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大熱門高偉宏沒進入決賽??? Hot favourite David Koh not in the final???



Reliable sources say the hot favourite, writer of “The harp and the censer” mighty leader Koh, dearly called Brother Red, the most loved and supported leader of the youths is not in the final!!!
Is this information reliable? According to the source, he is Koh is said to be one of the two forced to withdraw from the competition! The reason is simple, for fear that he might become too “red” (popular) thus threatening the position of the boss behind this competition!
As for who this boss behind the scene is, sorry it is not convenient to reveal…



Our reporter attempted to contact Brother Red to confirm this shocking news but his mobile phone is not on and both his daughters, Laetitia and Trixie refused to answer any question too…
We suspect he must be devastated by this and avoid talking about this topic or he has been ordered to shut his mouth!



Besides, there is another news saying the other confirmed finalist being forced to withdraw is Henry Chong, nicknamed iGeek, reason being he really resembles the mix of Stephen Chow and Jeremy Lin Zhi Ying, if he is in, he will become a major distraction of the competition!
Our reporter dared not call him for fear that we might get scolded as he does not like to answer calls… but we will try to extract information from his daughter, Ricca~



This competition really suffers onslaught after onslaught, so many rumours and assumptions…
Or perhaps the competition results are already know before the competition even starts?
Or may be they have already fixed the guy who wrote “We sing loud”, Skinny Meng as the champion?



Would all these negative news affect the rating of the programme? Would the youths boycott the final altogether?
This series of sudden incidences have taken the organizers by surprise or did they mastermind all this themselves???
Do not worry, we would pursue every clue and evidence, when we have the information, we will report unreservedly to you all!
Please stay logged into www.gtlim.com, the most reliable source comes from here, do not listen to other unsubstantiated news or sources!

台下到底看到什么。。。? What do they see down there…?

Often speaking, acting and singing on stage… seriously making great effort and very into it, but what do people down there actually see?
And what are they thinking in their mind? Sometimes I wonder…


Honestly, I would prepare myself properly from head to toes…


I will also practise my songs well, memorize the lyrics etc…
And when I sing, I am very into it, look at the photos and you would agree, haha…


Ah~ ahh~ ahhh~~~ and the mouth gets wider and wider, totally immersed and lost in my own world~~~


So you definitely can’t say I’m not serious…


Not just singing, but equally serious and into it while telling stories!


Expressions and actions must flow with the story…


Then getting more and more excited and forgetting image…


Making such effort, do people down there appreciate…?


Sigh, can’t  bother too much! As long as doing my best, and God can see it, that is enough…


O Lord, just let me continue to speak, act and sing just for You…


如果我是驾驶员。。。 If I were a driver…


At a glance, this bus does not appear to have anything special, but if you get closer and if you are observant, you would notice something interesting…



Those with good eye-sight and full of the confidence that you are very observant, and cannot stand any challenge, must be watching very closely now, haha…
So have you noticed anything? Shall we get closer?
Ok, let’s get closer to the bus…



Now, that is very obvious…
What? Some still have not noticed anything??
Then let’s get even closer…



If still not clear, then let me take a big risk to get closer, but it is really dangerous to be so close…
Saw it? Know who the driver is? Haha…
( For those who don’t read Chinese, on the lower right is written the bus driver’s name, and that’s my name!! )




Hahaha… this picture was taken by a very special friend on the highway in Taiwan…
Such a coincidence, right?
Am thinking, upon seeing this, what went through my friend’s thought, feeling and heart…?
Did God say anything? Haha!



Sometimes really, people can have the same name but totally different lives…
I am not a bus driver, but I am a driver of souls…
May I be able to bring every soul who gets on my bus to the brightest and happiest place ever…

黑是“man”,白是“娘”? Dark is “macho” and fair is “feminine”?


It is true, as time changes, people’s values, tastes, preferences etc may change along with time too…
I remember during my high school or even university years, guys with fair skin gave the impression of femininity or weakness. So during that period of time, I often went under the sun to get my skin tanned severely on purpose. Sometimes I would even purposely go under the sun at 12 noon in shorts and singlet to make myself dark!


Furthermore when I was studying in New Zealand, the Caucasians somehow liked our scorched copper tone colour as they could never get that colour no matter how long they spent under the sun. So I loved to let the whites see my very sunshine, “healthy and beautiful” skin colour…



If anyone commented that I was really dark, I would feel very happy even if they were actually saying it negatively as a criticism that I did not look nice because I was too dark, I would still feel that it was a compliment. This is quite similar to now when some people say you are “too thin”, you would not feel offended no matter how, and still feel happy, haha!

