國外佈道會 Out reach

我要到台灣了!! I’m going to Taiwan!!


我台灣的行程 (My schedule in Taiwan):
10月13日(六):晚上7:00 - 台北信義會信義堂
10月14日(主日):早上10:00 - 台北合一教會
10月18日(四):晚上7:30 - 台北合一教會
10月20日(六):晚上 - 台北榮耀堂晚堂崇拜
10月21日(主日):早上兩堂崇拜 - 台北榮耀堂(南港、信義)

我接下來的行程-新加坡和巴淡島。。。 My upcoming schedule – Singapore and Batam…




After that, I will also be ministering in JB, Johor from June 29 (Fri) to July 1 (Sun), I’ll post the time and venues etc later…

你想像的是甚麼? What do you imagine?



Many times, when some people hear that I’m going overseas for mission again, they feel that I’m going for a vacation… some would even criticize that I always go out to have fun…
What about you? What do you imagine?




The truth is, many times if the meetings are not over, I will stay in the hotel and not go out because I need to be well-prepared… Even if the other team members go out to shop or have fun, I very seldom join them as my thoughts and mind will be on the meetings and there is no way I can relax…




Even if I need to go out and eat, I will choose somewhere near, I don’t really mind what to eat, very often I would just ask the others to bring me back whatever takeaway food…




Then, what do I need to prepare in the hotel?
Well, of course I need to pray, read the Bible, practise my songs, think about what to share, etc…
And of course I must not neglect my image too like what to wear… haha!




Ahh… one more thing…
To transform this into that takes a bit of time too… haha!
May we be blessed in our spirit, soul and body, Amen!




But if there is a chance, especially after my ministry, I will take time to stroll around and relax too… because my God is also my dad who loves me a lot~


有時候心情會受影響。。。 Sometimes mood can get affected…

Even if it is a very familiar programme or activity, or there is enough preparation, sometimes due to some reasons, certain situations might arise too, and unavoidably our mood can get somewhat affected…




Sometimes it can be rushing for time, sometimes it is the journey, sometimes it is physical health…
Of course you still need to go on stage…




For those who sing, the condition of the sound system wold definitely affect the mood… and for those who speak, the rapport of the audience…
But no matter how affected, we must still sing our best and speak with all our passion…




To be totally unperturbed, completely calm, entirely not affected, is indeed a tough lesson to learn.
So many times while on stage singing and speaking simultaneously, I am at the same time praying in my heart for the Lord to calm my heart and to help me to concentrate…




Behind that smile, you cannot really see the struggle and frustration inside, especially when I feel I could not completely calm my heart or fully concentrate, and I would be feeling discouraged and disappointed with myself…
But I am always grateful that God will always personally encourage and comfort me after that, and when necessary, of course to teach me when there are things I need to take note and improve. I really have a god good God and Father!




新加坡,我又來了!! Singapore, I’m coming again!!

2004 年到燈塔教會分享時影:
Taken in 2004 when I went to share at Lighthouse Evangelism:


Very fast, before you realized, I am coming to Lighthouse again next week, see below my schedule:

Lighthouse meetings: May 1-6, 2012

01/05/12 (二/Tue) : 
孝親午餐/Parents Appreciation Lunch. (英語與福建/English & Hokkien)
孝親晚餐/Parents Appreciation Dinner (英文與華語/English & Mandarin)
***非公開/Not open to public

03/05/12 (四/Thur) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                                英文與福建/English & Hokkien.
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.

04/05/12 (五/Fri) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                            華語與廣東/Mandarin & Cantonese. 7:30pm
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.       

05/05/12 (六/Sat) : 神蹟特會/Miracle Service. 英語/English. : 7:00pm
                             – Lighthouse Woodlands.

06/05/12 (四堂主日/Four Sunday services). 英語/English:

 1st service – 9am. Lighthouse Woodlands.                        

 2nd service – 11.15am. Lighthouse Woodlands.         

 3rd service – 3.15pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          

 4th service – 7pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          


That was how I looked like when I came last year, how would I look this year? Haha…
But the most important thing is not how I would look, but to see souls saved and God’s name be glorified, Amen!
So do seriously pray hard for me! Thank you.



台下到底看到什么。。。? What do they see down there…?

Often speaking, acting and singing on stage… seriously making great effort and very into it, but what do people down there actually see?
And what are they thinking in their mind? Sometimes I wonder…


Honestly, I would prepare myself properly from head to toes…


I will also practise my songs well, memorize the lyrics etc…
And when I sing, I am very into it, look at the photos and you would agree, haha…


Ah~ ahh~ ahhh~~~ and the mouth gets wider and wider, totally immersed and lost in my own world~~~


So you definitely can’t say I’m not serious…


Not just singing, but equally serious and into it while telling stories!


Expressions and actions must flow with the story…


Then getting more and more excited and forgetting image…


Making such effort, do people down there appreciate…?


