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周初明匆匆来、匆匆走。。。 Zhou Chu Ming came and went swiftly…

The much anticipated evangelistic meeting of Zhou Chu Ming is over…
Very happy to get to know Chu Ming, I believe we will work together again in future to win more souls…

And of course the photographers as usual took some photos that night… sharing a few with you here…

谁最好看??Who looks the best??

Apart from Chu Ming, of course others were captured too… see who looks best to you? Haha…
First of all, the high-powered praise and irresistibly charming Geoff David Koh…

Or is it this red-headed guy…

Remnant’s leader, Jaydon who does not allow any slight mistake in his pose and hairdo…

Remnant’s lead singer, Danny who looks slightly taller than his real person…

Remnant’s 2nd lead singer, Rambo… his hat seems a bit big, but is still better looking than his hair…

Of course not forgetting the very quiet drummer, Daniel…

Eh? Liar! This photo of Daniel can’t be from that evangelsitic meeting!!!
Oops, so you discovered! Sorry… reason being Daniel was really too quiet so the photographers forgot he was there and did not take any of his photos…
But it does not really matter, after all Daniel’s expression is always the same no matter where and when, so it does not make any difference which photo of his we put…

So after seeing all these photos, which one looks best to you?
I think the best is the one below…

It is this one… the photos of souls saved… and the angels in heaven would agree with me…

May God personally protect every soul saved that night, Amen!

例外人寻找新成员。。。 Remnant looking for new member…

One of the four Remnant has run off individually… sticky situation now, we urgently need someone to replace the one who left! Are you that person?

Look at thier “very lost” look and you would know the situation is very urgent… can you guys help look around?

Very simple qualifications : 1) Taller than Danny, 2) More handsome than Jaydon, 3) Hairstyle must not be as annoying as Rambo’s

Huh? Who is that? Looks like we have a suitable candidate!

So the three Remnant rushed forward to take a look… Hmm… looks quite alright!

Ok, 找到新的成员了,谢谢大家的帮忙!
Ok, we’ve found the new member, thanks for all your help!

So how, Remnant fans? Can you accept this new member?

做了一件顽皮事,不知该不该承认。。。? Did something naughty, should I admit it…?







While promoting with The Remnant in KL that whole time, I was left all alone at home one day while they went for yet another interview…

Then I secretly did something very naughty, if they knew they would “kill” me for sure; yet I feel a little guilty if I don’t admit it…

So, to tell or not to tell?

Why don’t you guys help me decide?

If I see an overwhelming response encouraging me to tell, then I will admit for you guys “risking my own life”… Hahaha…

And you can also make a guess as to what that thing was, haha!

我们和许孟哲。。。 Jason Hsu Meng Zhe and us…

To have the honour to share the stage with ex-member of the band 5566, Jason Hsu this time indeed is the grace and blessing of God…

Part of the promotional activities for Taiwan tourism…

Singing together…

And to become good friends…

Of course Uncle Lim not excluded…

One more photo… Jason is really still very young…

We must thank sister Michelle Li Hui (front middle) for making this happen this time…

例外人7月2日在The Spring签唱会取消!! The Remnant’s July 2nd launch at The Spring cancelled!!


首先真要谢谢The Spring的Mr. Ronald Ling通情达理,接受我们取消,也愿意再帮我找出另一个适当日期,所以请大家注意报告,签唱会还是会有的,改期罢了!



I know you were all shocked and disappointed when you heard this news, but since you all love and support The Remnant very much, when you know the reason, you will be very happy for them and would be very willing to postpone the launch in Kuching…

First, I must thank Mr. Ronald Ling of The Spring for his kind understanding in accepting our cancellation and willingness to find another suitable date for the launch. So please keep watch for more announcement as there will still be a launch, just postponed in the meantime!

A sudden good news came to me, the person-in-charge of promoting Taiwan tourism this year under the Taiwan Tourism Board invited The Remnant to promote together with them here in Malaysia! July 2nd in KL and 3rd in Penang performing alongside 5566’s Xu Meng Zhe, I believe you all would not want The Remnant to miss this great opportunity, right? Also, through this cooperation, I believe The Remnant will get to perform with many other famous Taiwanese artistes too!

That is why I have to make the painful decision to cancel the July 2nd launch, do you agree with my decision?
End of announcement, thank you!

艺人/例外人回到家里,做什么? What do celebrities/The Remnant do after returning home?



It’s actually very tough to be artistes/celebrities, after all the appointments, performances etc outside, you think they can rest upon reaching home?

Today I’ll bring you behind the scene to take a peek at how tough life is for The Remnant, so don’t be envious of them…

First, let’s see what Rambo has to do at home?

Wow! He has to practise his sape still! Till his face is so sour! And Daniel just relaxing and smiling next to him?!… Nah, Daniel has his duty too! Let’s see the next photo!

原来田圣的工作是用 iphone 上网察看例外人有什么新闻。。。看,阿保练sape,田圣练iphone… 咦?地上好像有一个人耶!到底是谁这么好命躺在那边什么都不做?
In fact Daniel’s job is to use the iphone to go online to find out whether there is any Remnant related news… See? Rambo practising his sape, and Daniel practising his iphone…
Eh? There seems to be someone lying on the floor! Who is that enjoying himself having nothing to do?

