创作 PK 赛爆发! Explosion of song-writing solo-challenge round!



As Golden Leopard has been very busy lately, so there was a lack of latest news for you all, my most sincere apologies!
But as tomorrow night is too important, no matter how busy Leopard is, he must report to you so you can be well-prepared…

The situation is the organizers realized there are too many songs in the final, so we need to sieve through the songs again, that is the reason for tomorrow night’s one to one life and death challenge. So tomorrow night there will be some songs being eliminated.
Apart from this, we also discovered our church has so many good singers, in order to have the best presentations during the final, there will be a one-to-one challenge for singers as well, to decide who will get to sing the outstanding original compositions in the final.


Here I want to specially announce, if you have money tomorrow night, you can vote too. There will be 7 PK rounds, each round will have two singers and one will be eliminated. You can vote for the one you like, but there is only one vote per person and each vote is RM2. So if you want to vote to support in all the 7 rounds, then please prepare at least RM14, thanks!

First of all, one song will be chosen from these two, and the song-writers themselves will sing their own songs, what is very special is both will play the guitar for each other!
But during the rehearsal both kept making mistakes while playing, not hard to imagine both have undercurrent in their hearts… wonder whether it will turn into pretentious wrong-playing and deliberate sabotaging…

David Sia’s “Unstoppable Pursuit” verses OPA’s “Returning to You”

接下来是坚持自己出兵,不让代唱者出战的甜丝姐的“寻找什么”PK报案之妻二妈胡的”Wait on You”
Next we have, Stephanie Si Jie’s “What am I searching for?”, who insisted on singing herself and refusing to let her original representative to sing verses OPA’s wife’s “Wait on You”

Next up, both are representing singers. Catherine singing Karyee’s “Compass of life” verses Christine singing Dorcas’ “Longing”. Both have very sweet voices, bet you will enjoy their singing very much!

For the few above, if the singer is eliminated, the song will be out as well! Unless the eliminated song is so touching that it might end up jumping out of the grave into the Grand Final…

第一首是猪狸的“直到最后一口气” - 由猪狸PK撕辱。
1st song is Julie’s “Until my final breath” – Julie verses Windy Si Ru.

卖石榴的“勇气” - 重味PK卖石榴。
Max Liu’s “Courage” – Zhong Wei verses Max Liu.

恨你脏的“我是谁” - 恨你脏PK大粒眼佬
Henry Chong’s “Who am I” – Henry Chong verses Darien Lau

The final song is a song that did not appear in the preliminary round, but while looking through the 2011 entries (Yes! This competition has been delayed from 2011 till now, so you can see whatever Leopard wants to do, he will eventually do it as long as Jesus has not returned), Leopard stumbled on this very nice song, lyrics written by Abigail and music, Johnny Phin, “How can I not be touched”.

As a result, this song resurrected Johnny Phin as well as he was not in the final initially, so if he is successful in this PK round, he will enter the final!
But who is Johnny up against?

This final PK singer will be a surprise for all of you, he was not in the preliminary round but his first crow really frightened everyone in last year’s singing competition, he is the unforgettable XXX! Come and see for yourself tomorrow!

報告最後三名決賽選手 Announcing the final three finalists


为了再加强评审折腾组没偏袒他,恨你继续说:“折腾偏袒我?才怪!我们因两年前的事件过后已没私底下联络和谈话了!”相信他所指的是两年前筹备献殿典礼的录影和音乐时与折腾的冲突,可见他还对这件事耿耿于怀。唉~ 过去的就让它过去吧,金豹说过去的不要再挖出来讲,我们也不知道是真是假。。。

First we need to announce, Henry Chong is determined not to withdraw, he said,”I will not bow down to slanderous and malicious words against me from destructive parties, I write good songs and I know it, the audience can tell too…”. Very confident indeed! That also means we only have three more finalists to announce.

To emphasize his point that Jaydon Joo would not be biassed to his benefit, Hen continued to say, “Jaydon siding me? What a joke! Since the incident two years ago we have not privately contacted or talked to each other!” We believe he was referring to two years ago when he had a conflict with Jaydon while the two prepared for the Chapel-opening video and music, obviously that incident still bothers him. Sigh~ let bygone be bygone, Leopard says do not dig out the past again, and we do not know how real that is as well…

Breakdown in Henry and Jaydon’s relationship??PhotoShake(1)


Ok, now announcing…
The 13th finalist: Julie. Even though that night obviously the guitarist did not practise well and resulted in a few awkward situations (not sure whether it was deliberate), the judges could still tell it was a good song, so the guitarist’s scheme to trap Julie failed. (Sorry Leopard cannot reveal who the guitarist was, if you did not come and see for yourself David Koh playing for her that night, you cannot blame Leopard for not telling)

Picture shows Julie and guitarist David Koh.


The 14th finalist: Alvin’s wife, Karyee. Though she sang with great emotions that night till she broke down and wept and therefore could not finish singing smoothly, to be fair, the judges went back to listen a few times again to make the final decision, so it is not mercy marks.



