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祖说:你做么会酱?! Jaydon said: Why are you like that?!



When we went to Penang recently for the Taiwan tourism board activity, while at the place we were staying, feeling kind of perplexed, frustrated, hopeless and even impatient, Jaydon said this to one of the Remnant : “Why are you like that?!”
Who do you think Jaydon was speaking to and over what incident?

As for the person, you might be able to guess right, after all there is only one out of three to choose from; but as for what matter that caused Jaydon to feel so perplexed, I don’t think anyone can guess right, haha…
Well, you can till make a guess first, I will tell you when I am more free…

好吧,说吧!那一件顽皮的事。。。 Alright, I’ll say it! That naughty thing I did…


Haha… those who are smart would know that “naughty” thing would not be some terrible offence or something so serious… but then it is hard to say as it depends on different people’s interpretation too…
Anyway, for the sake of satisfying your curiosity (not because I feel guilty about it), I have decided to tell you about it… that is the only way to extinguish your fire of “keponess”, haha…

做了一件顽皮事,不知该不该承认。。。? Did something naughty, should I admit it…?







While promoting with The Remnant in KL that whole time, I was left all alone at home one day while they went for yet another interview…

Then I secretly did something very naughty, if they knew they would “kill” me for sure; yet I feel a little guilty if I don’t admit it…

So, to tell or not to tell?

Why don’t you guys help me decide?

If I see an overwhelming response encouraging me to tell, then I will admit for you guys “risking my own life”… Hahaha…

And you can also make a guess as to what that thing was, haha!