Conversely, during that period of time, if anyone had said that my skin colour was very fair, I would have felt very embarrassed and awkward feeling that they were criticizing me for being feminine…


Honestly, I am not very sure whether my original skin colour was more on the dark or fair side… what do you guys think?




But nowadays time has changed, people readily accept guys with fair skin and many guys try to make their skin fairer on purpose, and guys would not feel embarrassed but instead feel happy when people comment they look fair…
Apart from the change of beauty views, tastes and thinking, of course the knowledge of direct exposure to the scorching sun is unhealthy for the skin is also a factor to this change…

There is no right or wrong whether your skin is dark or fair, it is just a matter of preferences, culture or opinions etc. This kind of thinking can change with time. What were not accepted before can be accepted now, what were considered as wrong before may not be any issue now. Some examples are: wives are allowed to have a career too, men can also cook and do the washing, wearing jeans, dyeing hair etc (I used to oppose dyeing of hair, haha!)…




Personally I feel certain things are neutral, there is no right or wrong. As time changes, knowledge and thinking advance, certain things can be accepted as normal and alright, as long as they do not conflict with God’s Truth and principles.

However my stand is there are things we have to safeguard forever, no matter how time has changed, as long as the Word of God clearly disapproves, then we must not compromise, such as premarital sex, pornographic culture etc… All these have clear standards from God, telling you whether it is right or wrong, and black and white clearly spelled out. So, no matter how advanced society is, we must not abandon these values still… do you agree?



去机场,车坏了!(你们错了!) Car broke down on the way to the airport! (You are wrong!)

故事延伸于我在 Facebook 放的照片。。。说我没拿东西?哈哈,抱歉,你们错了。。。
The story expands from the photo I posted on my Facebook… You said I did not carry a thing? Haha, sorry, you are wrong…

Let’s start at the very beginning…
I was leaving Taipei that day, it was pouring down with cold rain on that chilly winter day, fully expressing part of my feeling at that moment…
I was waiting for my friend to come and fetch me all alone in the lounge, Remnant were all busy doing their own things…

Actually someone had already arranged for a Benz cab to send me to the airport, but my recently met buddy, Fasaw, eagerly volunteered to drive me to the airport in his car instead…



I was very touched that he took leave specially to send me, the distance from Taipei to Taoyuan airport is about one hour…
Pastor Amy came along as well… we were chatting very happily along the way, but when we were about to reach the airport, Pastor Amy suddenly said,”What happened?”… Before I realized anything, the car stopped!
Thank God there was only a short distance left… So the few of us quickly risked the winter rain, took out all my luggages, half-carrying and half-dragging and half-running towards the airport while Fasaw attended to his troubled car…

So I took some pictures for remembrance… That’s how the story started, because looking at the photo below, some “accused” me of being very relaxed not carrying anything at all!
In actual fact, if you look closely at this photo again, you would notice a handbag strap on my right shoulder; there were two people behind me, one was our poor Pastor Amy carrying her own handbag, and the one behind was one of The Remnant pulling my heaviest and biggest luggage…
Now our game officially starts here!

Question (1) Who is that Remnant pulling my big luggage behind?


There were two Remnant in front of me… but huh? How come we only see one person in the photo below??
Oh, because one of them just cried out,” Very cold!” and with the speed of lightning, he ran towards the airport without carrying anything, leaving us all behind…
Question (2) Who was that Remnant who ran off all by himself?
Question (3) Who is that Remnant you see walking in front of me in the photo, helpfully carrying my smaller luggage and also looking back to check on me every now and then?


Eh? Something is still not right after counting… seems like one is missing!
Question (4) Who is the other one? Where was he? Why?

还记得祖去年的生日故事吗? Remember Jaydon’s birthday story last year?


Before you realized, it is Oct 16th again, one year has passed and it is Jaydon’s birthday again! He was in Singapore last year, the following is the story I published last year concerning his birthday surprise so you can “recollect” how great my love is, haha!
But now he is in Taiwan, and what did I do for him this time?… well, you can always ask him, haha!

去年的故事。。。(炒冷饭,哈哈!)/  Last year’s story… (eating leftover, haha!)

最近因太忙碌,加上英语说的” out of sight,out of mind ” ( 简翻:没在这里,就忘记你 ),所以差一点把祖的生日给忘了。。。一直到生日前两天才惊觉什么都没给他计划或准备!








跟 我讲话的招待员都吓得跳起来,哈哈!我却无动于衷,以一口美国腔英语很冷静的对他说:Excuse me, do I know you? I think you must have mistaken me for someone… (译: 对不起,我认识你吗?我看你认错人了。。。)







Because I have been very busy recently, plus “out of sight, out of mind”, so I almost forgot about Jaydon’s birthday… until two days before then I realised I hadn’t prepared or planned anything for him!

