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蒙福感恩之夜现场录影。。。Live recording of Blessed Thanksgiving night…

The following are different segments of the live recording of our Thanksgiving Night, you may select the segment you would like to watch according to the title… May God bless you abundantly!

赞美敬拜:林义忠带领  /  Praise and Worship led by GT Lim

高伟宏诗歌呈献  /  Songs presentation by Geoff David Koh

沈思秀见证分享  /  Testimony sharing by Esther Sim

2001-2008 排行榜冠军歌曲  / 2001-2008 Blessed Top 20 No.1 hits

2009蒙福诗歌排行榜  /  2009 Blessed Top 20

祷告迎接新的一年  /  Prayer welcoming the new year

无论安乐患难、健康疾病。。。 For better or for worse, in sickness and in health…

That day we witnessed the meaning of “For better or for worse, in sickness and in health… I will love and honour you and be faithful to you…”

Waiting patiently for our turn…


After all these years together… it must have been a year or two now when wife Liu Xiang suffered a stroke but husband Lai De Ming has always been by her side till today; both do not grumble against God and yet come to church faithfully every week to praise, worship, pray and draw near to the Lord…


Mr. and Mrs. Lai… one of the couples that attracted the most attention during our ” Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony ” on Oct 10th…


林义忠讲道实录:“破坏或建立感情” GT Lim’s live sermon: “To damage or build a relationship”

For those who are curious about me and our church, this is the live recording of me preaching yesterday (Oct 18th), hope it brings you joy and encouragement…