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大熱門高偉宏沒進入決賽??? Hot favourite David Koh not in the final???



Reliable sources say the hot favourite, writer of “The harp and the censer” mighty leader Koh, dearly called Brother Red, the most loved and supported leader of the youths is not in the final!!!
Is this information reliable? According to the source, he is Koh is said to be one of the two forced to withdraw from the competition! The reason is simple, for fear that he might become too “red” (popular) thus threatening the position of the boss behind this competition!
As for who this boss behind the scene is, sorry it is not convenient to reveal…



Our reporter attempted to contact Brother Red to confirm this shocking news but his mobile phone is not on and both his daughters, Laetitia and Trixie refused to answer any question too…
We suspect he must be devastated by this and avoid talking about this topic or he has been ordered to shut his mouth!



Besides, there is another news saying the other confirmed finalist being forced to withdraw is Henry Chong, nicknamed iGeek, reason being he really resembles the mix of Stephen Chow and Jeremy Lin Zhi Ying, if he is in, he will become a major distraction of the competition!
Our reporter dared not call him for fear that we might get scolded as he does not like to answer calls… but we will try to extract information from his daughter, Ricca~



This competition really suffers onslaught after onslaught, so many rumours and assumptions…
Or perhaps the competition results are already know before the competition even starts?
Or may be they have already fixed the guy who wrote “We sing loud”, Skinny Meng as the champion?



Would all these negative news affect the rating of the programme? Would the youths boycott the final altogether?
This series of sudden incidences have taken the organizers by surprise or did they mastermind all this themselves???
Do not worry, we would pursue every clue and evidence, when we have the information, we will report unreservedly to you all!
Please stay logged into www.gtlim.com, the most reliable source comes from here, do not listen to other unsubstantiated news or sources!

她弄我哭了。。。 She made me cry…

As I was driving, I thought about what she said just now, I had a sudden urge to cry, I quickly lifted up my head so my tears would not roll down…




Normally it is her who tells me that her hair has grown long and messy… and she will ask whether I could bring her to do her hair as she knows I am always very busy.
But today I myself had this sudden urge to bring her, so when I went to fetch her, she was very happy, but she asked me this as well: Are you bringing me on your own initiative?
Sigh, I felt ashamed upon hearing that, it must be so rare that I would do something like that for her…





It was during the journey to the hairdresser that she shared with me a topic that kind of made me feel like crying…
She asked my opinion as to where she should be buried? Whether in our hometown with my father, or in Kuching which is more convenient…?
I was kind of taken aback as I was not prepared for this topic. Then I told her the important thing is where we are going and not where we are buried, and I said my little brother was also buried at a different place but he is now in heaven with father.

She seemed to be thinking after hearing that as if she recalled something, then happily and feeling assured she said: You’re right, when your dad was about to leave, I told him to go look for our youngest son in heaven, your dad smiled at me and departed peacefully, we will surely meet in heaven…
I know she is missing dad and my little brother, my brother passed away 33 years ago, but a mother will certainly miss her own child..




Her hair was done, I sent her home…
Driving home alone in my car, I thought of the whole conversation with mum, tears welled up in my eyes…
But I am very thankful, for mum is not afraid of death, but is full of hope, that is the grace for knowing God.



And I thought in my heart as well that I must give mum more time, and to have more initiative to take her out to do things she likes…
Treasure it while we can still breathe…


小举动,大感动。。。 Small act, deep impact…








He is often quite jovial and mischievous, quite often the fun of the party…
He is rather creative and talented, knows music, can sing, draw etc, and is a computer genius…
He can be considered quite successful, has his own business and quite popular with friends.

