團體照比賽成績:(1)照片背景 Group photos contest result: (1) Background view

首先公布 (1) “照片背景” 比赛的成绩,恭喜以下得奖者:
First, I’ll announce the result of the contest on (1) “Background view”, congratulations to the winners below:


All the above are consolation prize winners, each group will get at least RM5 or RM10 reward (not confirmed yet), will announce the top 7 winners later, thanks!


蒙福青少团团体照比赛-道歉启事及报告! Blessed YA and Youth Fellowship group photos contest – Apology and announcements!


First and foremost, I must apologize to you all for since the contest held in Sepetember last yaer till now, the results have not been announced…
But I did really bring all your photos all over the globe with me looking for inspiration: Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, USA etc, and I’m NOT exaggerating!
Finally, I have the results after expert selections and analysis in my hand! See how serious I am with you guys…



Now in my hand I have results decided after experts’ opinion and confirmation, these results will not be altered, they include the following categories:
(Note: Prizes will be given to No.1 to No.7 for each category)

(1) 照片背景 / Background view (5)

(2) 创意姿势摆法 / Creative pose arrangement (5)

(3) 摄影技巧 / Photographic skill (5)

(4) 画面构思 / Picture idea (5)

(5) 印象感觉 / Impression and feeling (5)

(6) 总分 / Total marks (25)


So, before I announce the results, take a look at the following photos first, who do you think will stand out and win in each of the categories mentioned above?
Also, I am organizing another contest, that is to have people voting their favourite photo through my website here, as for rules etc, I will announce in my next post…







特别讲员-南非夫人,莉荙。麦飞森和儿子耶儿徒。。。 Special speakers – Mrs. South Africa, Retah & son, Aldo McPherson

Messages from God that bring repentance, faith, hope and hunger…

那天,我们哭了。。。 That day, we cried…


There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…
– Ecclesiastes 3:4 –


That day, we cried…
God gave us tears, there are times when tears must flow…
It is not always weak to cry, many times it takes courage just to shed a tear in front of others…



That day, we realized we love Daniel very much…
Though Daniel is not an expressive person, I believe he could feel that love too…
Love brings strength and hope.





Perhaps some people do not quite agree with shedding tears of sadness at a Christian funeral for they think that when believers die, they are returning to heaven; since that is a good thing so we do not need to feel sad. And I do not believe they themselves will not have moments of sadness and tears!
People who speak like that are normally “over-spiritual” till not realistic or practical, as if our human emotions disappear after believing in Jesus.
Some parents would cry buckets of tears even when sending their children overseas to further their studies, what more to say in a life and death situation?

Paul said in Romans 12:15 : Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn…
This shows that we must appreciate and understand a person’s sad feelings, and not be “hyper-spiritual” to judge, that would be too insensitive and lacking in love, definitely not something God promotes.


So we wept that day…
So we did not hide our years that day…
So we did not pretend we were not heart-broken that day.



That day the sky wept as well,
but we know there is always sunshine after the rain,
and rainbow only appears after the rain…
That day we saw love in the midst of sorrows…



And we know the sorrowful Daniel would become joyful again, because it was his smile that mum loved to see best…
And we know with so many people loving and supporting him, Daniel would regain his smiles…
And we have alreay seen Daniel facing it boldly and carrying on courageously…
Fight on, Daniel, we all love you!


那天,我不知该说什么。。。 That day, I did not know what to say…




I was still sleeping, my phone rang, I did not want to answer because I was still in Jakarta, long distance calls are expensive…. but it did not stop so I answered.
It was Daniel’s cousin, I thought he wanted to talk about the paint but no.
He said he could not manage to get Daniel who was in Taiwan and asked for my help… Then suddenly he burst out crying and said Daniel’s mother had just passed away suddenly that morning!
I was like rudely awakened from my dream and shocked, my mind could not compute and I was stunned! I did not know how to respond…

He asked for my help to contact and inform Daniel.
My mind was still confused and mixed with all kinds of thoughts: perplexity, sadness, self-blame, regret, pain, confusion…
O God, how am I going to tell Daniel? He had only returned to Taiwan barely two days ago… and now this happened!