Now finally announcing the final person, the 15th finalist! Who will be the final one to narrowly squeeze into the final?
But this person, Leopard must release a few angry words, human hearts are indeed cunning and cannot be trusted! This person would normally faithfully prepare dinner to feed Leopard every Sunday night but on Sunday afternoon Leopard jokingly teased this person and said he was eliminated from the final, consequently Leopard had no dinner that night and that person never appeared at Leopard’s house again!
Coincidence? Threat? Revenge? Leopard will leave it for you to conclude…

This person is: Wayne!



So finally this is the end of our exciting series?
Hey! Wait! Wait! Wait! It is not over yet!!!
We heard that someone might resurrect!!!

Sources say just now when Jaydon discovered a contestant he highly adores is not in the finalists list, he struck up a fierce argument with the organizer,  and for fear that Jaydon might boycott the competition, the organizer conceded defeat by resurrecting one contestant who initially failed to enter the final!
And who is this fellow? Is it Kee Meng of “We Sing Loud”? Is it really true that after all Kee Meng is the pre-decided champion? Is Kee Meng’s exclusion from the finalists list now just a covering from the truth?


If not Kee Meng, could it be brothers, Andy or Andrew?_MG_3906_MG_3925

Or the very rock Leslie who sports a pony tail??


Or there is someone else??
This resurrection news really makes the hopeless ones feel all excited and hopeful again, just to fall back into hopelessness again…
Please log into Leopard’s more shocking news, the answer will be revealed soon!


再報告三位決賽者 Announcing THREE more finalists


Ok, no more dragging on…
The 10th finalist is: Max Liu


The 11th finalist: Emma Ho (OPA’s wife)


The 12th finalist: Pek Choo


Who are the final three not announced yet? But if Henry really withdraws, then there will be one more added… will Henry withdraw?


透露另四名決賽选手! Another FOUR finalists revealed!

Pitiful Golden Leopard seems to be attacked by all sides so badly! He did not make it to the final himself, and now is bad at reporting the news as well, seems like he should switch career soon….


对了,她就是大家最熟悉和被亲切称为悯母的溪妖铁(CL Tay)!据说那晚她献唱时,哭的哭、喊的喊、晕的晕、吐的吐、发作的发作,整个场面失控!怪只怪大家没听金豹劝告要先洁净自己才能听悯母的歌。连当天另两位评审都充满惊恐和颤抖恳求说:一定要给她进决赛!一定要给她进决赛!。。。因为他们深怕受审判!



Ok, the 6th finalist! This one is amazing! When the reporter asked her who she would guess to be in the final, without hesitation the first person she said was herself! And she said she was not GUESSING, she ALREADY KNEW! SHE KNEW!!! So it is not a bit over-stating when we call her prophetess!
Yes, she is the very popular and fondly called Mother Mercy CL Tay! Reports said on that night she sang, some cried, some screamed, some fainted, some vomitted, some manifested, it was a real chaos, totally lost control! We can only blame the audience for not listening to Leopard’s advice to cleanse yourselves first before listening to Mercy’s singing. Even the two judges that night was filled with fear and trembling and they kept begging: Let her enter the final! Let her enter the final!… because they did not want to bring judgement on themselves!

And Mother Mercy is indeed full of mercy, she knows we cannot allow unpleasant incidences during the Final, so for the sake of the safety of all, she has decided to find a representing singer to sing her song in the final, we quote Mercy’s own words: “Only then can the final be carried out smoothly, sudden manifestations will be kept to the minimal.”
However, Mother continued to advise us not to take it too lightly as she cannot guarantee anything. “I can only hope the representing singer can finish singing the whole song safely…”, she said with a heavy heart.

Then who will this representing singer be? The organizer is still desperately seeking this singer with such courage and bravery to take up the challenge, if you think you are up to it, do contact Leopard to discuss…

Warning! Before you look at Mothers Mercy CL Tay’s photos below, please cleanse yourselves first!


For the next few, Leopard will not introduce in details because of time and you all are also eager to know the answer…

The 7th finalist: Jane Hong (Hen’s wife, Ricca’s mum)


第八位:杀了得 (代唱歌手:金)

The 8th finalist: Charlotte (Representing singer: Kim)
But it could well be a female singer singing this song in the final, whether it is going to be Charlotte herself, or another representing singer…?
The answer will be known~



The 9th Finalist: Henry Chong!
Tell you secretly, our judge Jaydon Joo gave Henry the highest mark! Has this got to do with their sifu-student relationship, or is Henry’s song really good? Facing this kind of negative report, will Hen angrily abandon his right in the final and give his place to some other contestant not in the final…?



Now you know the nine contestants who have entered the final, the next report will reveal the remaining six, but if Hen cannot withstand the pressure of negative report and decides to withdraw suddenly, then we will announce seven… so do you hope for six or seven…?
Then who are the remaining ones yet to be announced? Will Kee Meng of “We Sing Loud” be in the final? Or is he really the pre-decided champion as rumoured???
Do log into more shocking news from Leopard…

總決賽名單公佈! Announcement of Finalists!

