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大熱門高偉宏沒進入決賽??? Hot favourite David Koh not in the final???



Reliable sources say the hot favourite, writer of “The harp and the censer” mighty leader Koh, dearly called Brother Red, the most loved and supported leader of the youths is not in the final!!!
Is this information reliable? According to the source, he is Koh is said to be one of the two forced to withdraw from the competition! The reason is simple, for fear that he might become too “red” (popular) thus threatening the position of the boss behind this competition!
As for who this boss behind the scene is, sorry it is not convenient to reveal…



Our reporter attempted to contact Brother Red to confirm this shocking news but his mobile phone is not on and both his daughters, Laetitia and Trixie refused to answer any question too…
We suspect he must be devastated by this and avoid talking about this topic or he has been ordered to shut his mouth!



Besides, there is another news saying the other confirmed finalist being forced to withdraw is Henry Chong, nicknamed iGeek, reason being he really resembles the mix of Stephen Chow and Jeremy Lin Zhi Ying, if he is in, he will become a major distraction of the competition!
Our reporter dared not call him for fear that we might get scolded as he does not like to answer calls… but we will try to extract information from his daughter, Ricca~



This competition really suffers onslaught after onslaught, so many rumours and assumptions…
Or perhaps the competition results are already know before the competition even starts?
Or may be they have already fixed the guy who wrote “We sing loud”, Skinny Meng as the champion?



Would all these negative news affect the rating of the programme? Would the youths boycott the final altogether?
This series of sudden incidences have taken the organizers by surprise or did they mastermind all this themselves???
Do not worry, we would pursue every clue and evidence, when we have the information, we will report unreservedly to you all!
Please stay logged into www.gtlim.com, the most reliable source comes from here, do not listen to other unsubstantiated news or sources!

她弄我哭了。。。 She made me cry…

As I was driving, I thought about what she said just now, I had a sudden urge to cry, I quickly lifted up my head so my tears would not roll down…




Normally it is her who tells me that her hair has grown long and messy… and she will ask whether I could bring her to do her hair as she knows I am always very busy.
But today I myself had this sudden urge to bring her, so when I went to fetch her, she was very happy, but she asked me this as well: Are you bringing me on your own initiative?
Sigh, I felt ashamed upon hearing that, it must be so rare that I would do something like that for her…





It was during the journey to the hairdresser that she shared with me a topic that kind of made me feel like crying…
She asked my opinion as to where she should be buried? Whether in our hometown with my father, or in Kuching which is more convenient…?
I was kind of taken aback as I was not prepared for this topic. Then I told her the important thing is where we are going and not where we are buried, and I said my little brother was also buried at a different place but he is now in heaven with father.

She seemed to be thinking after hearing that as if she recalled something, then happily and feeling assured she said: You’re right, when your dad was about to leave, I told him to go look for our youngest son in heaven, your dad smiled at me and departed peacefully, we will surely meet in heaven…
I know she is missing dad and my little brother, my brother passed away 33 years ago, but a mother will certainly miss her own child..




Her hair was done, I sent her home…
Driving home alone in my car, I thought of the whole conversation with mum, tears welled up in my eyes…
But I am very thankful, for mum is not afraid of death, but is full of hope, that is the grace for knowing God.



And I thought in my heart as well that I must give mum more time, and to have more initiative to take her out to do things she likes…
Treasure it while we can still breathe…


小举动,大感动。。。 Small act, deep impact…








He is often quite jovial and mischievous, quite often the fun of the party…
He is rather creative and talented, knows music, can sing, draw etc, and is a computer genius…
He can be considered quite successful, has his own business and quite popular with friends.

One year on his birthday, I cannot remember whose idea it was, we went for supper together…
Just an ordinary coffee shop, no special programme, just a group of friends having supper together, and we all ordered our own food.
Someone brought along a small cake to give him a little “surprise”… To me, this kind of “celebration” is at the most ordinary level, it cannot even be considered a “celebration”.
We talked, joked and went home after supper. I did notice he was not his usual noisy and talkative self…

Upon reaching home, I received his text message, he said:
Thank you all so much! I was really surprised that you all celebrated my birthday for me, no one ever celebrated my birthday for me, so I was very touched and did not know what to say or how to respond… but just to say thanks so much…

he even said he was almost moved to tears! I mean for someone who always seems so confident like him?!

I think to many of us a birthday cake or gift is not really a big deal anymore, in fact we can even be very fussy about them. But as a matter of fact, many people never ever had anyone celebrating their birthday for them, nor received any gift for that matter!
I think helping to plan a little surprise or giving a small gift to someone should be quite easy for many of us, right?

Sometimes what is to us a tiny and easy act may mean a great deal to others, and may touch their hearts in a very deep way without us realizing. Just a very simple act but it can have a deep impact, we had better get up and act quickly…