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例外人拆夥?! The Remnant split?!


After seeing these photos, some were curious and asked were not there four members for The Remnant? How come only two appeared…??
Was there any reshuffling? Have they split or formed new group, the male “Twins”?



It’s true, only the two of them appeared for this seemingly “press interview” or something… what happened?!
What were they announcing? Official split?


Wow! Look at the above, looks like Daniel is not playing drums anymore and is singing instead!
Indeed it’s hard to see Daniel open his mouth, and he seemed to be smiling so happily! Is it really much happier to split?


They both seem to be very happy working together as a team…


Behind the scene, it was these two bosses who orchestrated the appearance of only these two in this function!



What actually happened? Where were poor Danny and Rambo that day?
Actually they were enjoying themselves without government control then…

哦,我的宝贝,宝贝。。。 Oh my baby, baby…


Liwairen (The Remnant)’s “Baby”… Really not bad!! Please share and spread to others…

去机场,车坏了!(你们错了!) Car broke down on the way to the airport! (You are wrong!)

故事延伸于我在 Facebook 放的照片。。。说我没拿东西?哈哈,抱歉,你们错了。。。
The story expands from the photo I posted on my Facebook… You said I did not carry a thing? Haha, sorry, you are wrong…

Let’s start at the very beginning…
I was leaving Taipei that day, it was pouring down with cold rain on that chilly winter day, fully expressing part of my feeling at that moment…
I was waiting for my friend to come and fetch me all alone in the lounge, Remnant were all busy doing their own things…

Actually someone had already arranged for a Benz cab to send me to the airport, but my recently met buddy, Fasaw, eagerly volunteered to drive me to the airport in his car instead…



I was very touched that he took leave specially to send me, the distance from Taipei to Taoyuan airport is about one hour…
Pastor Amy came along as well… we were chatting very happily along the way, but when we were about to reach the airport, Pastor Amy suddenly said,”What happened?”… Before I realized anything, the car stopped!
Thank God there was only a short distance left… So the few of us quickly risked the winter rain, took out all my luggages, half-carrying and half-dragging and half-running towards the airport while Fasaw attended to his troubled car…

So I took some pictures for remembrance… That’s how the story started, because looking at the photo below, some “accused” me of being very relaxed not carrying anything at all!
In actual fact, if you look closely at this photo again, you would notice a handbag strap on my right shoulder; there were two people behind me, one was our poor Pastor Amy carrying her own handbag, and the one behind was one of The Remnant pulling my heaviest and biggest luggage…
Now our game officially starts here!

Question (1) Who is that Remnant pulling my big luggage behind?


There were two Remnant in front of me… but huh? How come we only see one person in the photo below??
Oh, because one of them just cried out,” Very cold!” and with the speed of lightning, he ran towards the airport without carrying anything, leaving us all behind…
Question (2) Who was that Remnant who ran off all by himself?
Question (3) Who is that Remnant you see walking in front of me in the photo, helpfully carrying my smaller luggage and also looking back to check on me every now and then?


Eh? Something is still not right after counting… seems like one is missing!
Question (4) Who is the other one? Where was he? Why?

星光熠熠一个礼拜。。。 Star-studded week…



Certain things are hard to predict… certain things are hard to imagine… certain things are really beyond what we think and ask for…
But what is the purpose behind all these things? What is God’s will? What does He want you to do? That is what is important!

I arrived Taipei at midnight on Tuesday, Dec 7th, and appeared unannounced at The Remnant’s door seriously giving them a shock. Early the next morning I went with them to watch their TV recording programme, of course I was only an audience and observer. That day, from morning till night I watched how The Remnant recorded two series of the variety show hosted by Nai Ge, and I had a chance to talk to Nai Ge too. I feel that he is really a good host and humble person, and he takes good care of our Remnant too…

棒棒糖 - 给我的印象是,不错的年轻艺人,不止帅气,背后一定很努力练舞、操练等等,因为他们舞蹈跳的很好、很整齐。。。
The programme includes:
Lollipop Four – they gave me the impression of very fine young men, not only good-looking but they must have practised real hard behind the scene as they could dance and synchronize well with each other…

The one who gave me a deep impression was of course the pride of Malaysia, Fish Leong, she is really professional, talented, and humble at the same time, which is really hard to find. When she heard The Remnant are from Malaysia, she immediately gave them a lot of encouragement…

Next is Wen Lan who has a very powerful voice and can dance very well too. She also comes across as being very friendly and humble…
Actually The Remnant can learn so much from working together with all these top artistes…

Those whom we have more contact with and a deeper understanding would have to be the other artistes we got to meet the following few days, among them are of course those from the Christian artistes fellowship like twin brothers, Song Yi Min and Da Min, and also He Rong etc…

Below are Song Yi Min and wife…

During one tourism promotion activity with The Remnant, the guest artiste was fashion model/actor Ding Chun Cheng… he is very tall, and the programme required him to cook on the spot, and I even acted as the audience invited to go on stage to taste his cooking, haha!