One year on his birthday, I cannot remember whose idea it was, we went for supper together…
Just an ordinary coffee shop, no special programme, just a group of friends having supper together, and we all ordered our own food.
Someone brought along a small cake to give him a little “surprise”… To me, this kind of “celebration” is at the most ordinary level, it cannot even be considered a “celebration”.
We talked, joked and went home after supper. I did notice he was not his usual noisy and talkative self…

Upon reaching home, I received his text message, he said:
Thank you all so much! I was really surprised that you all celebrated my birthday for me, no one ever celebrated my birthday for me, so I was very touched and did not know what to say or how to respond… but just to say thanks so much…

he even said he was almost moved to tears! I mean for someone who always seems so confident like him?!

I think to many of us a birthday cake or gift is not really a big deal anymore, in fact we can even be very fussy about them. But as a matter of fact, many people never ever had anyone celebrating their birthday for them, nor received any gift for that matter!
I think helping to plan a little surprise or giving a small gift to someone should be quite easy for many of us, right?

Sometimes what is to us a tiny and easy act may mean a great deal to others, and may touch their hearts in a very deep way without us realizing. Just a very simple act but it can have a deep impact, we had better get up and act quickly…




那天,我们哭了。。。 That day, we cried…


There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…
– Ecclesiastes 3:4 –


That day, we cried…
God gave us tears, there are times when tears must flow…
It is not always weak to cry, many times it takes courage just to shed a tear in front of others…



That day, we realized we love Daniel very much…
Though Daniel is not an expressive person, I believe he could feel that love too…
Love brings strength and hope.





Perhaps some people do not quite agree with shedding tears of sadness at a Christian funeral for they think that when believers die, they are returning to heaven; since that is a good thing so we do not need to feel sad. And I do not believe they themselves will not have moments of sadness and tears!
People who speak like that are normally “over-spiritual” till not realistic or practical, as if our human emotions disappear after believing in Jesus.
Some parents would cry buckets of tears even when sending their children overseas to further their studies, what more to say in a life and death situation?

Paul said in Romans 12:15 : Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn…
This shows that we must appreciate and understand a person’s sad feelings, and not be “hyper-spiritual” to judge, that would be too insensitive and lacking in love, definitely not something God promotes.


So we wept that day…
So we did not hide our years that day…
So we did not pretend we were not heart-broken that day.



That day the sky wept as well,
but we know there is always sunshine after the rain,
and rainbow only appears after the rain…
That day we saw love in the midst of sorrows…



And we know the sorrowful Daniel would become joyful again, because it was his smile that mum loved to see best…
And we know with so many people loving and supporting him, Daniel would regain his smiles…
And we have alreay seen Daniel facing it boldly and carrying on courageously…
Fight on, Daniel, we all love you!


爸爸大聲的呼喚。。。 Dad’s loud call…



I remember when I was small, I often, due to too much play, forgot the time to go home, and when night fell, I did not dare to walk home alone!
Reason being I had to walk past some forest on the way home and children tend to imagine monsters and ghosts and all sorts of things, so I would drag on at my cousin’s house not daring to go home…

Suddenly in the middle of the night, I would hear a loud call: “Gee Tiong!” just outside my cousin’s window…
Though loud, it warmed my heart as that was the voice I had been waiting for, I knew help had come!
I would quickly rush to the window and shouted downstairs: “Dad! Wait, I’m here!”… then I would be going home happily with my dad.

See my childhood home, the roof is hidden by the trees… that’s the university me in the photo…

This is the road home… notice my pants, tailor-made by my dad! Very popular then!






Actually it was my dad who discovered I was still not home when it was already late, worrying about my safety, he came to look for me. And normally he knew where he could find me too, when he found me, he did not scold me, he just allowed me to follow him home happily… He knew that I was glad he came. That must be a father’s love…

Is not God’s love the same towards us? And yet we so often misunderstand Him…
The verses I read from the Scripture during the prayer meeting that day rekindled this childhood memory of mine, and helped me understand the love of our father God more…

Psalm 139 verse 3 says:
You discern my going out and my lying down; You are familiar with all my ways…
Verse 7:
Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Where can I flee from Your presence?

