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不知不觉。。。时间过得真快。。。 In the twinkling of an eye… time really flies…

Years ago… autumn, graduated from University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand… see the certificate in my hand? It’s real! Haha…

Have I really changed a lot? … I thought so too… guess how old I was then? Hahaha…

MY mum, second brother and sixth sister (left 1) came for my graduation ceremony…

Of course mum was most happy…

四兄弟,谁像谁。。。? Four brothers, who are more alike…?

Family photo when I was little… ya, you’re right, that smartest one with the tie is me!… Look at us the four brothers, who do I look like the most?

Few years back, with my eldest brother Gee Jin and mum taken on my birthday…

In the year 1990, my 2nd eldest brother Gee Eng came with mum to Christchurch, New Zealand to attend my graduation…

Must be the year 1978… my final photo with my little brother Gee Wee… he went back to be with the Lord in 1979…

大年初一主日现场实录 CNY service live recording

主日/Sunday: 14.02.10 (大年初一/1st day of CNY)

主题: 你的财宝在哪里? Where is your treasure?
经文 Scripture : 路
Lk 12:13-21, 29-34

(1) 主不喜悦人贪爱钱财 God is not pleased with greed for money
(i) 要保守自己免去贪心  Be on guard against all kinds of greed : v13-15
(ii) 生命不在乎家道丰富  Life is not all about wealth : v15
(iii) 莫以为有钱就有保障  Wealth is not life’s security : v19-20

(2) 生命乃掌控在神手中 Life is in the hand of God : v20
(i) 要先追求神所喜悦的  Seek first what is pleasing to God : v29-31; 太Mt 6: 33
(ii) 其他的神自会加给你  God Himself will add on to you the other things : v31
(iii) 鉴察你心最在乎什么  Examine what is the greatest concern of your heart : v34