You are wrong! That’s Danny… he is not being lazy, his responsibility is great! Because he is the lead singer, so his face is very important, he is taking care of his face!

And it is really not easy for him, after taking care of his face, he has to practise his dance!

那团长祖呢?哎呀,团长 apa lagi? (还有什么?), 当然是指示上、指示下啦。。。
Then what about the leader Jaydon? Apa lagi? (What else?), of course he has to give instructions to direct them…

Look at the four living together, so harmonious and so united…

Eh? Seems like there is another guy missing?… aha! The botak (bald-head) who calls himself the boss on the right!! Where is he??

What say you? Where do you think he is?? Hahaha…
(Why this ugly picture!!!)

No! No, I was not taking the photos! I did not take those photos!!… then who did?? Haha!!

赶快投票支持!!! Please support and vote quickly!!!


If you have not voted in the websites of these radio stations to show your support for our “Li Wai Ren” ( The Remnant), please quickly enter and vote!!! Thanks for your support!!!

Go to : http://www.my.com.my/Program/NightShow/thanks.asp
( 进入了,找最右边的“音乐投等舱”,按了进去后再往下找 “太迟了” (例外人),然后按“太迟了”左边的“”钮就对了!
Once you have entered, look on the right for these words “音乐投等舱”,press that to enter and scroll down to look for “” (例外人),then press the “投票” button to the left of “太迟了” and you’ll be right!

Another station : http://aifm.dapat.com/
For this one, there are two places you nedd to enter : Look to the left for (1) 龙虎榜, enter and vote for “太迟了”; (2) 我们的排行榜, enter and vote for “姑娘,你很漂亮”.)

Li Wai Ren needs your support and encouragement, thanks!!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Help! Help! Help!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, 这几天电脑网络出问题,无法上网,所以网站突然间“音讯全无”,什么活动都没有,要不然我基本上每天都会给你们一点小报告的。。。

Sorry, sorry, sorry, these few days I had problem with my computer, could not go online, that is why all of a sudden there is “no news” or activity here, otherwise I would normally give you a little report everyday…
This is the part on “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”, what about “Help! Help! Help!”? That is about LiWaiRen or The Remnant’s MV needing your support and help urgently…

我的四位“徒弟”们即将发片打进流行歌主流市场,所以今天首播他们主打歌“太迟了”MV (词:林义忠;曲:Martin Tang),非常需要你们观赏、留言、及介绍给别人以增加点击率,博得媒体、大众等的注意。。。为了福音的缘故,就请大家多多帮忙与支持,马上点击及传扬开去。。。谢谢!谢谢!谢谢!

My four “disciples” are releasing their debut album into the main stream pop market very soon, so today we launch the MV of their title track “Too Late” ( Music by Martin Tang; Lyirics by GT Lim), and we really need your views, comments and recommendations to others to increase the hits, so the media and public etc would notice it… For the sake of the Gospel, do kindly help and support, quickly go and view and spread it now… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vbiDSUJvAE

有关例外人/ About LiWaiRen (The Remnant):

著名资深音乐大师, 兼张惠妹钦点之演唱会音乐总监, 并数次最佳编曲奖得主,

MARTIN TANG   精心打造: “例外人”.

由MARTIN TANG发掘之四人实力创作乐团“例外人”近 期将发片及活跃于华语乐坛.

同名专辑“例外人”由MARTIN TANG一手精心泡制, 严谨筛选“例外人”本身之创作,

再加以认真及富创意的编曲, 集民族风味与流行元素于一身, 独具一格, 让人期待! ( 请拜访例外人网站:www.liwairenmusic.com )


例外人 - 不同造型,不同感觉。。。 The Remnant – Different styled images, different feelings…



Different styled images will really give different feelings, see below the various styled images of The Remnant, what do you think of each of their styled images? And which do you prefer…?

I have just been to the studio myself to take some “new” styled image photos for my upcoming album… are you interested to see? I have not seen them myself! Haha!

Do appreciate and comment on the following styled images of The Remnant…

(1) 很轻松式。。。  Very relaxed style…

(2) 旅游式。。。  Touring style…

(3)很文化式。。。  Very cultural style…

(4)白马式。。。  White horse style…

(5)艺术式。。。  Artistic style…

(6)成熟式。。。  Mature style…

(7)非常正式式。。。  Very formal style…

If you like or would like to know more about The Remnant, do visit their website:


当然不能忘记阿保的近距离照。。。 Of course can’t forget Rambo’s close-up photos…

Rambo is always the life of the party, always laughing and greeting everyone with a smile…

He is worried that he laughs too much and causes wrinkles to appear… can’t really blame him for thinking such…

So he tries not to laugh or smile too hard to stop wrinkles from appearing… but it is actually too late…

But to compare thinness, Rambo is really terribly thin, he is working very hard to gain weight but not seeing much effect… wonder whether he has worms in his stomach…

But Rambo has his serious moments too, he laughs and cries a lot, of all the men I’ve seen, he cries the most easily when touched…