Thousand apologies for keeping all of you to wait so long, but it is due to Golden Leopard unceasing pursuit to get you the latest news till Leopard became physically exhausted and unwell…
You would understand when you see Leopard’s weary and haggard look below…




But no matter what, being very professional, even if he is sick or tired, Golden Leopard insists on reporting the latest news to all the faithful kepoes (busy-bodies), so tada! Here is the list of the finalists!
The first to enter the Grand Final is of course the all-time favourite, the one whose mother praised to the heavens the version the representing singer was singing but refused to comment when the original writer sang her own version:

Dorcas SG’s “I Look Unto You”… but most likely Leopard would force her to change the title of her song, please ok! Pick a stone to simply throw and you can hit this kind of title anytime, just like the name John and Mary… just within our own competition entries, there are already two songs called “I Look Unto You”! So she scored basically zero for creativity for song title…

Top: Song-writer, Dorcas SG (mother didn’t want to listen to her version); bottom: Christine, representing singer.



2nd finalist: WeiNi (Representing singer: Steve Kong)
Their duet of “Where Art Thou. Here Am I”, likely to have copied Romeo and Juliet’s line, caused much stir and created some romantic rumour between them… and the representing singer Steve Kong is really “a rooster that frightens everyone with its first crow” (meaning very impressive), and everyone feels the original representing singer who sang in the demo version, Danny Q can just stay on in some obscure desert in the Middle East, like sand blown by the wind, his voice forgotten by people…

Picture shows: WeiNi and Steve, new version Juliet and Romeo


原著田丝姐有翻版S.H.E Selina 和翻版蔡依林之称。虽然代唱忠卫也如同尸体飞给人一种一鸣惊人的感觉,但遗憾的是在总决赛,不会再看到他唱这首歌,因为甜丝姐坚持要自己唱,她认为没有人能比她唱得更好。当初没自己唱是刚好出门,逼不得已,本来还要用录影片段比赛!自信心惊人!

The 3rd: This you all knew already, Stephanie Thian (Representing singer: Zhong Wei)
The writer Stephanie has such nicknames like the copy of S.H.E Selina and Jolene Tsai Yi Lin. Though the representing singer Zhong Wei gave people the same feeling as Steve like the frightening first crow of the rooster, regrettably we will not be hearing him sing this song again in the Final because Stephanie insists on singing this song herself, she thinks no one can sing it better than herself. She did not sing in the preliminary round because she had no choice as she was travelling then, in fact she wanted to submit her singing in video to compete then, you can see how threatening her confidence is!

Picture shows: Stephanie and Zhong Wei, the representing singer in the preliminary round


The 4th: OPA.
Well, this one… kind of controversial too as he thinks he should be in the category as David Koh and Rambo to be threatened to withdraw from the competition for being too strong a contestant…what do you say…?



The 5th: This one you all know too as he was one of the borderline contestants to finally squeeze into the final, David Sia.
As for him, well, he has the style, very good at makinghimself look like a celebrity. In actual fact, he can dance much better. Look at how nicely styled his hair was and it did not get out of place no matter how he moved, but he insisted he did not style his hair at all that night! It was all natural he said… Well, I believe him….



After announcing the five whom most of you would somehow know are surely in the final, now the remaining ones will be those whom you yourselves think or guess should be i the final…
But Leopard is kind of tired now, we shall continue later…


高偉宏退賽真相! Truth behind David Koh’s withdrawal from Final!



After our hard work and hectic pursuit these few days… the water has finally recede and the rock appeared (Chinese idiom), we now know the real truth behind the whole incident!
It is indeed true David Koh is not in the Grand Final, but not because he did badly, rather too well! Consequently the organizers had to approach him to negotiate and ask him to give the juniors a chance. He finally humbly agreed to be gracious, only we cannot reveal the actual amount agreed upon in the end…
But all this information is genuine and true, our reporter has also obtained the following solid evidence, Koh’s whatsapp reply!



But now we need to unveil yet another mystery as the other finalist who withdrew has been found to be not Henry Chong at all! In fact Hen even threw strong words at us and said,”See you in the final! You think I’m scared meh?”
Then who is the other one who withdrew? Just when we were guessing and wondering, we received this yet another mysterious text message… this person received exactly the same request-to-withdraw message as David Koh! And who is this again?



After some pursuit and investigation, we have finally confirmed the other finalist being requested to withdraw is…



And now we have all the answers, there will only be 15 contestants in the Grand Final, but who are these Blessed 15?
The Golden Leopard shall report on this next…


大熱門高偉宏沒進入決賽??? Hot favourite David Koh not in the final???



