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很特别的一个神的仆人,乔派柏牧师。。。 A very special servant of God, Pastor Joe Poppell…

Almost a hundred years old yet so willing and able to fly all the way from America to our small city, Kuching, just to bless us and serve God… such serving attitude and faithfulness is really something for us to learn…

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Can’t really tell his age, he has no problem walking and going up and down the stairs and can walk very fast too! And he can bow down and kneel to pray for people etc without problem! Also… he can see very clearly without glasses, and he eats everything especially loves crabs and yet so healthy and strong and not even fat… O Lord, do grant me this blessing as well, Amen!

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Too many people, not possible to pray for everyone individually, so he would only call people to come up through the leading of the Holy Spirit or mention certain kind of diseases… healings were more obvious for people in such categories…

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There were the elderly and the young too… those few days we saw many healed of hearing problems, sight problems, uneven legs and all kinds of bodily pains…

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There were really many people, if we did not exercise strict control, it would be so crowded and chaotic… hard to imagine the situation during the time when Jesus went everywhere to heal the sick and cast out demons…

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It was a very good experience this time serving together with Ps. Joe, not just in church but also at home I saw the amount of time he spent on praying to prepare himself from the moment he got out of bed, no wonder God uses him so mightily, this is one thing I must learn from him…

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