Actually many things can give us good mood but the trouble is, we tend to like to focus on things that spoil our mood; what is even more puzzling, sometimes upon waking up and even before anything happens, we are already in a bad mood!




Many years back, I was often very disturbed by my upon-waking-up-bad-mood each morning, especially during my university years. I often prayed to God to help me and set me free from this lousy mood problem too…




Then, I do not even remember or realize since when, this problem has disappeared and is gone a long time!
I believe the biggest reason is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit…
Our God is a joyful God, so if His Spirit is always filling our hearts, then how can our hearts remain in a bad mood all the time? Does not this make sense to you? Haha~





Therefore, whenever I start to feel a bad mood rising, I will quickly open my mouth to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill me, and very soon the sunlight will shine through the dark clouds, and my mood will improve again…
I encourage you to try this too… God bless you~