Reliable sources say the hot favourite, writer of “The harp and the censer” mighty leader Koh, dearly called Brother Red, the most loved and supported leader of the youths is not in the final!!!
Is this information reliable? According to the source, he is Koh is said to be one of the two forced to withdraw from the competition! The reason is simple, for fear that he might become too “red” (popular) thus threatening the position of the boss behind this competition!
As for who this boss behind the scene is, sorry it is not convenient to reveal…



Our reporter attempted to contact Brother Red to confirm this shocking news but his mobile phone is not on and both his daughters, Laetitia and Trixie refused to answer any question too…
We suspect he must be devastated by this and avoid talking about this topic or he has been ordered to shut his mouth!



Besides, there is another news saying the other confirmed finalist being forced to withdraw is Henry Chong, nicknamed iGeek, reason being he really resembles the mix of Stephen Chow and Jeremy Lin Zhi Ying, if he is in, he will become a major distraction of the competition!
Our reporter dared not call him for fear that we might get scolded as he does not like to answer calls… but we will try to extract information from his daughter, Ricca~



This competition really suffers onslaught after onslaught, so many rumours and assumptions…
Or perhaps the competition results are already know before the competition even starts?
Or may be they have already fixed the guy who wrote “We sing loud”, Skinny Meng as the champion?



Would all these negative news affect the rating of the programme? Would the youths boycott the final altogether?
This series of sudden incidences have taken the organizers by surprise or did they mastermind all this themselves???
Do not worry, we would pursue every clue and evidence, when we have the information, we will report unreservedly to you all!
Please stay logged into, the most reliable source comes from here, do not listen to other unsubstantiated news or sources!

最後入圍決賽的三名參賽者 The last three contestants to enter the final


The “Blessed Worship Team Song-Writing Competition” is getting more and more exciting. From the 63 contestants, it was said initially that 18 would enter the grand final, and it was announced that 14 people have already been selected to be in the final and there were only 4 places left for the following 7 to fight for a place. But today it was announced shockingly that we would accept only 3 more, does that mean there would only be 17 finalists? And who are the 3 who successfully entered today? And who are the 14 who are in already?


Alright, to end your anxiety and curiosity now, we will announce who are the last 3 blessed children who made it to the final…
Actually after the votes count, the differences among the songs are not big, so it really took us to crack our heads to think, imagine and pray etc to make the most difficult decision…..


谢增福!Ok, the first person is…
David Sia!

The second person is…
A lady… but it was a guy who sang her song that day…
She is Stephanie Si Jie, the singer is Zhong Wei~

And who is the last one to enter…?
It is one of the following…
One of the remaining 5.


The final person is…
王。。。保。。。安。。。Poh Ann!

最佳歌词成绩 Result for Best Lyrics

Below are the winners for Best Lyrics, No. 1 to No. 5, but there are two No. 5, so altogether six songs here.

We will announce No. 5 first, and the first No.5 is:
Wei Ni’s “Where art Thou? Here am I”.

And the second person to get No. 5 is:
Daniel KH’s “Design”.

No. 4:
Pek Choo’s “So it’s You”.

No. 3:
Jane’s “How do I wake up?”.

No. 2:
Julie’s “Lead me”.

No. 1:
Sing Sing’s “Jigsaw Puzzle”.

And of course not forgetting the two winners for the English lyrics:
CL Tay’s “You are there”.

And Edwin Chai’s “Great Architect”.

最佳歌名成绩 Result for Best Title



That day we announced the nominees for “Best Title” and “Best Lyrics, now we will announce the results!
First, the result for “Best Title”:

No. 1 is: “Jigsaw Puzzled” by Shirley Sing Sing which received a total of 14 marks, only one mark more than No.2!


No. 2 is: “Compass” by Karyee, she got 13 marks for that.


No.3: Pek Choo’s “So it’s You”, 9 marks.


So these three… well… might as well tell you No. 4 too…
No.4: Husband of No.1 Shirley Sing Sing, Daniel KH’s “Design”, both husband and wife were nominated, not bad huh?


“最佳歌詞”入圍 Nominees for “Best Lyrics”

Below are the 12 nominees for the Chinese Songs category, and 2 for the English, chosen from the 63 entries.

(1) 领我 (Lead Me) – 李祖儿 Julie

(2) 指南针 (Compass) – 吴家儿 Karyee

(3) 设计 (Design) – 田圣 Daniel KH

(4) 拼图 (Jigsaw Puzzle) – 黄欣欣 Sing Sing

(5) 祢在哪里。我在这里 (Where Art Thou? Here Am I) – 李玮妮 Wei Ni

(6) 原来是祢 (So It’s You) – 陈碧珠 Pek Choo

(7) 重新得力 (Renewed Strength) – 谢增福 David Sia

(8) 谢谢祢如此爱我 (Thank You For Loving Me So Much) – 张玲珑 Ling Long

(9) 我是谁 (Who Am I) – 张志恒 Henry

(10) 如何醒来 (How Do I Wake Up) – 方修箴 Jane

(11) 心灵的呼求 (Cry From The Heart) – 刘家荣 Max

(12) 感谢祢给我机会 (Thanks For Giving Me The Chance) – 蔡良保 Rambo


And the TWO English songs are…

(1) You Are There (祢都在) – 郑秋霖 Chiew Ling

(2) Great Architect (伟大建筑师) – 蔡万霖 Edwin


敬拜团队诗歌创作比赛 - 最佳歌名入围 Worship Team song-writing competition – Nominees for Best Song Title



I did not tell you beforehand there is a competition for the “song title”, this is a right move, because only then could I see how serious, whole-hearted and creative you are spontaneously.
One of the Taiwanese judges said it was the first time ever he heard of a “song title” competition, that was why it took him a long time to understand what I wanted till he had to call me long distance to make sure, haha!