I got in touch with him. I told him something happened at home and asked him to book the air ticket to fly home immediately. He asked me as to what happened and who? I did not know how to answer…
He continued asking: is it mother? I said yes.
He asked what happened to mother? I gathered up my courage and said softly, mum has left…
He responded with: Is it true? And immediately became very quiet, very quiet…
What else could I say? What else could I do? I just kept crying out to the Lord in my heart to comfort and take charge…


I asked Jaydon to take over the phone, we started arranging for everything, air tickets and so on.
I wanted Jaydon to fly home with Daniel even though Daniel said he would come back alone. I happened to be transitting to Kuching at KL airport too that day, so I changed to a latter flight to wait for them there in KL.
When we met, it was all very silent. I could only give him a hug and after that just put my hand on his shoulder and sat beside him quietly throughout…
Apart from forcing a few words of comfort and encouragement, I had nothing else to say as I knew human words could not do anything, only the Spirit and the love of God could minister true healing and comfort.


When we arrived in Kuching, it was already midnight, may brothers and sisters were there waiting at the airport. He did not greet or talk to anyone. We went straight to the funeral parlour.
As soon as he got out of the car, he walked straight to the casket and just looked at his mother’s face. He did not cry, he did not make a sound, he just stood there looking at his mum for a very long time. He did not move at all, his fingers holding tightly to the edge of the casket…
I could only stand behind him to accompany him, I had nothing to say, my mind was blank… Just by looking at his back, my heart broke to pieces.


After some time had passed, he allowed me to send him home to wash and to later come back to the funeral parlour again to watch the night.
I will never forget that scenario when he walked into that small room he had shared with his mother for 27 years…
As soon as he entered, he just stopped and stood there staring at his mother’s bed, some of her clothings were still on the bed. He stood there staring at the bed for a long time, then he slumped and sat on the floor. There he was staring at the ground for a long time too, not crying, not speaking, not moving…
Then he quietly told me to go home to wash myself too, and said he would like to be alone for a while.



On my way to and fro, I prayed continually. O Lord, only You can comfort, only You can encourage…
When we came back to the funeral parlour, he could begin to speak a little to us.
I was comforted. A few of us stayed with him till morning…

That day, I felt very helpless, I did not know what to say.
I could only pray for the Spirit of God to come and work, and for the love of God to comfort.
All I could do was to put my hand on his shoulder to let him know God is always there with him, and I will always be there for him too…


例外人拆夥?! The Remnant split?!


After seeing these photos, some were curious and asked were not there four members for The Remnant? How come only two appeared…??
Was there any reshuffling? Have they split or formed new group, the male “Twins”?



It’s true, only the two of them appeared for this seemingly “press interview” or something… what happened?!
What were they announcing? Official split?


Wow! Look at the above, looks like Daniel is not playing drums anymore and is singing instead!
Indeed it’s hard to see Daniel open his mouth, and he seemed to be smiling so happily! Is it really much happier to split?


They both seem to be very happy working together as a team…


Behind the scene, it was these two bosses who orchestrated the appearance of only these two in this function!



What actually happened? Where were poor Danny and Rambo that day?
Actually they were enjoying themselves without government control then…

哦,我的宝贝,宝贝。。。 Oh my baby, baby…


Liwairen (The Remnant)’s “Baby”… Really not bad!! Please share and spread to others…

溶化我心的笑容。。。 Smiles that melt my heart…



March 19-21, 2011, we went to a little town in Pahang called Triang for evengelistic meetings…
I was told Triang has less than 20,000 people in population, I was the one who told Pastor Chok and Ho (husband and wife) myself that I wanted to go there.
On the way to Triang, my flesh started regretting because we only started our journey from Genting at 11:30 midnight. The journey took about two hours and it was winding and hilly, it gave you the feeling of wanting to throw up all the time.
I seriously suspected the brother who drove us there as an ex-F1 racer, his driving was really more exciting than Genting’s roller-coaster! Even our cool Daniel Tian Sheng sitting at the back suddenly got up to fasten his seat belt quietly…