Very often these verses cause some people to feel that God knows all our sins and wrongdoings, and there is nowhere we can hide from Him…
That is why these verses cause some people to feel under pressure and fearful, that is due to the lack of knowing our Father God truly.

Is it really God’s purpose to condemn and scold us when He finds us? I do not think so…
Just as in my childhood memory, I was the one who did wrong, I was playful and forgot to return home, but dad came looking for me to bring me home.
His loud call not only drove away my fear, it gave me a sense of security to know that I needed not to be afraid of the dark journey home anymore, as my dad had come to accompany me home safely…

Dad himself has also returned home safely to heaven now…

只是想想罢了,就发生了!! Just a simple thought and it happened!!


Last September while I brought The Remnant over to Taiwan, I took time off to buy some coats at the night market, I bought quite a few at one go as they were very nice and rather cheap too…
Among them are these few…

I wore to Singapore for evangelistic concerts…

I wore for my birthday dinner…


Of course there are others still, but soon they have all been worn…
Yesterday afternoon I was looking at my coats hanging in my wardrobe and thinking: It seems I won’t have any new coat to wear for the Sunday service tomorrow, just a simple passing thought, not that I must wear a new coat each Sunday, that will be too much!

But it was just a simple passing thought, and God heard it! I immediately received a text message from a brother who has been very good to me that said: I’ve just returned from KL and brought back many coats for you, so I must hand them to you today… contact me if you are home.
As a result, I have an additional six new coats!

What I wore to church to preach today is one of them…


What I really want to say is: If for such a simple passing thought regarding something not so important, and yet our Father God would take note and give it to you, why then do you worry if it is something very important that you need?
The fact that Father God loves me so much also makes me feel kind of ashamed, as He is so good to me but I am not as good to Him, sigh! May God have mercy on me…

“他用美物使你所愿的得以知足。。。” -诗篇 103:5
“He satisfies your desires with good things…” – Psalm 103:5

“神能照着运行在我们心里的大力,充充足足地成就一切,超过我们所求所想的。” -以弗所书 3:20
“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” – Ephesians 3:20

超配合的妈妈。。。 A very sporting mother…


Though mum came from a tough and poor background, not educated, she has a fighter character and does not give up easily…
Really thank God, she has a sense of humour too, normally whatever I ask her to do, she will be very sporting to cooperate…

Such a shame that few months back, she suffered a fall and broke her bone that hinders her mobility…


Though due to some unavoidable circumstances, she has to temporarily stay at a nursing home for these few weeks, she does not mind at all…
Because there are many old folks to talk to over there, to play games and exercise together etc, and she also constantly shares the Gospel with them, I discover her countenance and mood have greatly improved…

每次去看她一定会跟我讲很多其他老人家的故事,和一些在那边发生有趣的事情, 跟闷在家而抱怨的妈妈截然不同。。。
Each time I go and visit her, she will tell me many stories about the other old folks and some funny incidents that happened there, so different from the bored and complaining mother at home….


And she is full of zeal for our church programmes too. She will take the upcoming Bible test and is very serious about studying for it. Though she knows the special test paper for the elderly are super simple and easy, she said her group leader Ah Bong said it is better to sit for the harder ordinary paper, so she told me she wants to sit for the harder test as well, for the simple reason that she wants to learn to know and write more words! i have to salute her for that! Guess we really have her genes, haha!


Before she entered the nursing home, while at home, sometimes I would wonder why her memory was not that good and she did not seem alert. Now, compare with the other old folks, I realize she is actually very awake, alert and active! Really shows the difference of an old person who believes in Jesus, even the other children who come to visit their parents praise my mum for being very alert and great! Truly thank God for letting me see my mum’s good testimony!

In a few more days, mum will be coming home. May God grant her speedy recovery that she can move around as she wishes again, Amen!

