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我不是周杰伦。。。I’m not Jay Chou…



Jay Chou is a music prodigy and very well-favoured, we all know that.
So we can imagine the multitude of fans and supporters Jay has, so his every action and word can impact many people, whether positively or negatively. Therefore when I read from the paper that day (which I have posted on my Facebook too) that Jay Chou has seriously believed in Jesus and is going to be baptized end of this year, we were all very happy and excited to hear.




耶稣在路加福音15:10说:“我 告 诉 你 们 , 一 个 罪 人 悔 改 , 在 神 的 使 者 面 前 , 也 是 这 样 为 他 欢 喜 。”

Of course there is nothing wrong to rejoice and get excited because Jay Chou believes in Jesus and is baptized, and in fact we should, because he is someone God loves…
But what we often neglect is when “ordinary people” believe in Jesus and are baptized, we do not seem to be as excited or overjoyed. The truth is, whether it is you, or I, or anyone else, as long as we sincerely believe in Jesus and are baptized, our Father God is equally as happy and moved…

Jesus said in Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”




Personally for me, I feel especially touched when I see the elderly believing in the Lord and baptized…
Because to see them having a chance to return to God when they are advanced in age is indeed very touching…
Just last Saturday, we baptized 56 people, and among them, 7 are above the age of 60. Uncle Fang in the photo is the oldest that night at 85!




That night, 56 were baptized and the angels of God celebrated 56 times in heaven! Similarly, the day when Jay Chou gets baptized, the angels will celebrate as well!
Therefore do remember, you and I may not be Jay Chou, there will still be celebration for us in heaven; and let us all remember too, whoever it is that believes in the Lord, let us all be as happy and excited!




Honestly, that night, while feeling happy for these 56 people, I was kind of sad too in my heart, because normally the number baptized is about 100 or more…
O Lord, have we gone backward in saving souls? Do guard our hearts to be like Yours, to love sinners and save souls always, never to slack or grow cold, Amen!



新加坡,我又來了!! Singapore, I’m coming again!!

2004 年到燈塔教會分享時影:
Taken in 2004 when I went to share at Lighthouse Evangelism:


Very fast, before you realized, I am coming to Lighthouse again next week, see below my schedule:

Lighthouse meetings: May 1-6, 2012

01/05/12 (二/Tue) : 
孝親午餐/Parents Appreciation Lunch. (英語與福建/English & Hokkien)
孝親晚餐/Parents Appreciation Dinner (英文與華語/English & Mandarin)
***非公開/Not open to public

03/05/12 (四/Thur) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                                英文與福建/English & Hokkien.
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.

04/05/12 (五/Fri) : 佈道會/Evangelistic Concert.
                            華語與廣東/Mandarin & Cantonese. 7:30pm
                               – Lighthouse Tampines.       

05/05/12 (六/Sat) : 神蹟特會/Miracle Service. 英語/English. : 7:00pm
                             – Lighthouse Woodlands.

06/05/12 (四堂主日/Four Sunday services). 英語/English:

 1st service – 9am. Lighthouse Woodlands.                        

 2nd service – 11.15am. Lighthouse Woodlands.         

 3rd service – 3.15pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          

 4th service – 7pm. Lighthouse Tampines.          


That was how I looked like when I came last year, how would I look this year? Haha…
But the most important thing is not how I would look, but to see souls saved and God’s name be glorified, Amen!
So do seriously pray hard for me! Thank you.



這樣算是宣教嗎。。。? Is this considered a mission…?



That day we took a ferry from Sitiawan to Pangkor Island for a mission…
At the jetty, we took photos for remembrance like tourists because… wow! The scenery here is really beautiful!



This is so like an overseas country!
Members of our team all lost control and ran everywhere to take pictures! Can’t blame them as most of them have never been overseas…



Including our Mr. Cool Daniel, he could not resist not taking picture too…



Sister Lydia who arranged all our meetings took very good care of us, and she was also our tour guide…



Is it considered a mission to go to such a comfortable and beautiful place?
Actually as long as you are doing God’s work, regardless of any type of environment, it is a mission. The important thing is go where God wants you to go.




There are a lot of rich people here, you can tell from the private yachts…
Hmm… actually we were just passing by this area, we were going to some fishing village… and we were not taking these boats too…



We were taking the ordinary ferry to go to the island… but it was very comfortable too…



The boats that ferried us home in the middle of the night were even more exciting…
Just as well I only brought young people this time, I was the oldest in the team!



It was drizzling at that time, but thank God not too heavy or we would have been drenched….
Everyone minimized their movements too because the boats were swaying, and some do not know how to swim…
Some became very quiet for fear that talking would increase our weight…



Riding a small boat in the rain in the middle of the night is really an exciting experience…
Also, to take photos in the dark, you could see some very special effects too…. see the photo below, look at the front, at first I thought what that was that I captured…



今天去实兆远! Going to Sitiawan today!

Been a while I did not go to area around Sitiawan and Pangkor, making a comeback today!


So, Sitiawan, I’m coming…
Please contact the respective churches for details, thanks!

实兆远卫理公会/Sitiawan Pioneer Methodist Church: 6920612
邦咯卫理公会/Pangkor Methodist church: 6853034
安顺卫理公会/Teluk Intan Methodist Church: 6225873

林义忠在印尼棉兰 GT Lim in Medan

I’ll be arriving Medan, Indonesia on Thursday Feb 25th, and my series of meetings are as follows:

26/2 (五/Fri) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Selecta
时间/Time : 6:30pm

27/2 (六/Sat) : 诗歌演唱会 Evangelistic concert
地点/Venue : Yang Lim Plaza
时间/Time : 6:30pm

28/2 (日/Sun) : 主日聚会 Sunday service
7:30am : GBI J.W. Marriot 1
10:00am : GBI J.W. Marriot 2
11:00am : GBI Yang Lim Plaza
4:00pm : GBI Medan PLaza

Tel contact : Alin 0811604980, Kalim 087868717697

哇!印尼宣传的好认真! Wow! They are really serious in promoting in Indonesia!


A friend from Medan, Indonesia, just sent me this photo to show me how serious the church there is in promoting my upcoming evangelistic concert in Medan at the end of February!
After seeing the photo, it really makes me feel nervous and pressured to some degree… and of course I’m very touched too!
We must seriously pray and hand over everything to the Lord and ask for His great anointing that we will really be a blessing and bring glory to His name, Amen!
The Remnant and the dancers will perform too, do pray for us fervently… thanks!

Ur Poster on the road… 你的海报在路上。。。