Yes, I do think the title of a song is very important as it does not only tell you roughly the content of the song, it also creates an interest in the song or helps you remember a particular song, that is at the mention of it, you would know which song it is… otherwise, among Christian songs, there is a mountain of songs with very spiritual or religious title like “Mighty God”, “I worship the Lord”, “Praise be to Him”, “Hallelujah” etc till you do not know which is which!



Hence, the following 6 songs are the nominees chosen from among the 63 entries for “Best Song Title”, as for the others… err……. you know….
Then, from these 6, the top 3 “Best Song Title” will be chosen by judges from both within and outside the country, so which 3 do you think they will be?

(1)指南针 ( Compass of Life ) – 吴家儿 Karyee
(2)方向 ( Direction ) – 蔡好云 Jenna
(3)原来是祢 ( So it’s You ) – 陈碧珠 Pek Choo
(4)拼图 ( Jigsaw Puzzle ) – 黄欣欣 Sing Sing
(5)设计 ( Design ) – 田圣 Daniel KH
(6)如何醒来 ( How do I wake up ) – 方修箴 Jane


沙漠 Desert

When you hear the mentioning of desert, what would you think of?
Scorching heat? Dryness? Sand and dust everywhere? Not a very comfortable feeling…


I believe it must be very tough to live in the desert, but for us tourists, we were like very excited and thrilled and in a hurry to take photos, but after that in a hurry to look for a cool shelter from the scorching sun, could not even stand a few minutes… the air-conditioner in the tour coach was such a luxury.


A classic Chinese song sings “my passion and love is like the fire burning up the entire desert”… feels like a very uncomfortable passion to me, haha!


But no matter how hot, dry or uncomfortable it is, the desert still has its uniqueness, beauty and usefulness…
At least it makes tourists from the tropical rainforests like us very happy and impressed!


I cannot imagine how the Israelites could wander and survive in the desert wilderness for forty years, how God protected and provided for them! God is indeed very faithful and very true!
So if God could take care of and bless more than a million of His people then in such a hostile environment, all the more He could do the same for you and I today!


Therefore, if you are currently in a very difficult and hopeless situation or condition, remember to come to God to rest and once again look upon His reality, faithfulness and greatness!


As long as you persevere in believing, He has promised to make a way in the desert and streams in the wilderness for you!


就是喜歡~ Simply like them~



People’s tastes are just so strange, certain things you may like so much but others just do not, and there are things that you just do not like while others do. It can be fashion, music, art, food… or just anything! Guess this is good for in this way everything can find someone who admires it.



In fact, with regard ourselves, there are areas that we like and parts that we do not like about ourselves too. That is why sometimes we seem to love ourselves a lot and at times we seem to hate ourselves! Such is the irony of a human being, very complicated and troublesome.



For example myself, I have taken so many photos, some were taken at the same place and time and yet there would be some that I really like and some that I do not even want to have a second look. The photos in this post are those that I really like, but there are also those taken during the same trip which I do not like at all. What is the reason? The clothes I wore? The pose? The angle? Photographing skill? Or what?



All things said, the truth is, there is only one reason why we like some of our own photos, that is we think we look really nice or pleasant in those photos. Sometimes we would not even care if others think the same, as long as we like them ourselves, haha! Actually, to be able to admire ourselves is any time better than despising ourselves, do you not think so?



Some photographs are very nice or pleasant, whether due to angles or photographing skills, can only reveal one thing, that is: from a certain angle or perspective, we all have moments when we look good. We all actually do have our good points, we all have some values and can be admired by people. If only people can always look at us from that angle or perspective, then they would always admire or see us as pleasant, that would be so good… However, that is not the truth, people instead often use very stringent, cold and critical eyes to view each other, that is why this world is full of conflicts and hurts.



But the most comforting is, our Heavenly Father will always look at us with eyes of loving-kindness, we will always be precious and adorable children in His eyes. If our hearts have more of our Father’s love, we would also have the Father’s eyes and would look at each other with loving-kindness and mercy as well.


我吉他彈得不好 I do not play the guitar well


我吉他弹得不好 - 这句话其实是多余的!因为凡是会弹吉他,听过我弹吉他的人,不用说他们也知道我吉他弹得不好;但是这句话还是要说出来,因为很多不会弹吉他又不太会音乐的人,被我的外表和装出来的样式骗了,看以上的照片就知道我讲什么了,哈哈哈!


