TOP 20: 明天投票啊!!推荐一些2010 “新歌”。。。 Voting tomorrow!! Recommending some 2010 “new” songs…


Remember tomorrow ( Sunday Dec 26th ) is the day our whole church will vote for our favourite songs for Blessed Top 20!
For those who want to vote for some new songs but have forgotten what new songs we have this year that have never entered the chart, the following is some information for you…
But of course you don’t have to just vote for new songs, there are many touching old songs you can vote for again…

1)高分贝的赞美  Gao fen bei de zan mei

2)蒙召为此 (你们蒙召原是为此)Ni men meng zhao yuan shi wei ci

3)你的话 Thy Word

4)主耶稣爱你也爱我 (客家歌)Zhu ye su ai ni ye ai wo (Hakka song)

5)唱唱唱 Sing Sing Sing

6)称颂主耶和华的圣名 Baruch Hashem Adonai

7)爸爸的小孩  Ba ba de xiao hai (Father’s child)

8)我不明白你 (福建)Gua beh bang pek li (Hokkien)

9)一路走 (有什么歌。。。)(福建)  Ci loh kia (Ooh sia mi kua…) (Hokkien)

10)真 (福建) Zhen / Na khui gua e sim… (Hokkien)

11)呼求  Hu qiu

12)这争战属于耶和华  The battle belongs to the Lord

13)在我这个世代  In my generation

记得,以前的歌也可以再投哦!Remember, you can vote for the other old songs before too!