The climax of the trip this time to Triang was the last day, the 21st, we were invited to share at the secondary school there before going to the airport…
The principal hopes that every student will have a religious belief because we heard that some students are quite rebellious, they are not even afraid when the principal is talking; so we prayed earnestly that God would touch and cause them to quietly listen to the word of God, and be moved by the love of God…
From the photos you can tell that God heard our prayer, the students were well-behaved and polite, they all listened attentively and did not cause trouble at all… let us give the Triang students a round of applause!!
You have given us a very good impression, and we do not mind taking the roller-coaster to come visit you again!


Though there was no air-conditioned system and proper stage and sounds facilities, we still did our best in performing and sharing because no matter in what situation, we must offer up the best to God! The touching part was to see responses from the students…


Just by looking at their smiles, you can feel the warmth and be touched…
Even the teachers seemed to enjoy themselves, and kept taking pictures too!


Towards the end, many responded to the love of God, and they prayed with us seriously to receive Him…
May God remember the people of Triang and all these students that they will all be saved and greatly blessed, Amen!




那也是宣教 - 雅加达 That’s also mission – Jakarta


Normally when we mention “mission”, many Christians would conjure up in their minds villages, remote places, jungles, desert, etc…
But big cities and busy metropolitans do need the Gospel too!
Everyone has different giftings and callings, when I was still a student I used to think I would end up being a missionary in the jungle of Borneo… but it seems till now, God has been leading me to more developed places, like Jakarta which I have just been at the end of February…


My accommodation for the mission was very comfortable… is that allowed?


Looking down from the 22nd Floor where I was staying, a bit hard to believe I was actually in Jakarta because the residential area here seems quite western…


You can just see the vast sea from the window, breath-taking view…

It is very comfortable and serene at home, but actually many places in Indonesia are very congested and dirty, including the streets of Jakarta, not criticizing, just reporting…
Oh, the two sisters at the back are the apartment’s owners, they are also my assistants and translators in Indonesia… the guy in front is Yi Wei, the assistant I brought from Kuching this trip.


There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor in Indonesia… this is a private residence, very extravagant huh? Nothing to do with me, just taking picture…


This type of different style of mission, apart from good living, there was also good eating!


Persecuted by great food and cuisine each day… great temptation!


They said I’m very thin, they wanted me to eat more…


So I obediently ate, ate and ate…


My targeted audience for the mission…


They were very attentive…


I had a very good interpreter, sister Julie Wahab…

The happiest thing is to see people responding to the Lord’s call to trust in Him…


These two boys received the Lord at the meeting too…


这次能来雅加达宣教还要谢谢这对可爱的夫妇的邀请,Adjito 和 Irene…
That I could come to Jakarta for mission this time, I must also thank the lovely couple who invited me, Adjito and Irene…


把自己隐藏起来。。。 Hide yourself…


Sometimes it is good to hide ourselves, and not over-exalting ourselves, don’t let ourselves be the focus of attention always…
Otherwise it is very easy to become conceited and arrogant and thus robbing God’s glory; at the same time it adds on unnecessary pressure on ourselves too…


Actually in a sea of people, how many truly know who you are? Even if many do, so what?


“经风一吹,便归无有,他的原处也不再认识他” - 诗103:16 -
No matter how famous or successful, in the end you will be overtaken by uprising talents too… and ultimately you will be forgotten too…
“the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.” – Psalm 103:16 –


Forgotten in a corner, but thank God, He will always remember who you are…


But having said that, when you need to stand out, then you have to stand out, because God created us for a purpose and we are useful… So, we should not be hiding behind others all the time too…


Furthermore, God sees us as precious always, and we are indeed very valuable… we just need to remember to give thanks and glory to Him always!


For those who are curious, the photos were taken last September(2010) when I brought The Remnant to Macau.)