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创作 PK 赛爆发! Explosion of song-writing solo-challenge round!



As Golden Leopard has been very busy lately, so there was a lack of latest news for you all, my most sincere apologies!
But as tomorrow night is too important, no matter how busy Leopard is, he must report to you so you can be well-prepared…

The situation is the organizers realized there are too many songs in the final, so we need to sieve through the songs again, that is the reason for tomorrow night’s one to one life and death challenge. So tomorrow night there will be some songs being eliminated.
Apart from this, we also discovered our church has so many good singers, in order to have the best presentations during the final, there will be a one-to-one challenge for singers as well, to decide who will get to sing the outstanding original compositions in the final.


Here I want to specially announce, if you have money tomorrow night, you can vote too. There will be 7 PK rounds, each round will have two singers and one will be eliminated. You can vote for the one you like, but there is only one vote per person and each vote is RM2. So if you want to vote to support in all the 7 rounds, then please prepare at least RM14, thanks!

First of all, one song will be chosen from these two, and the song-writers themselves will sing their own songs, what is very special is both will play the guitar for each other!
But during the rehearsal both kept making mistakes while playing, not hard to imagine both have undercurrent in their hearts… wonder whether it will turn into pretentious wrong-playing and deliberate sabotaging…

David Sia’s “Unstoppable Pursuit” verses OPA’s “Returning to You”

接下来是坚持自己出兵,不让代唱者出战的甜丝姐的“寻找什么”PK报案之妻二妈胡的”Wait on You”
Next we have, Stephanie Si Jie’s “What am I searching for?”, who insisted on singing herself and refusing to let her original representative to sing verses OPA’s wife’s “Wait on You”

Next up, both are representing singers. Catherine singing Karyee’s “Compass of life” verses Christine singing Dorcas’ “Longing”. Both have very sweet voices, bet you will enjoy their singing very much!

For the few above, if the singer is eliminated, the song will be out as well! Unless the eliminated song is so touching that it might end up jumping out of the grave into the Grand Final…

第一首是猪狸的“直到最后一口气” - 由猪狸PK撕辱。
1st song is Julie’s “Until my final breath” – Julie verses Windy Si Ru.

卖石榴的“勇气” - 重味PK卖石榴。
Max Liu’s “Courage” – Zhong Wei verses Max Liu.

恨你脏的“我是谁” - 恨你脏PK大粒眼佬
Henry Chong’s “Who am I” – Henry Chong verses Darien Lau

The final song is a song that did not appear in the preliminary round, but while looking through the 2011 entries (Yes! This competition has been delayed from 2011 till now, so you can see whatever Leopard wants to do, he will eventually do it as long as Jesus has not returned), Leopard stumbled on this very nice song, lyrics written by Abigail and music, Johnny Phin, “How can I not be touched”.

As a result, this song resurrected Johnny Phin as well as he was not in the final initially, so if he is successful in this PK round, he will enter the final!
But who is Johnny up against?

This final PK singer will be a surprise for all of you, he was not in the preliminary round but his first crow really frightened everyone in last year’s singing competition, he is the unforgettable XXX! Come and see for yourself tomorrow!

高偉宏退賽真相! Truth behind David Koh’s withdrawal from Final!



After our hard work and hectic pursuit these few days… the water has finally recede and the rock appeared (Chinese idiom), we now know the real truth behind the whole incident!
It is indeed true David Koh is not in the Grand Final, but not because he did badly, rather too well! Consequently the organizers had to approach him to negotiate and ask him to give the juniors a chance. He finally humbly agreed to be gracious, only we cannot reveal the actual amount agreed upon in the end…
But all this information is genuine and true, our reporter has also obtained the following solid evidence, Koh’s whatsapp reply!



But now we need to unveil yet another mystery as the other finalist who withdrew has been found to be not Henry Chong at all! In fact Hen even threw strong words at us and said,”See you in the final! You think I’m scared meh?”
Then who is the other one who withdrew? Just when we were guessing and wondering, we received this yet another mysterious text message… this person received exactly the same request-to-withdraw message as David Koh! And who is this again?



After some pursuit and investigation, we have finally confirmed the other finalist being requested to withdraw is…



And now we have all the answers, there will only be 15 contestants in the Grand Final, but who are these Blessed 15?
The Golden Leopard shall report on this next…


就是喜歡~ Simply like them~



People’s tastes are just so strange, certain things you may like so much but others just do not, and there are things that you just do not like while others do. It can be fashion, music, art, food… or just anything! Guess this is good for in this way everything can find someone who admires it.



In fact, with regard ourselves, there are areas that we like and parts that we do not like about ourselves too. That is why sometimes we seem to love ourselves a lot and at times we seem to hate ourselves! Such is the irony of a human being, very complicated and troublesome.



For example myself, I have taken so many photos, some were taken at the same place and time and yet there would be some that I really like and some that I do not even want to have a second look. The photos in this post are those that I really like, but there are also those taken during the same trip which I do not like at all. What is the reason? The clothes I wore? The pose? The angle? Photographing skill? Or what?



All things said, the truth is, there is only one reason why we like some of our own photos, that is we think we look really nice or pleasant in those photos. Sometimes we would not even care if others think the same, as long as we like them ourselves, haha! Actually, to be able to admire ourselves is any time better than despising ourselves, do you not think so?



Some photographs are very nice or pleasant, whether due to angles or photographing skills, can only reveal one thing, that is: from a certain angle or perspective, we all have moments when we look good. We all actually do have our good points, we all have some values and can be admired by people. If only people can always look at us from that angle or perspective, then they would always admire or see us as pleasant, that would be so good… However, that is not the truth, people instead often use very stringent, cold and critical eyes to view each other, that is why this world is full of conflicts and hurts.



But the most comforting is, our Heavenly Father will always look at us with eyes of loving-kindness, we will always be precious and adorable children in His eyes. If our hearts have more of our Father’s love, we would also have the Father’s eyes and would look at each other with loving-kindness and mercy as well.