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一則感動我心的簡訊 A text message that touched my heart



Receiving whose text messages would make you feel excited?
Receiving whose text messages would make you feel nervous?
And whose text messaged do you hope to receive?



Reading what kind of text messages would make you feel touched?
Reading what kind of text messages would be unforgettable to you?
And whose text message did I receive that day that touched my heart so much?



That day I received this text message… something I did not expect, not someone who would usually send text messages to me, and if the person does, the content would be quite formal, but not this time…
This time the content surprised me, something I really did not expect, but it deeply warmed my heart…
It is this text message below:



That was Sunday morning as I was preparing to go to church, the message reminded me to bring to church some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, to give to a special child.
But what was so touching about that? There is a story behind…





There is this family that came to church not long ago because of this special child, the child is hyperactive and has learning difficulty and hard to keep under control. The parents were very desperate and depressed because of his condition but they found hope and comfort in Jesus when they came to church.

The child somehow adores me and gets quite attached to me, see how fixated he is even when watching my on-screen image. Each time after a church meeting, he would insist to come up to be prayed for by me before he is willing to go home, and I would make sure I pray for him and give him a hug too each time. Then, he would always ask from me a bottle of mineral water after prayer before going home happily, otherwise he would kick up a fuss and refuse to go. My assistants are used to that and they are always ready with the bottle for him.

That particular Saturday night, we ran out of stock, and the boy could not comprehend that and was about to cry and refusing to go home. Then I hugged and told him if he behaved and listened to me, then I would the next morning bring him some biscuits I brought back from Taiwan, and he could understand me. He happily said he wanted the biscuit the next morning and was willing to go home then.




Receiving that text message from my assistant was touching to me because, I realized he was not only very responsible while at church, he was also listening attentively when I talked to the little boy, and he did not forget when he went home. That showed he put the boy’s needs on his heart too, other wise he would not have been concerned that I might for get to bring the biscuit and thus disappointing and upsetting the child…
I was really impressed with that, I really did not expect him to text me early that morning ti remind me about bringing the biscuit for that special boy (though I did not forget too).
Are you not touched? Would you have done the same if it were you?

So I have decided to forgive Ah Boon for beating me in the 200m race in our last sports meet, hahahaha!!






这凳子是亮丽粉红色! This stool is shocking pink in colour!

这是续上一篇“这凳子什么颜色?”  还没回答你们的问题,一拖就拖了那么久。。。真的很忙啦!


This is a continuation of the unanswered question from the previous post “What colour is this stool?”… it has been dragging for so long… I am truly very busy!

Well, the answer is, this stool is shocking pink in colour!
Excuse me, are you sure??

Yes, it is indeed pink in colour, or at least, was…

photo 1





The church ushers were very kind in preparing this little stool for me to conveniently place my mug, but it was shocking pink in colour… so I asked them whether there was no other colour available?
They said there were still other colours in the shop, and asked what colour I preferred. I just mentioned in passing something like black…

Then for a few days I did not see any stool at all, so I asked them what happened to it?
They said there was no black-coloured stool in the shop, so they took it to someone to spray paint it black, that would take a few days…

I said, oh come on, there was no need to go to that extent, other colours are acceptable too, no need to be so troublesome…
They said they wanted to give me what I like best… I was rather touched hearing that… they really serve very seriously!

photo 3



Actually the little stool also reminds me of the love of Jesus, that sacrifice to be willingly covered by blackness, just to bless others…
Are we willing to lay down ourselves then to bring happiness to others?

photo 4



这凳子什么颜色? What colour is this stool?

photo 3


What colour is this stool?
Those not “trained by me” would probably answer immediately: Black of course! Isn’t it very obvious? Why ask?!
But those “trained by me” would probably think: Hmm… asking such an obvious question, I’m sure the answer isn’t that simple! Wonder what trick is he pulling at this time?

photo 4



The first type of people are kind of too decisive or assuming, and the second type are slightly too complicated…
My goodness! Then how to answer the question?? Haha!!
Alright, alright, let me tell you the answer directly, the stool is shocking pink in colour!

Hey GT! Are you sure your eyes are alright???
Look again… how can this possibly be shocking pink??

photo 1


Yes! It is really pink in colour!
We must not judge everything from its appearance, many things have a story behind.
As for the story behind why this stool is pink in colour, I will tell you in my next article…