妈在疗养院。。。 Mum at Nursing Home…

Since mid-May mum suffered a fall and broke her thigh bone till now, it has been half a year, the elderly really must not fall as even after the operation, she still cannot walk on her own…

Due to her immobility, these few months my sisters who live in Kuching have been taking turns to take care of and serve her, it is not an easy feat… I can only support in spirit and finance…

But this month, my eldest sister has to go for an operation herself (she is already a grandma herself(, my 2nd and 3rd sister both have mission trips… So when we were at our wits’ end, and after discussing with mum, we all thought the best and safest option was to let her stay at a nursing home temporarily for a few weeks… Consequently she had moved into Kuching Lions Nursing Home even when I was still in Taiwan, it has been one week now and will stay till Jan 13th before she returns to my eldest sister’s home…

We of course studied the facilities, environment etc of the nursing home first, plus with mum’s willingness, before we let her stay there for a while… They have regular meal times, exercise, physio-therapy, training etc, and within just a short one week, there is obvious improvement in mum’s countenance, legs etc…

I visit her everyday, and on my first day I was not used to the environment, so I wanted to contact friends to somehow look for a nurse who can stay at my house to look after my mum and move her back to my place… As a result, mum rejected the idea, reason being: she would feel like a bird trapped in a cage at my place!!!
Hahaha, that is because she has new friends to talk to over there, regular exercise, games and many brothers and sisters who come to visit her, so she feels life is not that boring there!

My sister said who knows in the end she does not even feel like coming home! Haha!
See we photographed ourselves yesterday!

Some saw thw above photo and said I really look like my mum, do you think so? And there are some who think I look more like my dad, what say you? (Dad is already in heaven now…)

那宝贵照片的故事:我的第一套西装。。。 Story of that precious photo: My first suit ever…


Yes, this photo is really very memorable to me and it is the only copy that I have… When I could not find it a while ago, I was a bit worried so I prayed and finally I found it, thank God!
Then why is this photo so special? Some of you guessed right…




It was really taken when I participated in my first singing competition ever, I was only in Primary 5 then, not even 11 years old completely. I don’t know where I got the information and courage to register for the adult singing competition myself.
I think the orgainising committee only prepared prizes for the first three positions initially, but seeing my commendable courage and probably thinking I was small and cute, they just found some envelope to put a RM10 note inside for me as a consolation prize, haha…
I remember I sang a song from the veteran singer Liu Wen Zheng called “The highest peak” and became famous overnight in our small town Limbang, haha! Did you notice in the photo some big brothers and sisters were smiling as I sang, they probably found me very cute, haha!

But this photo has another more significant reason why it is so important, special and touching to me that I treasure it so much, and that is the suit I was wearing was my first suit ever…
We were very poor when young, we could only afford to have new clothes once a year during Chinese new year, but my dad happened to be a tailor and he loved me a lot… when he knew I was in the competition, without me requesting, he tailor-made for me this suit and brought me to shop for a neck tie and helped me to put on the tie himself. He dressed me up properly to go and sing that night. My dad was not an expressive person but I will never forget that day, I knew he loved me so much and was so proud of me… unfortunately he is not able to read this story today…

So you now know why this photo means so much to me?


Later when I was studying in the transition class in secondary school (12 year-old plus), I joined another competition, and my dad tailor-made another suit for me! He really did love me a lot…
This time I won a consolation prize again, haha! And I overheard an adult saying he could sing better than me but he did not win any prize all because he lost out to my suit!
My second singing contest and second suit…


Later I came out to Kuching to study as my sisters were supporting me, so I did not live with my parents then.
When I was in Form 5, I joined another singing contest… this time dad was not around, so no one made any suit for me… and in this competition, I was kicked out after the first round, haha! This had nothing to do with wearing a suit or no suit, it was all because I actually could not sing very well! I dared to join singing competitions when young because my dad believed in me and tailor-made suits for me to encourage me… God is really like a dad to me too, knowing I can’t quite sing and yet He made me a Gospel singer! How great is the love of a father!

My third singing competition… no suit… and no prize too…