Sigh, can’t  bother too much! As long as doing my best, and God can see it, that is enough…


O Lord, just let me continue to speak, act and sing just for You…


本来都斯斯文文的,突然间。。。 Was gentle and sweet, then suddenly…

Sometimes seeing some well-taken photos of ourselves, to a lesser degree, it can encourage ourselves and give ourselves some self-confidence…


To a more serious degree, we can become self-obsessed, helplessly falling in love with ourselves…
Have you experienced that before? No? ?
That’s because you have never had any nice photos taken of yourselves, hahahaha!! Just kidding, don’t take it so seriously!!



Recently during my evangelistic concert in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, the photographer captured some shots like the two above that I am well-satisfied with, photos that make me feel not so inferior…
Just when I am admiring myself, suddenly…


The sweet and gentle expression begins to take on some changes…


And getting more and more exaggerated…


And not just the expression becoming ugly, the face begins to swell up too…


Really destroys my image… and the self-confidence disappears straight away, hahaha….


Oh please, can you not take some expressions in future? Hahaha…


七年就这样如飞而去。。。 7 years fly by just like that…

Within seven years a person’s appearance, environment, heart condition etc can experience a lot of changes… what about me? And what about you?
Are you happier than before? Are you more satisfied than before?Ever considered that seriously…?

七年前在灯塔 / Seven years ago at Lighthouse – 2004


今年在灯塔 / At Lighthouse this year – 2011





Due to the impact and encouragement on myself after the visit to Lighthouse this time, I looked into my album again and found the pictures captured at Lighthouse in 2004… comparing them with those photos just taken during the recent visit to Lighthouse, the differences of seven years are definite, especially in terms of appearance, the footprints of years gone by etc…
Memories of seven years inevitably surfaced in my heart… all the days trodden, journey of the heart, remorse, comfort, bitter sweet memories etc…
Seven years, many pictures can come to mind… some of people long gone, things that cannot be undone, but most important of all, is our heart still as determined and pure towards God…?






In these seven years, I know I may not be after God’s own heart all the time, and may not be completely focused every moment… there were times I did not obey, and times I got distracted…
Too many times I have wondered why God would use a person like me…



I guess that is what we call the grace and mercy of God, to realize that He has never once forsaken me and His heart towards me is ever true…
It is because of this that I can carry on serving… not because I am worthy but grateful…


O Lord, please guard my heart to forever serve You alone, and to forever give all the glory to You… Amen!
















新加坡,这一次怎么那么特别? Singapore, why is it so special this time?


In early May, I was invited to perform and evangelise by Lighthouse Evangelism Singapore. I have been to Lighthouse many times and of course it was very special and I was blessed each time, but amazingly somehow this time it was even more special! Reason being right after my first day of ministering till at least two weeks after the whole trip had ended, I was receiving continuously messages and mails from many brothers and sisters to encourage and thank me. This has never happened in all the years of me ministering outside…
God’s timing is forever the most accurate because He knew at that time I needed a lot of encouragement, and I needed His strength to serve. What actually happened was upon the second day of ministering at Lighthouse, a spiritual battle broke out against me as well. The enemy tried to disrupt my thoughts and destroy my ministry and stopped my schedule prematurely. The battle continued till only a few days ago when it started to tone down, no wonder during that period of time mails from Singapore kept pouring in daily to encourage and comfort me!
And this is why Singapore is so special this time!

An interesting this time was this time they also invited me to speak in their English Sunday services. A Chinese church pastor who sings Hokkien songs preaching English sermons, isn’t that very special?
Below is the promotional poster they did using the photograph they took of me when I visited their church several years ago, the team that went with me kept laughing and asking me why was it so…???


Looking closely, I found it very funny too myself…


Within a few short years, a person can undergo a lot of changes. This time I came with this image, and when I walked past some people who knew me before, they actually could not recognise me, haha!


I think probably there are really some differences, dressing, hairstyle, body shape etc…?


我真的要感谢灯塔的主任牧师,Pastor Rony Tan,那么款待我。。。
I must really thank Lighthouse Senior Pastor, Pastor Rony Tan for his great hospitality…


Some brothers etc who were assigned to “take care” of me…


Brothers and sisters who patiently waited before the meeting started…


Of course the one who deserves the most thanks is my God who is so willing to use an unworthy vessel like me, may His name receive all the glory forevermore…


林義忠新加坡行程:2011五月。。。 GT Lim’s Singapore Schedule: May 2011

Hi, I’m here to minister in Singapore again… I’m very sorry, I forgot to post my schedule as I was too busy…


My meetings start tomorrow, hopefully you not only come yourselves but bring new friends too…

May 4th Wed, 10am ( Mandarin ) :
Hinghwa Methodist Church, Level 4 Sanctuary,
93 Kitchener Road.

May 5th-8th, Lighthouse Evangelism :
5th Thu, 7:30pm : Lighthouse Tampines ( Mandarin and Hokkien )
6th Fri, 7:30pm   : Lighthouse Tampines ( English and Cantonese )
7th Sat, 7:00pm  : Lighthouse Woodlands ( English and Hokkien )
8th Sun, 9:00am & 11:15am : Lighthouse Woodlands ( English )
8th Sun, 3:15pm  : Lighthouse Tampines ( English )

May 7th Sat, 4:00pm ( Hokkien ):
Blessed Grace Church,
( 蒙恩教会 )
18, Arumugam Road.
05-01, Antioch @ MacPherson.