I do not play the guitar well – this sentence is actually quite redundant! Because whoever knows how to play the guitar and has heard me play would know without being told that I do not play well. However, I must still say this out for many who do not know how to play the guitar and do not know music well have been “deceived” by my appearance and “act”. You would know what I mean by looking at the above photo. Hahaha!

But honestly I do not intend to “deceive” anyone! It is just that I look very focussed and serious when I play (scared of making mistakes), that is why I look as though I can play well…
See the photo below, do I not look very serious?


怎么说吉他弹得不好呢?原因是手指按得不够力,所以出来的声音不够清脆好听;有一些和弦是需要一根手指按住六条线的,手指不够力就要借助 capo (音像福建话“鸡婆”),就是上图靠近我左手的小道具。如果没有 capo,有些歌我就会没办法弹或会弹得很难听了!

But why do I say I do not play the guitar well? Reason being my fingers do not press hard enough, so the sound that comes out does not sound that clear and nice. Some chords need you to press all six strings with one finger, and if your finger is not strong enough, you would need the help of the capo (sounds like the Hokkien word for busybodies – “kepo”). It is that little instrument near my left hand in the above photo. Without the capo, I will not be able to play some songs, or it will not sound nice when I play!



When I first started going out to sing or serve in songs, I very often played the guitar myself because if I felt tired, I could shorten the song and stop faster, or when the song was too high, I could lower the key etc…. but towards the end, there were more and more songs to memorize, the chords were getting more and more complicated, my skill was limited, coupled with the inconvenience to bring a guitar while travelling, I began to use the minus-ones or soundtracks more.



You may say, why do I not work hard to practise my skill well then?
You think I do not wish too? Some people just do not have the talent, ok? I have played the guitar for thirty years and still stuck at this level, what more do you require of me?
Plus right now I am really super busy, so do have mercy on me…



Then you may want to ask another question:
Since I do not play the guitar well, how then do I write songs?
Ah ha! This is the amazing part!
Yes, obviously my skill is not good, and yes, obviously I only know the basic chords, and yet I could write hundreds of songs! If this is not God’s grace, tell me what is it? If this is not a miracle, tell me what is it?

So I say, in our lives, the deciding factor of our success does not lie with our background or how much we have, it depends on how much we trust and rely on the Almighty God~


祝福還是包袱? Blessing or burden?


Things of this world are just like human beings at times, once disguised or putting on make-up, you cannot really tell the originality immediately, hard to discern what is real or fake. However, as time goes by, it becomes easier to distinguish, so we must not be hasty to conclude as we might mistake and switch the good people from the bad, or confuse blessings from burdens…





I am writing this as inspired by my own encounter…
That is because yesterday I have just gone to settle some “blessing” that was supposedly to bring me some benefits, but this “blessing” later became a pressure and burden for me instead. It caused me to relate to the many situations and dilemma we have to face in life ever so often…






Actually what I went to settle was not any severe matter, it was just something so ordinary as a bank account and credit cards facilities…
Due to the good sales technique of the promoter or recommendation by some friends, we quite often opened some accounts with a lot of “benefits”, or started using some credit cards with a lot of “good services”. In actual fact, I had no need of such, but I was attracted by the so-called “blessings” and due to our human nature of “wanting to take advantage of some benefits”, I accepted those “good services”. Consequently, as in very normal, I received reminding letters reminding you of this and that every month, and I am that type of person who feels uneasy and not at rest even if I owe someone just a few dollars, so the reminding letter from the bank was to me a pressure and burden.

Finally, I determined in my heart to go and close my account and facilities. However, as expected, the servicing officer would make you feel your decision was causing you to lose some “blessings” or start introducing another “greater blessing” to you! But I have already made m firm decision, no means no!
As I emerged from the bank, I felt a heavy burden lifted from my chest, I was so free and relaxed, hehehe~





May be you think I am making a mountain out of a molehill or over-exaggerating as you think this is such a simple and ordinary matter, but I treated as if it was so serious; but the truth is, our daily living is full so many unresolved tiny little things that become heavier and heavier as they accumulate, and unconsciously they become our daily worries and stress and eventually affecting our emotional and even physical health…





I will share with you again some other day some other examples of “blessings or benefits” that end up becoming a burden… and I would also want to share with you something in reverse, that is the seemingly “burden” that ultimately brings great blessings and benefits…
Do you have such personal experiences and examples to share as well…?




心情。。。 Mood…


心情 - 甚麼是心情?就是心裡的感覺和情緒吧?

Mood – what is it exactly? It is that emotion or feeling in your heart I guess?
What can affect our mood to be good or bad?
From biological to psychological, from environment to encounter, from human to things… it seems there are many things that can influence a person’s mood…




A beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, and a place that you like… can all give a person good mood…




Good and proper rest, tasty and delicious food and drinks, gifts that we delight in, good news and stories…




A caring greeting and concern, a friendly smile, an unexpected blessing, the company of a good friend…




Actually many things can give us good mood but the trouble is, we tend to like to focus on things that spoil our mood; what is even more puzzling, sometimes upon waking up and even before anything happens, we are already in a bad mood!




