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蒙福青少团照片网站投票比赛。。。 Blessed YA and Youth Fellowship photos website-voting contest…



(1) 有些人虽然是基督徒,可是在诚实方面真的还要悔改!这比赛只允许同一个人投一次票,可是偏偏有些“基督徒”还会“做手脚”如换IP等等来增加票数!!

(2) 第二个问题是参赛者“能投票的组员”不均衡,因青团是以小组参与比赛,而少团却是整个少团只代表一张,所以少团300多投票的人远远超过每个青团小组的20-30人!!

(3) 投票截止日期:2011年4月14日(四)午夜11:59pm.


It is quite mentally trying to organize this contest because it is not easy to think of a way to ensure fairness in this competition…

Reasons being:

(1) Some of us, though are Christians, still need to repent in the area of honesty! This contest only allows the same person to vote ONCE, but some “Christians” would just use dirty tactic like changing IP to increase their votes!! So I’m seriously warning you here, we are all believers of God, God is also watching: Since the rule is each person can only vote once, then please follow the rule, thanks!!

(2) The second problem is, the number of “voting members” from the competitors are not balanced. This is because for the YA, they participate as individual groups separately where as the entire Youth only has one entry, so the more than 300 voters from Youth greatly outnumber the mere 20-30 persons in each YA group!! Besides, it is also not balanced among the YA contestants because some are combined entries of two groups while others are just one group, so the voters for the combined-entry will definitely be doubled too! In order to solve this disparity, I have laid down this rule: The total votes received by the Youth photo will be deducted by 80% while the combined-entries’ 50%. I feel this is much fairer, so it is so decided!!

(3) Deadline to vote: 14-04-2011 (Thursday), midnight 11:59pm.


**Please vote for the following photos according to their number and photo title:

(1)飞机场送行 / Airport Farewell


(2)轮胎家族 / Tyre Family


(3)热!热!热! / Hot! Hot! Hot!


(4)一家人 / One Family


(5)神秘蒙面客 / Mysterious Masked Visitors


(6)牛郎牛女 / Cowboys and cowgirls


(7)怪怪一家 / Weird Family


(8)山地同胞 / Mountain Siblings


(9)叛军 / The Rebels


(10)老顽童 / Old Rascals


(11)我从山中来 / I Come From The Hills


(12)爱心一族 / The Love Gang


(13)原始家庭 / The Flinstones Family


(14)乞丐帮 / The Beggars Syndicate


(15)宝莱坞之星 / Bollywood Stars


(16)青春无悔 / Young And No Regret

Note from website admin:

Poll closed, result will be announce later.

(补充了!)真正的“背景”比赛前三名!!! (Yes, added!) The real Top 3 winners for the “Background” contest!!!


Alright, a thousand apologies for keeping you waiting for so long!!! The following are the Top 3 winners of the “Photo Background” contest!!!

是这三张啦!!These are the three!!


原始家庭 / The Flinstones Family

青春无悔 / Young and No Regret


宝莱坞之星 / Bollywood Stars


Yes, it’s indeed these three:

1st : 青春无悔 / Young and No Regret

2nd: 原始家庭 / The Flinstones Family

3rd: 宝莱坞之星 / Bollywood Stars



“照片背景”项目优胜者!! Winners for “Photos Background” category!!


I showed you the consolation prize winners the other time, now the following are the top seven winners chosen by the experts for “photos background” category…

第七名 / No. 7 : 叛军 / The Rebels


第六名 / No. 6 : 乞丐帮 / The Beggars Syndicate


第五名 / No.5 : 牛郎牛女 / Cowboys and cowgirls


第四名 / No.4 : 我从山中来 / I Come From The Hills


As for the 1st three positions… I’m sorry, it’s really late now, and I have a slight headache, must go and sleep now… will announce that some other time…