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大熱門高偉宏沒進入決賽??? Hot favourite David Koh not in the final???



Reliable sources say the hot favourite, writer of “The harp and the censer” mighty leader Koh, dearly called Brother Red, the most loved and supported leader of the youths is not in the final!!!
Is this information reliable? According to the source, he is Koh is said to be one of the two forced to withdraw from the competition! The reason is simple, for fear that he might become too “red” (popular) thus threatening the position of the boss behind this competition!
As for who this boss behind the scene is, sorry it is not convenient to reveal…



Our reporter attempted to contact Brother Red to confirm this shocking news but his mobile phone is not on and both his daughters, Laetitia and Trixie refused to answer any question too…
We suspect he must be devastated by this and avoid talking about this topic or he has been ordered to shut his mouth!



Besides, there is another news saying the other confirmed finalist being forced to withdraw is Henry Chong, nicknamed iGeek, reason being he really resembles the mix of Stephen Chow and Jeremy Lin Zhi Ying, if he is in, he will become a major distraction of the competition!
Our reporter dared not call him for fear that we might get scolded as he does not like to answer calls… but we will try to extract information from his daughter, Ricca~



This competition really suffers onslaught after onslaught, so many rumours and assumptions…
Or perhaps the competition results are already know before the competition even starts?
Or may be they have already fixed the guy who wrote “We sing loud”, Skinny Meng as the champion?



Would all these negative news affect the rating of the programme? Would the youths boycott the final altogether?
This series of sudden incidences have taken the organizers by surprise or did they mastermind all this themselves???
Do not worry, we would pursue every clue and evidence, when we have the information, we will report unreservedly to you all!
Please stay logged into www.gtlim.com, the most reliable source comes from here, do not listen to other unsubstantiated news or sources!

超级搞怪!真受不了!! Super crazy! Can’t stand him!!


This is our Apple Genie, Hen, to say he is the Stephen Chow of Kuching is really not over-exaggerating…
Look at that face, wonder what he is thinking in his mind!




The whole month when everyone was training hard for the race, he did not appear. Then suddenly on the last two days, he released news that he had already trained well to hold on tightly to the other runners’ legs so they could not run…
Always very good at coming up with crazy ideas!
Look at which direction he was running…




Then “bang” it went!
Look at him! Really can’t stand him!
Everyone would laugh and who could still have the strength to run? Very cunning! Hahahaha!!!


他们是飞鹰队,口号是“We are Eagles WIN! You are chicken wings!!”
主题歌是:teng teng teng teng teng…..

Their team is called “The Eagles” and their slogan is “We are Eagles WIN! You are chicken wings!!”
Their theme song is: teng teng teng teng teng….


This is their leader YB Chee Yong, real funny guy too!


隐藏才华被发掘。。。 Hidden talent explored…


It was said, environment can transform a person, and it can also motivate your hidden talent…
That day, at KL LCCT, this came to pass on me!
Who would have thought I am actually a talented fly-terminator? If I did not show them, I would never have been noticed…





That day, because we had a few hours to wait for our flight back to Kuching, we went to the shop for some coffee…
Hard to imagine such an important and tourists frequented place could have so many flies covering the tables!
Initially, we only waved our hands to scare the flies away, but they soon returned again… and I could not stand it!
I was amazed at how easily other people, including my companions so easily adjusted and accepted such unwanted company swarming around you…

There was no fly-traps in the shop, I asked my youth to go ask the staff for some fly swat or whatever, he came back empty-handed…
So I asked Jonas to go buy some newspaper which I was going to roll into a “stick” that I could use as a fly swat!
The result… please see my achievement! Within a short period of less than 20 minutes…
I used Nanyang Daily…





Some think I am too free, or too bored till I “killed flies”… I was not, ok?! I was doing the community some good!
Some may think I am very cruel for killing innocent lives… but do you know how dirty flies are and they are disease-carriers? Can’t imagine why flies ought to be protected…

Next, for those who are interested in doing the community some good, I will be generous in sharing my fly-terminating technique…
Observe the following pictures carefully, and please also take note of my stare and body posture, those are crucial…


Step 1: Buy yourself Nanyang Daily, roll into shape, look for your target…


Step 2: Aim at your target, stare fiercely, do not soften your heart…


(与Megan Fox在”Transformers”清理她单车雷同的姿势完全是碰巧,绝无模仿或抄袭。。。)

Step 3: Hit with much strength, but must be the right strength as we must leave the corpse intact… make sure your shirt is not too short or it is unsightly to over-expose yourself…
(The similar posture with Megan Fox cleaning her motorbike in “Transformers” is purely coincidental, definitely no imitation or copying…)



We mentioned that the strength must be right to preserve an intact corpse is with a purpose…
Because the environment has motivated yet another hidden talent, i.e. Zhao’s special art: Design of dead flies


因这整个感人事件是发生在亚航廉航机场,所以为了纪念,阿兆把死苍蝇设计成亚航的口号字眼“FLY”。。。即,“Now everyone can FLY”的意思,很创意吧?

Because this entire touching incident happened at Air Asia’s LCCT, so in remembrance, Zhao designed the dead flies into the word “FLY” taken form Airasia’s slogan “Now everyone can FLY”, very creative, right?
And hopefully Airasia will also do something about the FLY-infestation…