Many years back, I was often very disturbed by my upon-waking-up-bad-mood each morning, especially during my university years. I often prayed to God to help me and set me free from this lousy mood problem too…




Then, I do not even remember or realize since when, this problem has disappeared and is gone a long time!
I believe the biggest reason is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit…
Our God is a joyful God, so if His Spirit is always filling our hearts, then how can our hearts remain in a bad mood all the time? Does not this make sense to you? Haha~





Therefore, whenever I start to feel a bad mood rising, I will quickly open my mouth to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill me, and very soon the sunlight will shine through the dark clouds, and my mood will improve again…
I encourage you to try this too… God bless you~




皇族身份 Royal blood


photo 5


Do you know who you are? Do you know how honourable your identity is? Do you know the enemy, the evil one, the devil is very afraid of you?

photo 2


Watched a certain movie that day, the truth is, such story line is very common: that is, a princess/prince disguised as a commoner and went out to the street. In the midst of that, some hooligans wanted to stir up trouble or bully. Just when the princess/prince was about to be hurt or attacked, suddenly the hooligans became afraid and knelt for forgiveness. The fact was an army sent by the king to protect the princess/prince appeared behind the princess/prince, only then did the hooligans realize the identity of the princess/prince. They would either surrender or skitter away…

photo 3



We are actually that princess/prince, our Father God is the King of kings, He will take care, protect and save us. All we need is to know our identity and live under His protection, then we shall have peace all our lives. Do not be so foolish as to leave God or refuse His love and protection. There are too many evils in this world, so we need to constantly pray, worship and draw near to God. In that way, the enemies or evil ones that come to attack us along the way will have to kneel or flee!

photo 1

所 以 , 神 將 他 升 為 至 高 , 又 賜 給 他 那 超 乎 萬 名 之 上 的 名 ,
叫 一 切 在 天 上 的 、 地 上 的 , 和 地 底 下 的 , 因 耶 穌 的 名 無 不 屈 膝 ,

無 不 口 稱 耶 穌 基 督 為 主 , 使 榮 耀 歸 與 父 神 。” ~腓立比書2:9-11~

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.” ~ Philippians 2:9-11~

photo 4


最不公平的事 The most unfair thing


At times, we are misunderstood, or being blamed wrongly, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel very angry…At times, we are being betrayed, or being back-stabbed, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel it is so unreasonable…




At times, what is right is being twisted to become wrong, and what is wrong is being promoted as right, we feel it is very unfair, and we feel very angry…
At times, good people are being treated as wicked, and the wicked are being treated as the good, we feel it is very unfair, we feel it is so unreasonable…



At times, the wicked do as they like, and the righteous are being oppressed, we feel it is very unfair, we feel very angry…
At times, the rich oppress the poor, and the poor cannot find help anywhere, we feel it is very unfair, we feel it is so unreasonable…



At times and at times, this world has so many and so many things that we feel are so unfair, and we feel so angry and feel everything is so unreasonable…
Endless and countless…
But do not ever forget, Jesus has experienced all these, and He has walked this path…
The most unfair thing in this world will always be Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross…
Do not think that God will forget, do not think that God will ignore; temporary but necessary darkness does not therefore mean dawn is not coming…



And this is how I always remind myself, and this is how I am always encouraged…


虚惊一场! A false alarm!


Sometimes we tend to be more negative, when something happens, even before knowing the truth, we start thinking the worse or something bad…Then we discover the fact that is otherwise, really worrying for nothing! What is worse, sometimes we even misunderstand others and get angry with them wrongly, it is really silly!



But indeed sometimes it can be a truly negative thing but God amazingly turns it to become positive, to show us He is a miracle-working God. I personally have experienced this kind of miracles numerous times…
As I recall certain incidents that happened before, the apparent “narrow escape” a few times were really unimaginable!



I experienced something good again this time something I did not expect…
I received something I did not want to receive, did not want to touch and did not want to open, my mind immediately started thinking as to how to get rid of it because I imagined the source would make me very uncomfortable… but it turned out otherwise!
It was actually something I like and the source was very comforting and touching…



It is really funny as I think about it now, I almost gave the thing to others or even threw it away! Haha!
Just as well the “mysterious” person heard about that and quickly sent a text message to me to tell me the thing was from him! I really did not have the slightest thought that it could come from him!
This is really a false alarm that turns into a pleasant surprise! God is truly humourous, and He loves me so much too, knowing how I would simply imagine the worst and yet He still blesses me, I am really so undeserving!



一則感動我心的簡訊 A text message that touched my heart



Receiving whose text messages would make you feel excited?
Receiving whose text messages would make you feel nervous?
And whose text messaged do you hope to receive?



Reading what kind of text messages would make you feel touched?
Reading what kind of text messages would be unforgettable to you?
And whose text message did I receive that day that touched my heart so much?



