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新的一年很好的开始。。。 A very good start to the new year…

Baptized 127 new believers during the prayer meeting on the night of Jan 1st, 2011… that they could start the new year squeaky clean is indeed very meaningful…

Thank God, among those baptized that night, we had male and female, both young and old…

Thank God too that our brothers and sisters do spread the Gospel to all levels of society…

A very special person was Wei Ming that night, he is a special child, but he loves to come to church and he is very good at singing praises and praying as well…

The age gap among those baptized is very wide too, we have the elderly… Very touching!

And those just turned twelve, we only baptize those twelve and above in our church… This one is so cute!

Sometimes we have family members baptizing together… like these two brothers… this is the older brother…

This is the younger brother… Don’t ask me why…

Some would be filled with the Holy Spirit while in the pool…

Because there were many people, and some wanted to pull me into the water too, so I could feel weary too, and sometimes in deep thought…
No matter how tiring, I give thanks for the many souls saved!

Sometimes the photos appear to be like I was murdering someone…
But actually baptism is really putting to death our old self… Thank God for giving us a resurrected new life…

青团地图及常识比赛成绩(1)五项全能 Young-adults maps and general knowledge competition results (1) All-rounder…

(1) “高材生”五项全能项目 / “Top students” all-rounder category

排名/Position 代表与小组/Representative and group 得分/Score

No. 1 :     郑秋霖 Qiu Lin (诚实组/The Truthful)              118

No. 2 :      李宛倩 Wan Qian (大能/The Powerful)             87

No. 3 :    蔡志扬 Zhi Yang (和睦/The Peaceful)                85

No. 4 :   Jacky Chong (正直/The Righteous)              84.5

No. 5 :  廖辰喜 Tony Liaw (忠心/The Faithful)            77

No. 6 :  陈彬彬 Jonas Tan (细心/The Meticulous)        73

No. 6 :  鲁婉晶 Abigail Law (感恩/The Grateful)         73

No. 7 :   Tracy Toh (清心/The Pure-hearted)         71

No. 8 :    Nick Hwong Yew Zing (认真/The Diligent)        62

No. 8 :  钟玉莲Chung Nyuk Lin (谦卑/The Humble)        62

No. 9 :   Ryan Tan Chiew Leong (坚定/The Determined)       61

No. 10 :   张福文 Chong Fook Boon (良善/The Good)       59

父亲节主日:林义忠诗歌见证分享 Father’s Day Service : GT Lim’s songs and testimony-sharing