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你们没看过的形象。。。 The image you have not seen before…





I am quite certain many of you have not seen this image of mine, even I myself have quite forgotten that I had taken these photos before…

Recently I have been tidying and clearing my shelves, photo albums etc and discovered many interesting and memorable photos, I will share with you all on and off…

As for this image, it must be about seven or eight years ago, in the end the photos were not used for my album too; and suddenly so many years have gone by, any major changes? Haha!

Nothing serious really, just sharing with you for fun, please do not start any great debate with regard my image again, hahaha…

我的声带坏了。。。感谢主?! My vocal cord is damaged… thank God?!






A very good friend of mine, after listening to my albums recorded after 1998, said more than once, and again after listening to my latest album : “You should thank God that your vocal cord is spoilt!”
How should I respond to a comment like that?
In actual fact, she was not rubbing salt into wound, neither was she being sarcastic… she was telling the truth!

My vocal cord was “damaged” after 1998, due to much preaching as a pastor, leading very loud prayer meetings, casting out demons etc, my throat was stretched to the limit…
After that, whenever my “old” friends hear me speaking (including today), they will surely ask whatever happened to my throat or voice…
I can still recall I was recording the song “Nail-scarred Hands” from my 7th album “Is It Today?” then, I could not even sing the first line! I felt totally defeated and sat on the floor and literally cried! The recording engineer and others were shocked…

At that moment on the floor, I thought I could never record any album again, I had some conversation with God then…
I said my voice, talent, giftings are all from Him, if He should decide that I not release any more album, I will obey…
After that I could sing again, and I have just released my 16th album “Who Is This Really?” last week! God is really amazing! However my voice has become different from the earlier days…

Today my voice is coarse, my voice before was as what a Taiwanese fan once said : “Your voice used to be very clean, now it sounds very experienced (whatever that means)…”
I can’t sing falsetto nowadays, so I’m very envious of Remnant’s Danny who said singing falsetto is peanuts to him…
Despite all that, the comment of that very good friend : “You should thank God that your vocal cord is spoilt!”, was really sincerely from her heart. She really thinks that my “damaged coarse” voice is very nice, haha!

So what can I say but all things work for good and give thanks in all circumstances!

这到底是怎样的一张专辑。。。? What kind of an album is this one really…?




I personally am really looking forward to it and hopefully you are too…

A simple description of this album:

This is an album that combines music directors of top artistes, arranger of famous directors’ movie scores, best arranger award winners, guitarist of queens and presidents etc…
Music of different genres and different styles of singing, hopefully not only entertaining to you, but will bring you into a deeper knowledge of and relationship with God, Amen!