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恭喜“他被拒絕了”得奬者! Congratulations to the winner of “He is rejected”!

I posted this competition on my Facebook Fanspage that day and sure enough someone guessed right and won himself a prize!


He is rejected… rejected for what? The 1st person to guess right by commenting here will receive a copy of GT Lim’s latest CD to be released next month! So come guess quickly! (Those who already know the answer are not allowed to “guess!)”



Actually there are a few answers that are quite close, so I chose the most complete one, and who is that?
Well, read all the comments below first and I will announce…


And the winner is…

Chai Tze Joon!!!

Congratulations!! I’ll arrange for the new album to be handed to you 🙂

何等可爱的雀鸟。。。 How lovely a bird…




In the earlier days, I was never interested or I never had any feeling for the Psalms in the Bible. Guess it is because my spiritual life had not grown to that level then?
Until the year 1994 when I was doing my second year Bible School, was I attracted and touched by Psalms. At that time I began to compose many songs from Psalms, sometimes even 3 to 4 songs a day!
I am also very grateful to God that I could write those verses into songs without adding or subtracting one word from the verses, and hence that helped me memorize many verses as well…

Many people like to ask, of all the many songs I have written or the 16 albums I have released, which song(s)or album(s) are my favourites? Without hesitation, I would always reply: Psalms!
The biggest reason is Psalms are all the words of God, not a single bit of my own thought or word inside, that is why I feel they are very special…
And also many of them, being rather “thick-skinned”, I feel that the melodies are quite nice too, haha!

Here I am going to share with you two songs written over different period of time, one was written in 1994 “Like a Bird”, and one written this year 2011 “How Lovely”.
In fact I wrote a version of “how Lovely” too in 1994 but was never satisfied with it, until this year when I re-wrote it, only then I felt it had the “correct feel”!
And when I taught it in church, looking at the congregation’s response and how they were touched, I knew the timing had come!

林義忠創作室 / GT Lim’s Creative Room

雀鳥 / Like a bird
詞 / Lyrics:詩篇 Psalms 124:7-8; 63:7-8
曲 / Music:林義忠 / GT Lim
(寫於 / Written on : 07-03-1994)

造天地之耶和华的名 耶和华的名


We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare
The snare has been broken, and we have escaped
Our help is in the name of the LORD
The Maker of heaven and earth, of heaven and earth

Because you are my help
I sing in the shadow of your wings
My soul clings to you
Your right hand upholds me



林義忠創作室 GT Lim’s Creative Room

"何等可愛"(How lovely)
(詞/Lyrics:詩篇Psalm 84:1-4; 曲/Music:林義忠 GT Lim – 23/06/2011)




My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord
My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God

O Lord Almighty
My King and my God
A place near Your altar
Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself
Blessed are those who dwell in Your house
They are ever praising You

How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty


忠式情歌。。。 GT’s Love Songs…


最近兴起的“例外人”事工才又让我重新“启动”我情歌方面的创意资源,再加上最近学会用iPhone“自拍自录”YouTube videos,就突发其想,决定除了上载诗歌创作之外,也可以上载一些过去所写的,或可能也会创作新的“健康情歌”来鼓励大家。因此,也设立了“忠式情歌”这个部门,希望你们都会喜欢,更希望真的会帮助到一些人。。。


Actually in my earlier days of song-writing, I had a dream to integrate the right values of the Bible and truths into “love songs”, and to “rehabilitate” songs lovers through the pop culture…
So I would attempt to write “love songs” before but my “love” is not restricted to just love between a man and a woman but also includes family, friendship, homeland etc…
But it seemed God did not open the way for me in this field, but led me to become a Gospel singer, so I did not spend too much time and effort to try to write more love songs.

Only with the recent establishment of the ministry of “The Remnant”, was my creative resource for love songs “reactivated”, and also with my recently acquired knowledge of self-recording using iPhone for YouTube videos, I had the thought of uploading apart from my Gospel compositions, my old or perhaps future love songs too to encourage all. Hence, I set up the section for “GT’s Love Songs” as well, hope you will like it and even more so, hope these songs will really help others too…

And here today, this song I am introducing to you is different from the conventional love songs that normally talk about separation, hurts, how the other party did wrong etc… here, it is promoting forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and making effort to build up true love…


林義忠創作室 / GT Lim’s Creative Room

忠式情歌 / GT’s love songs

“不要說” / “Don’t Say That”
詞曲/Lyrics and music: 林義忠 GT Lim

靜靜的 一句話也別說  Quietly, don’t say a word
就這樣緊握我的手  Just hold on tightly to my hand
讓我們甚麼也不要說  Let us not say anything at this moment
有時候沈默也是很好的  Sometimes silence is a good remedy too

不要說 一切都是妳的錯  Do not say it is entirely your fault
也不要說甚麼對不起我 And do not say however sorry you are to me
親愛的妳 請了解我  My dearest, do understand me
因為愛妳 我甚麼也能接受  Because I love you, I can handle all this

我不會只為了一點點的錯  I will not just over a little wrong
就讓妳這樣說要離開我  Let you say you will choose to go
我曾經對妳說過  I have told you long before
妳是否記得  Do you still remember
自從認識妳以後  Ever since I knew you
從來沒有後悔過  I have never regretted a thing

所以不要難過  So do not be upset
請相信我  Trust me please
對妳的愛 依然存留  My love for you remains
我只要妳靜靜的靠著我  All I want is for you to lean on me silently
我們還可以 從新來過  We can always start things all over again