That day I received this text message… something I did not expect, not someone who would usually send text messages to me, and if the person does, the content would be quite formal, but not this time…
This time the content surprised me, something I really did not expect, but it deeply warmed my heart…
It is this text message below:



That was Sunday morning as I was preparing to go to church, the message reminded me to bring to church some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, to give to a special child.
But what was so touching about that? There is a story behind…





There is this family that came to church not long ago because of this special child, the child is hyperactive and has learning difficulty and hard to keep under control. The parents were very desperate and depressed because of his condition but they found hope and comfort in Jesus when they came to church.

The child somehow adores me and gets quite attached to me, see how fixated he is even when watching my on-screen image. Each time after a church meeting, he would insist to come up to be prayed for by me before he is willing to go home, and I would make sure I pray for him and give him a hug too each time. Then, he would always ask from me a bottle of mineral water after prayer before going home happily, otherwise he would kick up a fuss and refuse to go. My assistants are used to that and they are always ready with the bottle for him.

That particular Saturday night, we ran out of stock, and the boy could not comprehend that and was about to cry and refusing to go home. Then I hugged and told him if he behaved and listened to me, then I would the next morning bring him some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, and he could understand me. He happily said he wanted the biscuit the next morning and was willing to go home then.




Receiving that text message from my assistant was touching to me because, I realized he was not only very responsible while at church, he was also listening attentively when I talked to the little boy, and he did not forget when he went home. That showed he put the boy’s needs on his heart too, other wise he would not have been concerned that I might for get to bring the biscuit and thus disappointing and upsetting the child…
I was really impressed with that, I really did not expect him to text me early that morning ti remind me about bringing the biscuit for that special boy (though I did not forget too).
Are you not touched? Would you have done the same if it were you?

So I have decided to forgive Ah Boon for beating me in the 200m race in our last sports meet, hahahaha!!






“想留在夢中”的第二個夢。。。 The 2nd dream of “Wished to stay on in the dream”…



So you do have that feeling too, that wishing not to wake up from the dream you are having, but then what dream is yours?
Of course they must be good dreams, but with different themes…



I told you in my last writing concerning the first dream that I did not want to wake up from, then what is the second one…?
If you are expecting something exciting and colourful, you might get disappointed, because it is about family memory, especially about my childhood home and mum and dad then…
Sometimes I wonder too, I am already that old, but why am I still dreaming about my childhood days with mum and dad? Or is there a child inside that has not grown up…?



After father passed away, these few years I have been having dreams that he was still around, living life like normal; now that mother passed away last year, I began to dream that she was still around…
Last week I dreamt that I was bringing her to see the doctor in her wheelchair, it was so real, that was why I wished I would stay on in the dream…



When I woke up from the dream, of course there would be a tiny tinge of sadness, but when I think of how she has no sickness and pain in heaven, that she can move around freely and is happily living in the presence of Jesus, my heart is greatly comforted!
I am very grateful that both mum and dad knew Jesus, and they left this world in such peace to be with the Lord in heaven…


想留在夢中。。。 Wished to stay on in the dream…



Ever had that feeling, that sometimes you had a dream, and you wished you could stay on in that dream and not wake up; or when you did wake up, you went back to sleep hoping that you would return to that dream again, but unfortunately you could not…



Recently I had two dreams which I wished I could stay on longer in the dreams. One was I dreamt of the Lord Jesus performing a miracle by turning a barren hilltop into a fruitful orchard! I was very happy in the dream that I even shed tears of joy, and I kept saying thanks to Jesus…



It was such a beautiful orchard and it made me so happy and joyful, and of course I did not want to wake up so fast…
When I finally woke up, I missed the garden, but I knew it was the Lord encouraging me to trust in Him, for He is the God who can create something out of nothing!



As for the other dream, what was it about…?
Well, it is getting late, I will share with you some other time, heeheehee…?


等候是必須的。。。 Waiting is necessary…





Along the journey of life, it is very important to occasionally halt your steps, reorganize your thoughts and ponder and wait for a while before continuing on your journey…
Because sometimes we are too hasty in our steps or too rush in our walk that we can carelessly suffer a fall; or when we are too busy and make our decisions too quickly, we may overlook some crucial details…





To be able to sit and rest a while is good for the body too, allow your strength to be renewed, because after all resting is to prepare for a longer journey…
But do not stop for too long too for you might become slack or forget there is still some road to walk on ahead…





We are not to rest and wait aimlessly too, we must look up and set our eyes on our Heavenly Father, and see whether He has any instruction or has anything to say, let Him guide us…
After all we are walking on the road to heaven, His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.



那天我停止寫博文。。。 That day I stopped writing blogs…





Someone asked: are you not writing blogs anymore?
I don’t know how to answer. Busy? Tired? No motivation? Or what?
Actually, all of them.







But the truth is, I don’t quite have the courage to enter or check out my blog because when I see the last article I wrote, I would recall why I stopped writing that day…


photo 1 copy


From the sudden hospitalization of mother and her eventual departure,
it has been three months since. Sometimes tears would still quietly

photo 4

But I love to write, it’s my interest and a way of release too. I
think I should begin to write again…

photo 3