All of a sudden I couldn’t think of what to give him as a present, so I thought since there are so many budget air tickets nowadays, perhaps I should just fly over to Singapore for a day to surprise him…

My staff, Xiao Wei greatly encouraged me to do so ( may be less pressure if pastor isn’t around ), so I decided to buy the ticket for the 16th, Jaydon’s actual birthday to fly over…

I contacted a Singaporean pastor who is as crazy as me to help me track down Jaydon’s whereabout and activities that day, reminding him millions of times not to let anyone know I was coming, because an additional person knowing means additional risk of secret being leaked… I don’t wish to waste my effort and air tickets money…

In Kuching, only my staff, Xiao Wei knew, she would never leak it to anyone as she treasures her life; another person who knew was Remnant Daniel, he sent me to the airport, he would definitely keep the secret too ‘cos he is a person just too lazy to open his mouth…

I arrived at Singapore at about 8:15pm, my crazy good friend, Pastor Lee was already at the airport waiting for me, looking like a very pro James Bond, he told me he had tracked down Jaydon’s whereabout… he was celebrating with a few friends in a coffee bar, so we drove towards there…

From outside the coffee bar I could see Jaydon clearly, talking and laughing with his friends… very good, everything went according to our script…

Jaydon was sitting right in front of the counter, facing the counter… I acted like a normal customer walking very naturally to the counter to talk to the waiter… Jaydon noticed this person’s back somehow seemed so similar to his pastor’s, so he kept staring at me; finally he couldn’t resist it so he came towards me to have a good look, and he suddenly exclaimed very loudly: Pastor! Why are you here?!

The waiter talking to me jumped with fright, haha! But I was indifferent, and said to him calmly with American accent: Excuse me, do I know you? I think you must have mistaken me for someone else…

But of course Jaydon was very certain it was me, so he didn’t retreat and said: Come on, pastor, stop pretending! Why are you here?!

At that moment, I suddenly sang: Happy birthday to you~…

Because that whole day I did not contact him at all, and I purposely did not send him any greeting etc, so he suddenly held me very tightly and said: I thought you have forgotten it’s my birthday today… at that he broke down and cried and wet my shoulders…

Isn’t that very touching?

Arrgh! Forget it! That was supposed to be the original script! The truth is, some people just won’t follow the script!!! So that was not Jaydon’s reaction at all!!!

Then what was Jaydon’s actual reaction?




可 是我却注意到一件事情,祖的朋友都看见我了,他们也认识我,可是竟然没有一个有惊讶的眼神!后来才知道除了祖之外,他们都知道我会来!!!天啊, 不是说好不能让人知道的吗?007李牧师解释说一定要让其中一位知道才能知道他们在哪里啊。。。但他说那一位答应说绝不会让其他人知道的,后来其他人告诉 我他都让他们知道了!!唉,人啊。。。












终于受不了了,把菜单放下,他还在跟朋友有说有笑!因为他的电话”silent mode” (静音),不知道有简讯进来!我真气炸了!
















“From outside the coffee bar I could see Jaydon clearly, talking and laughing with his friends… very good, everything went according to our script… Jaydon was sitting right in front of the counter, facing the counter… I acted like a normal customer walking very naturally to the counter to talk to the waiter…” all these are true!

But after that Jaydon did not follow the script anymore! So let’s continue the story from here…

My heart was pounding fast, feeling nervous because I was standing right in front of him, but thank goodness he did not look up as yet, I still had some parts to act…

But I noticed one thing, Jaydon’s friends all saw me, and they all know me too but none was surprised at all! Later I was told apart from Jaydon, they all knew I was coming!!! My goodness! I thought this was supposed to be a top secret? Pastor James Bond Lee explained that he must let one of them know then he could find out where they were going… But he said that one person had promised he would not let the others know, later the others told me that person did let all of them know!! Sigh, human…

Oh well, at least Jaydon still did not know! So I continued to act… Standing at the counter, the waiter asked me what I wanted, I did not answer because I was concentrating on Jaydon’s reaction from the mirror’s reflection…

He looked up! And looked down again to talk to his friends… He looked up again! And looked down again to talk to his friends!!

The waiter asked again: Sir, can I help you?

Me: Err… I want some coffee…

Waiter: Having here or takeaway?

Me: Err… here, here…

Waiter: Then can you please find a seat to sit down?

