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黑是“man”,白是“娘”? Dark is “macho” and fair is “feminine”?


It is true, as time changes, people’s values, tastes, preferences etc may change along with time too…
I remember during my high school or even university years, guys with fair skin gave the impression of femininity or weakness. So during that period of time, I often went under the sun to get my skin tanned severely on purpose. Sometimes I would even purposely go under the sun at 12 noon in shorts and singlet to make myself dark!


Furthermore when I was studying in New Zealand, the Caucasians somehow liked our scorched copper tone colour as they could never get that colour no matter how long they spent under the sun. So I loved to let the whites see my very sunshine, “healthy and beautiful” skin colour…



If anyone commented that I was really dark, I would feel very happy even if they were actually saying it negatively as a criticism that I did not look nice because I was too dark, I would still feel that it was a compliment. This is quite similar to now when some people say you are “too thin”, you would not feel offended no matter how, and still feel happy, haha!

Conversely, during that period of time, if anyone had said that my skin colour was very fair, I would have felt very embarrassed and awkward feeling that they were criticizing me for being feminine…


Honestly, I am not very sure whether my original skin colour was more on the dark or fair side… what do you guys think?




But nowadays time has changed, people readily accept guys with fair skin and many guys try to make their skin fairer on purpose, and guys would not feel embarrassed but instead feel happy when people comment they look fair…
Apart from the change of beauty views, tastes and thinking, of course the knowledge of direct exposure to the scorching sun is unhealthy for the skin is also a factor to this change…

There is no right or wrong whether your skin is dark or fair, it is just a matter of preferences, culture or opinions etc. This kind of thinking can change with time. What were not accepted before can be accepted now, what were considered as wrong before may not be any issue now. Some examples are: wives are allowed to have a career too, men can also cook and do the washing, wearing jeans, dyeing hair etc (I used to oppose dyeing of hair, haha!)…




Personally I feel certain things are neutral, there is no right or wrong. As time changes, knowledge and thinking advance, certain things can be accepted as normal and alright, as long as they do not conflict with God’s Truth and principles.

However my stand is there are things we have to safeguard forever, no matter how time has changed, as long as the Word of God clearly disapproves, then we must not compromise, such as premarital sex, pornographic culture etc… All these have clear standards from God, telling you whether it is right or wrong, and black and white clearly spelled out. So, no matter how advanced society is, we must not abandon these values still… do you agree?



那就叫 “perasan”。。。 Now that is called “perasan”…





I remember once in the baptismal class, I was sharing with the new believers my testimony regarding my throat and vocal condition. I mentioned I was very desperate and perplexed as I had lost my voice for a long time and I could not carry on singing anymore. I told them God was very merciful to me because just at the right time He sent a pastor to introduce a cure for my throat, that is to boil the herb sage into very thick and bitter juice and use it to gargle or drink it each day. But I said that was a Singaporean pastor so I did not know where to look for sage in Kuching.

After the class had ended, an aunty very excitedly came forward to ask me the writing of sage in Chinese, she said she would go and look for it… I was so touched as I listened to her since she was only a new Christian and already she was thinking of blessing the pastor!
As I looked at her waiting for her to say some more touching words, she said: Pastor, thanks for sharing this, I’m going to look for this sage because my throat has been very bad for a while, I want to see whether this sage can really cure my condition…

And she turned to leave after saying that… I was stunned for a while there, just as well I had not said “thank you” to her, otherwise that would have been so embarrassing…

Now that is called “perasan”…

看到我,他惊慌失措! He panicked upon seeing me!




Ever had that feeling, sometimes when we see someone, we will start to panic and weird little actions from our body will betray our anxiety, then our IQ will suddenly drop and we become incoherent in our speech…?

Some people say I tend to cause people to become like that… No! Don’t misunderstand me! It is NOT because I am irresistibly charming or so stunningly good-looking to cause them to behave abnormally! You all would know that is definitely not the reason too! The true reason is, sigh! It is because of my “over-bearing fierceness”, and that gives them a kind of “respectful fear”…

Friends ask me to examine myself as to what the reason is… but most come into the conclusion that the culprit is my thick eye-brows and they suggest that I should shave off or at least trim my eye-brows! But I cannot do that because many times when I cannot use my mouth or hands, I need to use my eye-brows to instruct my staff and assistants what to do…




The story begins with the new dad asking me to help name his new born son. So I was very serious in thinking and praying for a name, and finally I came up with a name, but he rejected it! Reason being, he said it sounds like a Malay name… well, I can’t really blame him as it is a Hebrew name and honestly I am not very sure about the pronunciation too… Well, since he did not want and I was very busy too, so I asked him to think of another name himself…

You must know that all these were communicated through his leader, he did not talk to me personally… His leader kind of rebuked him saying: Our pastor is so busy and yet so kind to think of a name for your son and yet you rejected the name!
I think he felt quite bad about it too, but he still decided not to use the name…

然后他就说洋名叫 Zacchaeus (即圣经人物“撒该”的英文翻译。其实我也蛮喜欢这个名字)。。。然后,他就很认真的告诉我说 Zacchaeus 就是圣经里面那个爬上桑树要看耶稣的矮子。我感觉很有趣他需要告诉他的牧师撒该是谁,所以我就作弄他,向他鞠躬道谢说:谢谢你告诉我撒该是谁,谢谢!谢谢!


回到家,我从 Facebook 收到他寄过来的简讯,他说:

“嗨!牧师。。。我觉得很不好意思因为刚才在教会对你说的话好像是侮辱了你的智慧!像你这种美貌与智慧并重的人,哪里可能会不知道Zacchaeus这 个名,我还真是多此一举去解释,真下衰。。。虽然你心胸宽大,一定不会为这种芝麻绿豆小事放在心上,但还是要跟你说一声不好意思~谢啦~”


Sunday, after service, I bumped into him at the door! With pure concern I asked him, so have you decided on your son’s name?
He seemed very nervous, somewhat blushing and stammering, he said: yes, already, my mother named the baby…
He proceeded to tell me it’s Zacchaeus (actually I kind of like this name too)… then he went on to tell me rather seriously that Zacchaeus was the name of that short guy who climbed up the sycamore tree to see Jesus. I was kind of amused that he should tell his pastor who Zacchaeus was, so I teased him by bowing my head and said: Thank you, thank you! Thanks for telling me who Zacchaeus was…

Immediately he turned red and felt very embarrassed… and everybody laughed…

When I reached home, I saw a message he left in my Facebook that read:
“Hi, Pastor… I feel very embarrassed that I was like insulting your intelligence just now at church! For someone like you with a combination of beauty and wisdom, why would you not know who Zacchaeus was! I was really doing the unnecessary to explain, so “sia-soi” (embarrasssing)… Though I know you have a big heart and you wouldn’t hold this against me, I must still apologize to you~ thanks~ ”

I really laughed when I read that, so very cute, haha!


Welcome to the world, Zacchaeus, you have a very cute daddy!