We also had a chance to have afternoon tea with Pan Yue Yun at a friend’s house, may God guard her heart to follow the Lord seriously…

Our friend also managed to get us tickets to bring us to the concert of my other “idol” during my “younger” days, Lin Hui Ping… she is also in touch with Christianity recently, but not sure how stable her faith is, we can only pray for God’s mercy and protection…

Lin Hui Ping walked past and shook hands with us… I only knew we were not allowed to take photographs after the concert! Haha…

Last night we had dinner with Lu Xue Rui of Star Walk, this is a fine young fellow, very cute and chatty; he has just released a Gospel album and has very good testimony, so I will arrange for him to come and share in our church…

But of course the most precious time spent has to be with our very own Remnant, haha!

Got to know so many celebrities all of a sudden, what does God really want me to do?
This is a question that requires much thinking and seeking the Lord…
Eh? Who is this fellow???

在屋顶唱歌的傻瓜。。。 The fool who sings on the roof top…

Hahaha, I’m not scolding anyone… have you heard of Wen Lan? She was also one of the guest artistes in Remnant’s TV recording programme.
She is a rather famous singer in Taiwan, heard that Jay Chou is very supportive of her! Her two popular hits are called “The Fool” and “roof top”(I didn’t know all this)…

Though I’ve never heard her sing before, this petite Taiwanese native really has amazing vocals! Taiwanese natives are really blessed with natural singing talent…

Wen Lan does not sing like the usual Mandarin singers, her vocals are more inclined towards the western style of singing…

She not only sings well, she can dance very well too, she also left a very humble and friendly impression with us… May she offer up her talents to be used by God one day, Amen!

棒棒糖!! Lollipop Four!!

Who ever thought I would go and watch the performance of Lollipop Four (their new name)? Haha!

Not that they are not good, just that their fans who came to support were a group of screaming girls, haha!

But truly, they are all very good looking and can dance very well! No wonder the girls scream!

A very comforting thing is our Danny is not too short compared with them…

遇见美丽的鱼-梁静茹。。。 Met a beautiful fish – Fish Leong…

Met Malaysian national treasure Fish Leong at the recording studio yesterday…

My first impression was she is prettier in real person than her pictures… she must have a very happy marriage…

The reason I could meet Fish was because I flew to Taiwan specially to observe The Remnant’s live recording, and Fish happened to be the guest artiste…

静茹让人有很亲切、很谦卑及很友善的感觉。一听到例外人是新晋大马乐团,她也深表关心,也很鼓励他们,还在自己 Facebook 马上帮例外人宣传;感觉就是她为人很诚恳,很乐意助人,想必她今天能这么成功不是没有原因的,才华不是一切,为人也很重要。。。
Fish gives you a feeling that she is very warm, humble and friendly. When she heard The Remnant is a new band from Malaysia, she immediately expressed her concern and encouraged them, she immediately promoted The Remnant on her Facebook after that… the feeling is just that she is very sincere and willing to help others. I believe there is definitely a reason for her success today, talent is not everything, your character as a person is very important as well…

May God bless Fish to be even more successful, that she has the blessing and peace of God in every aspect!

四种道别方式。。。 Four styles of bidding farewell…




Starting from Sept 22nd flying to Macau, 26th taking the ferry to Hong Kong, and 28th flying from Hong Kong to Taiwan… all the way arranging for The Remnant’s programmes and their living etc…

Finally everything settled and flying back all alone from Taiwan on Oct 2nd… I took the morning flight, had to leave for the airport at 7:50am… so had to get up early to prepare, but we all (except Rambo) slept very late the night before…

At 7:50am, standing by the roadside waiting for my transport, the following are the four different styles of bidding farewell, see whether you can tell which is whose?

(A) 完全熟睡,连我几时走了也不知道,没说再见。。。
Slept throughout, did not even know when I left, did not say goodbye…

(B) 完全熟睡,但被我叫醒,因我记得他要托我带东西回古晋;叫醒了他,他把东西拿给我,没说再见,就倒回去睡了。。。
Slept throughout, but I woke him up because I remembered he wanted me to bring something back to Kuching for him; after waking him, he passed the thing to me, did not say goodbye and went back to sleep straight away…

(C) 唯一建议要送我去机场的,但基于司机说不能逗留,放我下车了就要走,所以觉得没什么意思,再加上待会有活动要忙,怕太累,就陪我在路边等到司机来了,给我一个道别拥抱就回宿舍去了。。。
The only one who suggested sending me to the airport but because the driver said he could not wait and would only drop me off and come back, so he thought it was meaningless, and also concerned that he might get too tired with more activities later that day, so he waited with me by the roadside till the driver came, gave me a farewell hug and went back to the flat…

(D) 早上醒来,他说要送我,我说不必了,因大家也没上机场,但他坚持跟司机上去,帮我把行李拿下,给我一个道别拥抱,就跟司机走了。。。
Got up in the morning and said he wanted to send me off, I asked him not to bother since the others were not going to the airport too, but he insisted on going up with the driver, helped to carry my luggage from the car, gave me a farewell hug and left with the driver again…

Four persons with four personalities, can you tell which is which? And also, which type are you yourself?

隆重推出例外人首支MV!! Proudly present The Remnant’s 1st MV

The Remnant’s 1st MV “Girl, you are beautiful” is launched now! Check it out  immediately and introduce to others as well!!