So I started making big movements in front of Jaydon, and he still did not look up! My fire was beginning to burn…

But as a professional actor, I must not let my mood affect my acting, I must continue to perform well… I walked to the table to his right and sat down facing him… still he did not look over…

I thought, no choice, I must adapt quickly and rewrite my script! Just as well we are good at spontaneous accommodation, I sent a text message to him: “Someone from our church said he saw you in a coffee bar, I think you might know him too, look to your right…”

After sending that message, I gave thanks for my quick adjustment to crisis! The new script caused me to feel excited again… I took the menu to half-cover my face, so that when he looked over he would be very curious whose face was behind that menu… Don’t you think I’m very good at creating atmosphere?

My hands were growing tired… at least 5 minutes had passed, even the waiter ignored me now, I was still waiting for Jaydon’s reaction…
Finally I couldn’t stand it, I put down the menu, he was still talking and laughing with friends! Because his handphone was on silent mode, he did not know there was a text message coming in! I just about exploded!

But you all know that like a cockroach, I don’t die easily, write another script!

Then with even bigger movements I walked to the counter again, by now all Jaydon’s friends were already feeling a bit awkward for me, imagine how embarrassing it must have been for me!

This time I even very openly talked to the people same table with him! Yet he did not notice my existence!

Again no choice, by now they said they wanted to give thanks for the food, so everybody shut their eyes, and quickly they asked me to sit directly in front of Jaydon, so when he opened his eyes, it would be impossible that he could not see me!

This is the scene all of you have been waiting for… Jaydon’s real reaction!!

After the prayer, everybody said: Amen!

Jaydon looked up… I was staring at him… he looked at me… with puzzled eyes… he looked at me… with puzzled eyes…
finally he spoke…

With a very normal tone, not a bit of excitement or surprise element, very mildly and sheepishly said: Why are you here?

Just like that!! Yes, just like that!!

At this moment, I had the urge to write another script, a violent one, to give him a box in the face! But remembering my image as a pastor, I can’t act in such a movie, so I just let it be…

But honestly, normally someone very good at responding to unpredictable situations, this time I surrendered, I did not know how to respond, I did not know what to say, I did not know what to do next, because all this was just too far from my original script…

Oh, by the way, we have forgotten about the other actor in this movie, Pastor James Bond Lee who drove me there, where was he all this while? Well, for all that long time, he was still hiding outside because looking from outside, he could not quite follow the progress of the movie inside, so he did not dare to come in! Hahaha! That’s so hilarious! ( He naturally already has a very comical look, see photo below…)

If you were I, what reaction would you have? Honestly, at that time, I was not feeling very comfortable inside, I felt everything was so meaningless, how could a person be so dumb? Displaying myself in front of him for all that time and he did not even notice my existence! Really wasted my effort, air ticket, time, energy…

But what to do? Some people are just like that, can’t expect everyone to be like me… sigh!

This is Jaydon’s reaction, are you satisfied? I believe many who know him would agree and confirm this would be his actual reaction…


1) 他真的无法理解我为什么会突然间出现,他没说话因为一直在想这个问题。。。(到第二天还一直问我们为什么会知道他在那边!哎哟,这种小儿科我们都搞不定,我和007李牧师还能做牧师吗?!)

2) 他那天太累了所以无法有反应。。。

3) 他感觉好像是假的或在做梦。。。

4) 我觉得这个才是最真实的:他一时无法转台,原来他也有他的剧本!因为我一整天都还没发任何祝福他生日快乐的简讯给他,他说就连某某某和某某某,跟他都不是 很亲的都会记得他的生日,怎么我竟然忘记了呢?!眼看剩下两小时半就十二点生日过了,他已气在心头一整天,已预备好在十二点发一则很不满和受伤的简讯给 我。。。哪知道令伯竟然突然间出现在他眼前!情绪一时扭转不过来。。。


Later he did explain the reasons for his reaction:

1) He really could not comprehend how I could suddenly appear like that, he did not speak ‘cos he was pondering about this question all the time… ( till the next day he was still asking me how I knew where he was! Oh, come on, if we could not even handle such a minor assignment, can Pastor James Bond Lee and I still be pastors?!)

2) He was very tired that night so he could not react…

3) He felt it was unreal or he was in a dream…

4) I feel this one is the real reason: He could not switch his channel suddenly because he had his own script too! Because I did not send him any birthday greeting at all that whole day, he said even so and so, and so and so, people not so close to him could remember his birthday, how could I forget his birthday?! And only two and a half hours left to 12 midnight and his birthday would be over, he was feeling angry throughout the day already, and had already prepared to send a text message of anger and hurt to me as soon as  the clock struck twelve… But unexpectedly Uncle GT suddenly appeared in front of him! So he could not adjust to the sudden change of moods…

Sigh… it is really not easy to be a pastor nowadays…